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My Cat From Hell Exclusive Video: Wolfie Reports to the Poop Deck

Maine Coon cats may have been favored by pirates, but one Texas cat owner is so fed up, he may toss poor Wolfie off the plank. On the return of My Cat From Hell on Saturday (8/7c, Animal Planet) ...read more

My Cat From Hell's Jackson Galaxy: People Read Cats Through Dog-Colored Glasses

Cat owners need to become more literate ... about reading cats.

Cat behaviorist Jackson Galaxy wraps up his fourth season of Animal Planet's My Cat From Hell on Saturday (8/7c) and boils down why people misunderstand their feline friends. "We really try to read them through dog-colored glasses and are trying to look for these very specific types of responses that are very much human-based," Galaxy tells TVGuide.com. "And if we don't see them, we assume that they don't care.

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My Cat From Hell Exclusive: Gus Won't Shut Up; Milo Is a Potty Animal

Ready for a double dose of feline trouble?

On Saturday's My Cat From Hell (8/7c, Animal Planet), Jackson Galaxy has his hands full with some hairy hellions. First, there's Sherin and her cat Gus, a very, very vocal Bengal cat. Gus' constant nighttime yowling keeps her awake. Check out the clip below to see how Sherin's dad feels about Gus:

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Jackson Galaxy Fixes Felines on My Cat From Hell

Clean up your acts, bad kitties. For two seasons of My Cat From Hell, Jackson "Cat Daddy" Galaxy has been teaching feline-owning Californians how to embrace "cat mojo" and help their troubled pets. Season 3 premieres Saturday (8/7c, Animal Planet) and he starts off by taming New York — after he answers our questions... read more

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