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Honeymooners Star Sheila MacRae Dead at 93

Sheila MacRae

Sheila MacRae, who starred on The Honeymooners as part of Jackie Gleason's variety show, has died, according to The Hollywood Reporter. She was 93.

MacRae... read more

The Honeymooners' Frank Marth Dies at 91

Judy Stangis, Frank Marth in The Mod Squad

Frank Marth, who had several background roles on The Honeymooners and also starred in numerous films, died Sunday of congestive heart failure and Alzheimer's disease at his home in Rancho Mirage, Calif., according to The Hollywood Reporter. He was 91.

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Jane Kean, Star of Honeymooners Revival, Dies at 90

Art Carney, Jane Kean, Jackie Gleason, Sheila MacRae

Jane Kean, best known for playing Trixie opposite Jackie Gleason on a revival of The Honeymooners, has died, The Associated Press reports. She was 90.

She died Tuesday at Providence Medical Center in Burbank, Calif., where she had .... read more

Mike & Molly Boss on Show's New Direction: "It Was Necessary"

Melissa McCarthy

When Al Higgins took over as showrunner on Mike & Molly in May, executive producer Chuck Lorre posed a question that he couldn't answer.

"We sat down and the first thing Chuck Lorre said to me was, 'Why is Melissa McCarthy a movie star and not a TV star?' And I had no idea," Higgins tells TVGuide.com. "I was stumped. And he said, 'In her movies, people react to her and on the show, she reacts to everyone else.' I thought about that and he was right. He said, 'I want to flip that dynamic.'"

Fall TV Report Card: How's the new class doing?

And thus, the "new" Mike & Molly was born. Nearly 30 freshmen ...
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The Color Honeymooners - Collection 4 Announced

Jackie Gleason by Martin Mills/Getty Images

New releases announced today, April 18:The Color Honeymooners - Collection 4 will be coming out August 26 Visit TVShowsOnDVD.com for the complete stories on these and other news items. read more

Kardashians Are "Assked" Back, More News Briefs

Keeping Up with the Kardashians courtesy E!

E!'s Keeping Up with the Kardashians returns for a second season on March 9 at 10 pm/ET.... The cast of Tyler Perry's House of Payne will answer fans' questions in a live Web chat to be held March 5, from 9 to 11 pm, at TBS.com.... Today, on the Great One's birthday, JackieGleason.com has been relaunched. In addition, The Color Honeymooners Set No. 2 is being released on DVD.... Veteran TV writer Richard Baer (Leave It to Beaver, Bewitched and many more) on Feb. 22 died of a heart attack. He was 79. read more

I was looking through the TV ...

Question: I was looking through the TV Guide Online feature on old TV listings and saw that in the early 1950s there was a fourth network, the DuMont network. I had never heard of it before, and I was wondering if you could give me a little background on it. What happened to it? And what happened to the shows that aired on it when the network went off the air? Thanks.

Answer: Well, Jane, it's actually a fairly convoluted story, but I'll see if I can give you the simple version. DuMont, the original fourth network, was the creation of electronics whiz Allen B. DuMont, who first made his name manufacturing cathode-ray tubes before moving into radio and then TV sets. His company experimented with TV broadcasting for years before getting its first commercial broadcast license in 1944 for what is now New York's WNYW. Two years later, as NBC started its three-station "East Coast Network," DuMont opened a Washington D.C. station and a rac read more

Successful Guy Seth MacFarlane takes advantage of his hit status with a new comedy

Peter Griffin, Family Guy

As Peter Griffin would put it, life has been freakin' sweet for Family Guy creator Seth MacFarlane. The animated Griffins of Quahog, R.I., are hitting ratings highs Sunday nights on Fox, often beating ABC's Desperate Housewives among male viewers ages 18 to 34. Past episodes are still big draws on Cartoon Network's Adult Swim block. The box sets of the first three seasons all rank among the top DVD sellers. His second series, American Dad, has become a hit as well. So what's next? MacFarlane has signed on as executive producer of Becoming Glenn, a sitcom pilot that Fox will consider for its fall lineup. The show, which revolves around a 35-year-old slacker, was actually written and shot three years ago, and e read more

Forget CW!
We suggest a catchier network name steeped in TV history

Jackie Gleason, The Honeymooners

We all know that CW is a terrible name for the new network that will combine programming from WB and UPN. There have even been reports that co-owners CBS and Time Warner could change it before next season. That's why the Biz is here to help. Before they pay hundreds of thousands of dollars in fees to a branding consultant, they should try this: the DuMont Network. As readers who've spent hours in the bathroom with The Complete Directory to Prime Time Network and Cable TV Shows already know, DuMont was the original "fourth network" that was in business from 1948 to 1956. With no radio network from which to draw for talent or shows, DuMont was the first TV network to create its own stars (just like WB was doing in happier times). It was where Jackie Gleason did his first Honeymooners skit. It introduced America to the comic genius of Ernie Kovacs. Such a heritage would play great with the many nostalgia-loving TV critics out there.  read more

What was the first prime-time ...

Everybody must get 'Stoned: Fred Flintstone

Question: What was the first prime-time cartoon?

Answer: Assuming you mean the first prime-time animated network series, Ralph, that would be ABC's legendary Flintstones, which ran for six years beginning in September 1960 (and has been repeated in more places and at more times than I could begin to count). The show pioneered the half-hour animated comedy on network TV, and enjoyed a wave of merchandise sales decades before anyone ever threw on a Bart Simpson "Don't have a cow, man!" T-shirt.

The Flintstones was the fourth animated series created by William Hanna and Joe Barbera (after Ruff and Reddy, Huckleberry Hound and Quick Draw McGraw, all of which were either Saturday-morning or syndicated offerings). And according to Barbera, read more

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