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Father of 2-Year-Old Triplets Finds Inventive Car Hack To Stop Backseat Fighting
01:05 — An Ohio man has triple trouble. Jack White, the father of adorable triplets, has done a hilarious car hack to at least have some peace while on the ro (more…)
Jack White: Love Is the Truth/You've Got Her in Your Pocket Medley
05:52 — Music guest Jack White performs a solo acoustic medley of "Love Is the Truth" and White Stripes' "You've Got Her in Your Pocket" for the Tonight Show (more…)
Jack White Makes Fun of Jimmy's Beginners' Guitar
02:17 — Jack White gets in a subtle dig about the children's guitar Jimmy plays, chats about his album Acoustic Recordings 1998-2016 and lets a helpful flight (more…)
"Tight Pants" With Jimmy Fallon & Jennifer Lopez
03:02 — One town isn't big enough for two people with tight pants.
Louis C.K. Sails His Boat Around New York City
04:25 — Jimmy asks Louis C.K. about his nautical skills and his near-Titanic crash.
Neil Young and Jack White Demonstrate a Voice-O-Graph Machine
01:21 — Jack White walks Jimmy through operating the 1947 Voice-O-Graph recording booth where Neil Young recorded his album, A Letter Home.
Neil Young Recalls Jimmy's "Whip My Hair" Impression
04:18 — Jimmy talks to Neil Young and Jack White about Neil's new vinyl box set for his forthcoming album, A Letter Home.
Clint Eastwood Discusses the Dark Side of the Four Seasons
06:48 — Jimmy talks to Clint about his latest directorial endeavor, “Jersey Boys” and what it was like to work with Christopher Walken.
Jack White’s Ultra LP Is Full of Firsts
05:07 — Jack White sits down with Jimmy to talk about his new record “Lazaretto” and the cutting edge ultra LP.
Off-roading in a wheelchair, made possible by Ripchair (Tomorrow Daily 400)
06:03 — Extreme outdoor sports become possible for the disabled with the help of a rugged rig; musician Jack White sends a spinning, golden record to the edge (more…)
Disorder In the Court
16:38 — The Stooges are witnesses at a trial where their friend, a dancer at a nightclub where they are musicians, is accused of murder. The Stooges manage to (more…)
Slippery Silks
17:21 — The Stooges are carpenters who inherit a fancy dress boutique. They put on a fashion show with dresses they've designed based on furniture. During the (more…)
Half Shot Shooters
18:27 — The Stooges are discharged from the army after WW I, and promptly administer some revenge to their mean sergeant. Years later they wind up in the army (more…)
Ants In the Pantry
17:44 — The Stooges are pest exterminators who drum up business by planting vermin in a ritzy mansion where a party is going on. They are hired, but must pose (more…)
Lalah Hathaway Wins For Little Ghetto Boy (GRAMMY Live Highlight)
01:51 — Lalah Hathaway takes home the win for Best Traditional R&B Performance.
The Dish: Chef Andrew Carmellini
04:44 — Chef Andrew Carmellini got his start cooking at a local Italian restaurant in his Ohio hometown at the age of 14. He traveled the world cooking and le (more…)
From Warhol to Lincoln, a look at history’s complex personalities
04:07 — Marilyn Monroe was the sex symbol of the 1950’s, but out of the public eye, the former Norma Jeane Mortenson was a complicated and troubled woman. Mon (more…)
Renovation of Brooklyn’s historic Kings Theatre
04:08 — The Kings Theatre in Brooklyn, New York, opened in September 1929, just over a month before the stock market crash that led to the Great Depression. T (more…)
Alabama Shakes Gives Thanks
00:39 — Alabama Shakes say thank you for their win at the 2016 GRAMMYs! Only CBS Check out more GRAMMY coverage at CBS.com: http://bit.ly/1AsXJBL
Eighth Blackbird Gives Thanks
01:07 — Eighth Blackbird says thank you for their win at the 2016 GRAMMYs! Only CBS Check out more GRAMMY coverage at CBS.com: http://bit.ly/1AsXJBL
GRAMMYs 2016 - Tyrese Gibson (Rehearsal Interview)
01:32 — Catching up with Tyrese Gibson at The GRAMMY rehearsals. Watch The 58th GRAMMY Awards, Monday Feb. 15. Only CBS
Angelique Kidjo Gives Thanks
01:16 — Angelique Kidjo thanks her fans at the 2016 GRAMMY red carpet and discusses how power of music to bring people together. Only CBS Check out more GRA (more…)
Is temporary truce in Syria a ceasefire in name only?
02:12 — Russia’s prime minister insists his country has not been bombing civilians in Syria, but the U.S. says they have. Over the past four months, Russian w (more…)
Lady Gaga (GRAMMY Live Fashion Cam)
01:58 — Check out Lady Gaga on the GRAMMY Live Fashion Cam.
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