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Top Moments: Breaking Bad, the Veep and Pamela Anderson Go Big

Joe Biden, Pamela Anderson

TV went big this week. Desperate Housewives' Katherine picked the worst possible moment for a heart-to-heart. Some Amazing Race contestants made a mistake of Biblical proportions. Breaking Bad made its play to be the best show on the air. And — as our noble leaders are duly elected to do — Vice President Joe Biden put everything in perspective. Welcome to Top Moments, Big F---ing Deal Edition... read more

Chris O'Donnell, Jack McBrayer Battle Cats & Dogs

Chris O'Donnell by Jeff Vespa/ WireImage.com

Chris ODonnell and Jack McBrayer are set to share the big screen with some rowdy animalsThe two have signed on to star in the live-action CGI-blended film Cats Dogs The Revenge of Kitty Galore The Hollywood Reporter reportsDirected by Brad Peyton and produced by Andrew Lazar the movie is a follow-up to 2001s Cats Dogs um was anyone asking for a sequel and continues the plot of the felines and canines battle for control of EarthScript is by Ron Friedman and Steve Bencich whove mastered the art of animated animals with Chicken Little Open Season and Brother BearLive-action filming has already commenced in Vancouver while voice casting is expected to follow shortly Joyce Eng read more

Jack McBrayer Proves "Cancer's Not Cool"

We've seen our share of PSAs, but they usually don't tend to be as over-the-top ridiculous when trying to prove a point as this one. In this video, 30 Rock's Jack McBrayer stumbles across two lovely ladies who are completely and totally turned off by this juice box-drinking, Hootie and the Blowfish-listening loser. You'll have to wait until the end to understand how this hilarious skit has anything to do with the fight against cancer, but we have to give it to StandUp2Cancer.com for its fresh approach! read more

Sexy Stars Soak up the Night with TV Guide

Mark Ballas and Kristi Yamaguchi by Ryan Born/ WireImage.com

Stepping in to the TV Guide Sexiest Stars Party at Katsuya Thursday night, the place was packed as throngs of people swished through the crowded front room and snaked around past the sushi bar, the photo booth and into the back room, S Bar. Servers moved through the crowd with trays of tall, exotic cocktails, and the bar was lined with glossy guests in hip threads. Weaving through the scene were recognizable celebs squeezing by. Suddenly, there was E! host Michael Yo high-fiving a TV Guide pal (his rumored new main squeeze, Karina Smirnoff, was not in tow). Next, there Kenneth the Page — aka Jack McBrayer — who seemed just as earnest in real-life as he does in his 30 Rock garb. Upon some intros, he shook hands, and said, "Thanks for having me!" It was tempting to inquire about his video costar, Mariah Carey, and her new husband, but there was sushi waiting (priorities, priorities).Stepping in to the dining area with a pomegranate Mojito in hand, the central sushi-making ar... read more

Preview: 30 Rock, Eli Stone

Jonny Lee Miller of "Eli Stone" by Gale Adler/ABC

Ever wondered what a Fox reality show would look like on NBC? Watch, and revel in, the glimpses we’re shown of the fictional (at least for now) reality spoof "MILF Island" in tonight’s first episode back of 30 Rock. Everyone from Alec Baldwin’s deliciously malicious network boss Jack Donaghy to a certain other vice president who should have better things to do are glued to the season finale of "Island," which is what Survivor would look like if populated by cougar moms and adolescent boys. It’s a hilarious backdrop to an episode that, as is often the case, is at its best when Jack and beleaguered Liz Lemon (the terrific Tina Fey) tangle and tango over the sad state of the business we call show. A business where a breakout reality star can be judged on her appeal to the key demographics of “soccer moms, Nascar dads, white-collar pervs and the obese.” How many ways do I love 30 Rock?Liz, the clay-footed hero of this brilliant satire, is naturally appalled... read more

Alec Baldwin’s ‘Funky North Philly’ Impression

Tracy Morgan and Alec Baldwin by Ann Joyce/NBC

Today’s Lunch-isode Series: 30 RockEpisode Title: “Rosemary’s Baby”Season: 2Year: 2007Why we love this episode: There’s one reason and one reason only for this particular selection. No, it’s not guest star Carrie Fisher, nor is it Kenneth’s basement ‘page-off’ (though both are fabulous storylines). What made us laugh the most was Alec Baldwin’s sheer comedic genius in the scene where he brings Tracy to a therapist and ends up role-playing not only as Tracy’s dad and mom but even as “da white dude his moms left his dad fo’.” Absolutely brilliant! (13:56 – 16:32). Watch it now! Your take: What's been your favorite 30 Rock episode to date? read more

How "Kenneth" Came to 30 Rock Mariah's World

Jack McBrayer by Albert L. Ortega/WireImage.com

A sneak peek of the music video for Mariah Carey's "Touch My Body" (watch it here) features the va-va-vivacious pop star cavorting with... Kenneth the NBC Page?! How did 30 Rock star Jack McBrayer luck into the dream gig of every red-blooded male? Turns out Carey is "a big fan of 30 Rock" as well as McBrayer's turn in Will Ferrell's Talladega Nights, her rep tells TVGuide.com.Might this unlikely collaboration turn itself around and find Carey someday visiting "The Girlie Show" as a guest star? "Yeah, it would be fun!" the singer tells TV's Extra. read more

30 Rock: The Height of Hilarity

Edie Falco and Alec Baldwin in 30 Rock by Nicole Rivelli/NBC Photo

Every week, after laughing myself silly at the warped lunacy of 30 Rock on Thursday nights and then being greeted by the stubbornly low ratings on Friday morning, I’m more than ever convinced that this inspired comedy is the new Arrested Development. (And not just because it’s a dark-horse Emmy winner, also taking home the best-comedy trophy after its first season.) Here’s another cult classic that is apparently too off-kilter to be more than an acquired taste, unfortunately destined to fly under the radar.This view isn’t coming from a comedy snob. I get a kick out of most of CBS’ more mainstream Monday comedies, including the new Big Bang Theory, which gets funnier and more confident by the week. On Thursdays I’m still delighted by 30 Rock’s time-period rival, the sweetly campy Ugly Betty. But 30 Rock strikes me as something special, something to treasure, firing on all burners with a wild and hilariously absurdist sensibility.This week’s epi... read more

Oh, Mama: A Great New Grey's

Diahann Carroll in Grey's Anatomy by Craig Sjodin/ABC

If you don't like tonight's first-rate episode of Grey's Anatomy, which fires on about as many cylinders as possible (humor and emotion coexisting wonderfully), then you should probably face the fact that you simply don't like Grey's anymore, if you ever did. Diahann Carroll, terrific as the departed Burke's visiting mom, hovers around Seattle Grace this week as a much-needed reality check and conscience for the various characters: including Meredith, who could always use a good dressing-down for her narcissism, and George, who's still dithering about how to do the right thing in his romantic quandary involving wife Callie and obsessive crush Izzie.But Mama Burke is really there for Cristina (the fabulous Sandra Oh), who is frozen emotionally as she surveys the wedding gifts that surround her to remind her of her broken relationship. Work is a thankful distraction (“Carnage always trumps rounds,” she tells her nameless interns), but she can only hide from Preston’s mo... read more

TV Guide Presents Five Reasons We Love 30 Rock

Alec Baldwin and Tina Fey, 30 Rock

1. You can really taste the SNL. When we hear the gang of NBC's 30 Rock (returning with a supersized episode tonight at 8:40 pm/ET) cracking wise about everyone from Dakota Fanning to disgraced congressman Mark Foley, it does our heart good to know that former Saturday Night Live head writer Tina Fey (who created Rock and stars as comic scribe Liz Lemon) still has a little Weekend Update in her. "Those things are so ingrained in me," she admits. "[I need] to have the show exist in the actual world." Costar read more

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