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The Force Phantom / Mermen of Emor
13:41 — An alien ship uses an energy creature to attack Earth. Scuba divers are captured for sport by malevolent fish beings led by Triton.
Lava Men / Luthor Strikes Again
13:42 — In Mexico, a volcano creates living beings of lava. Lex Luthor uses Jimmy Olsen as bait to use Kryptonite laser beam weapons against Superman in a pai (more…)
The Magnetic Monster / The Toys of Doom
14:01 — A magnetic device that melts metal objects is used by alien beings on Earth. Phoning in an anonymous tip to lure Lois Lane and Jimmy Olsen to an aband (more…)
Neolithic Nightmare / The Return of Brainiac
13:40 — Jimmy Olsen falls into an underground pocket populated by malevolent creatures. An alien computer named Brainiac has been capturing different kinds of (more…)