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Masi Oka, Heroes

Question: Now that the season has ended, I can't help but wonder which actors on Heroes have a good shot at Emmy nominations. Masi Oka pretty much goes without saying, but Jack Coleman and Zachary Quinto have been equally memorable in their roles and are just as deserving of a nod. But do they have a chance, too, or has Hiro's popularity rendered them obsolete? On another note, I'd like to give a little shout-out to Greg Grunberg as Matt Parkman. His performance is certainly not award-worthy, but the guy's a better actor than people give him credit for. Case in point: His portrayal of an evil version of Parkman, in which he was able to be menacing without going over the top. Answer: Everyone at TV Guide loves Greg Grunberg. What a great guy, and so deserving of his success on the show. (Who else could survive taking all those bullets in the chest?) As for Emmy hopes, let's figure Masi Oka can survive the genre jinx and break through. I'm not convinced it will happen, but it should. ... read more

Heroes, 24, Class: A Busy Monday

For months, the thing about Heroes that bothered me most was Milo Ventimiglia’s hair: specifically, that dreaded dangling forelock Peter Petrelli kept playing with, as if in thrall to a fetish. I’ve long wanted the boy to get a haircut. But not like this!Quite the horrifying climax to the March cliff-hanger (no new episodes until April 23), as Sylar pinned that dupe Mohinder to the ceiling while slicing into Peter Petrelli’s skull to see why Peter ticks like Sylar, only less murderously. Blood drops from Peter’s forehead onto the floor, followed by that hank of hair. I cringed, then I cheered. Well done.The episode was a crackerjack thrill ride with one reversal after another. Simone rising from the dead? Shut up! It’s really Candice, the slinky shape-shifter! Mrs. Bennet betraying her hubby, in cahoots with The Company? Shut up! It’s really Candice, the slinky shape-shifter! What fun.By the way, I love how the writers have evolved HRG from sinister man... read more

Bombs Away on Heroes and 24

There’s a reason Heroes gets first billing over 24 this week in describing Monday’s explosive episodes of these head-to-head thrillers. (In one, a man-made bomb went off. In the other, a man WAS the bomb, and he set off a firestorm of plot complications.) Simply put, Heroes blew 24 away in what was easily the freshman fantasy’s finest, most sensationally entertaining episode. It was one of those turning-point, game-changing episodes that could launch an already successful show to the top tier of can’t-miss TV (a status some bestowed on Heroes even before it hit its recent stride).Not that 24 was playing dead. But even detonating the bomb in an assassination attempt against President Not-David Palmer wasn’t enough to rouse this show from its midday stupor. (Spoiler alert: According to the previews, it looks like the blast was effective enough to take Wayne out of commission long enough for Vice President Cy Tolliver McEvil to take charge for a while.) What a ... read more

February 26, 2007: I'm Just a Paper Salesman

I had been anxiously awaiting the outcome of the situation we were left with last week: Ted and Matt had HRG up against a wall… his own wall, where his happy little family picture hangs untouched, lying to anyone who enters. Inside the Texas home, questions were rising higher than the heat from Ted's hands. It was cool to see how Ted and Matt got into the house in the first place. That radioactive power comes in pretty handy for B&Es. I loved the scene between Matt and Claire when Matt was slowly piecing together bits of the past and Claire was too scared to say much out loud so her thoughts became Matt's only guidance. Meanwhile, Ted was going ballistic. (I wonder how it felt for Matthew John Armstrong to be pointing a gun at his real-life wife.) Luckily for Parkman, without The Haitian around, HRG's thoughts were a lot clearer. Interesting how quickly the tables turned and HRG and Matt were working together to get Ted to believe them. "If you're not back in an hour, look ... read more

Hit "List": Heroes' New Campaign Aims to Defuse 24

Tonight on Heroes, H.R.G. asks Mohinder, "Are you on the list?"

First there was "Save the cheerleader, save the world." Now we have, "Are you on the list?" But the current catchphrase for NBC's Heroes (returning from hiatus tonight at 9 pm/ET) could just as easily have been, "Peter is the bomb." That's what Vince Manze suggested. As president and creative director of the NBC Agency, the marketing firm that handles Heroes, Manze is responsible for the show's attention-grabbing slogans. "I brought up the idea of ‘Peter is the bomb' at a group meeting, and it got lots of laughs," recalls Manze. "Then I said, ‘Hey, I'm serious!' It didn't fly." Since the slogan was due to hit the air in December, when Heroes was moving into six weeks of repeats, Manze also thought of a Santa Claus tie-in — something along the lines of, "Are you on my list?" That didn't fly, either.    This, after all, is a wei read more

Lucky '07: Stars Share Their New Year's Resolutions

Vanessa Marcil, Matt Dallas and Rob Lowe

As the old year gives way to the new, TV Guide resolved to get the scoop on some celebrities' New Year's resolutions — and here is what we found out. Rob Lowe, Brothers & Sisters"I always make one resolution, and I haven't come up with it yet [as of early December]. Last year's was to be more aware of how I speak to people, whether it's my kids, my wife or coworkers. It's always a self-betterment thing, something that I can do to change myself in a good way, and that I will actually be able to do on a long-term basis." Jack Coleman, Heroes"I'm going to work on being more disciplined, because now there are a lot more demands on my time. And on getting everything done t read more

Jack Coleman, Heroes: What's Going On Behind the Glasses?

Jack Coleman, Heroes

How does a mild-mannered Dynasty vet come to be one of current pop culture's most enigmatic TV characters? What lured Jack Coleman to the role of Heroes' Mr. Bennett, aka Horn-rimmed Glasses/H.R.G.? And, for once and for all, what are this protective patriarch's ultimate intentions? TV Guide hit the actor with those hot topics and more. TV Guide: Congratulations on being made a series regular, promoted from guest star. Were you originally signed up only for a limited number of episodes?Jack Coleman: It was always open-ended. It was a one-page audition, but when I saw that this Horn-rimmed Glasses guy turned out to be the father of Hayden Panettiere (Claire), I thoug read more

Meet Nora Zehetner, Heroes' Newest Empowered Stranger!

Nora Zehetner, Heroes

The final moments of last week's Heroes (Mondays at 9 pm/ET)  let loose with yet another whopper: Sweet li'l Eden McCain, aka Horn-rimmed Glasses' gal Friday, boasts the superpower of suggestion, and is apparently able to make anyone do anything she says. While Nielsen Media Research subpoenas the brunette beauty's phone records, TVGuide.com gave her portrayer, indie regular Nora Zehetner (Brick, Fifty Pills) a call to find out what's next on NBC's super-unpredictable hit. TVGuide.com: From Day 1, did you know that Eden would be one of the heroes, that she had her own special something?Nora Zehetner: Yeah, I did. When I went to audition, I was kind of adamant that I wanted a power, but it turned out that that was their plan from the beginning. Who wants to be on a read more

Heroes' Greg Grunberg Takes TV Guide on the Hunt for Sylar

Greg Grunberg, Heroes

Greg Grunberg sure has come a long way since being chewed up and spit out by that whatever on Lost. Now, he's the star of his own watercooler-conversation series, NBC's Heroes (Mondays at 9 pm/ET). When Grunberg stopped by the TV Guide offices the morning after last week's episode aired, we debriefed him on the hunt for Sylar, Matt's upcoming date with a cheerleader, and what longtime pal J.J. Abrams was like as a tyke. TVGuide.com: First, I have to say: Would that every husband could read their wives' minds!Greg Grunberg: Yeah, but be careful what you wish for. You immediately thin read more

Casting About: Heroes Locks In "Horn-rimmed Glasses"

Jack Coleman, aka indestructible Claire's super-creepy father, has been upped to series-regular status on NBC's Heroes, effective with the 11th episode, Variety reports.... ER has cast Sam's new love interest. Check out the Ausiello Report for the details.... Jason Priestley is Marisa Coughlan's fiancé in the Lifetime drama pilot Side Order of Life.... Fastlane's Peter Facinelli is Insatiable in Showtime's drama pilot about a small town where everyone has some sort of addiction. (And no, L.A. is not a small town).... Designer Todd Oldham will host Top Design, Bravo's new interior-design reality competition bowing in early 2007. read more

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