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Keck's Exclusives: Heroes' Jack Coleman Cast as Mentalist Baddie

Jack Coleman

Following news that Masi Oka has been cast as Hawaii Five-0's new coroner comes word that another Heroes alum, Jack Coleman (a.k.a Mr. Noah Bennet, a.k.a. Horned Rimmed Glasses), has landed a role on another CBS crime drama. In The Mentalist's Oct. 14th episode, Jack will be playing Max Armstrong, described to me as a... read more

Check Out the Heroes Season 4 DVD Extras

Heroes may have ended, but that doesn't mean you can't get your superheroes fix from the show. Get a sneak peek of the Season 4 DVD extras, which include an interview with Milo Ventimiglia about growing up as comic-book fan, Zachary Quinto recalling his audition for Sylar, and a behind-the-scenes look at how Jack Coleman's flooded car scene was made.

Check out the videos after the jump.

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Heroes Star Heads to Hallmark Channel

Jack Coleman

Heroes star Jack Coleman is up for more father-daughter drama.

Heroes star signs on to USA series

The actor has joined the Hallmark movie Rock the House, in which he'll play ... read more

Heroes Finale Preview: Showdown at the Carnival

Hayden Panettiere and Jack Coleman, Heroes

If Heroes' previous season finales have taught viewers anything, it's that they can expect to see most of the superpowered good guys come together to bring down the villain.

Heroes: Will Lydia's death spell disaster for Samuel?

Robert Knepper, who plays this season's power-hungry, carnival-leading baddie, Samuel, promises more of the same in Monday's Season 4 send-off. But for Samuel, it's no more Mr. Nice Guy.

"Samuel never went up to Hiro [Masi Oka] and Peter [Milo Ventimiglia] and said, 'You're going to work for me.' He made them realize something about themselves that they needed to realize and hopefully they would thank Samuel," Knepper tells TVGuide.com. "There was this manipulative approach that didn't work out how he wanted it to work out. In the end, he's going to say ' ... I'm going to get you back. I'm going to show you my true colors — you're now working for me.' And if they don't, there's going to be a price to pay."

Claire Bennett (Hayden Panettiere) and her father (Jack Coleman) have already gotten a taste of what Samuel's willing to do ... read more

Mega Buzz: Scoop on Lost, NCIS, Vampire Diaries and More!

Lost, NCIS, Vampire Diaries

Every week, editors Mickey O'Connor and Adam Bryant answer your burning questions. Want some TV scoop? Please send all questions to mega_scoop@tvguide.com.

Which original cast members are returning to Lost? — AnnatheBelle
MICKEY: Well, you heard about Michael and Libby, right? Add them to the list that includes Juliet, Charlie, Boone and Helen (aka characters believed to be dead who have signed on to reappear in Season 6). But what about Walt — will we see him again? "We would like to have him back, but he's aged and looks much older than his character, so that's the problem with him," executive producer Carlton Cuse told us. "We're still seeing if there's a way to work that out." Cross your fingers!

I need to know more about Tony and Ziva's trip overseas on NCIS! — Mark
Tiva ends up in... read more

Heroes Preview: What's Going on Inside HRG's Head?

Jack Coleman

Since Heroes' beginning, Noah Bennett — the man in the horn-rimmed glasses — has been somewhat of an enigma. But Monday (9 pm/ET, NBC), fans will get a peek inside HRG's perplexing head, and perhaps some answers to their burning questions. We caught up with Jack Coleman to get some insight into the episode, his response to the show's critics and just what he thinks about those glasses. Plus: Look out, Washington, D.C.!

Read the full Q&A after the jump. read more

VIDEO: Inside Heroes' "Dark and Creepy" New Season

Speaking to TVGuide.com's Erin Fox at NBC's TCA press tour party, Heroes' Jack Coleman reveals how Claire-Bear will be "kicking a lot more ass" this coming season, and teases an eye-opening run-in for father and daughter.Adrian Pasdar, meanwhile (and ultimately), talks about the "dark and creepy" tone to the new episodes, one of which sets foot on a most unexpected set.Also watch these Heroes vids from TCA:• Masi Oka• James Kyson Lee read more

Heroes Promises an "Unbelievable" Season 3

Jack Coleman and Zachary Quinto by Steve Granitz/ WireImage.com

It's been over six months since we saw our favorite Heroes on TV, but for the past seven weeks the cast and crew have been hard at work to bring us "Volume III: Villains." Tather than wait patiently until the NBC series' September 22 return, we asked the cast some burning questions. Here's what we found out about the next season."It's unbelievable — Season 1 on steroids," says Jack Coleman (aka HRG). "The two things that Heroes does best are adrenalin and mystery, and these episodes have it in spades. You're going to see guest stars and plenty of other characters, but it's focusing on the core group."Of that core group, HRG is rumored to be working with Sylar in the coming season. "[Zach Quinto] and I have a storyline," shares Coleman, "which kind of brings us into a direct confrontation... and maybe more." Hiro gets to fight his own villain, but this time it's one with a comedic streak. "He's going to have an arch-nemesis," Masi Oka told us at the premiere of Get Smart. Daphne... read more

Season 3: Heroes Turn Bad as a Villain Turns Good?

The best way to prep for a first day back at work? For Heroes' Jack Coleman, spa treatments at the grand opening of Spa Luce at the Renaissance Hollywood Hotel. Though the show earlier this week resumed shooting Thursday, Friday is Coleman's first day back. As such, pampering was in order for him, along with his wife, Beth, and daughter, Tess. TV Guide took the opportunity to get a peek at what's coming up on the long-missing NBC series. What's in the cards for Noah Bennett this season? "I'm currently incarcerated and at the bottom of Level Five in the company facility," Coleman told TV Guide. "I think there may be an escape in the offing, but at a cost." Surprisingly, Noah might not be considered one of the villains at the forefront of the upcoming season. "I think I'm probably more likely to be hunting them," he says. "But on our show there are always uneasy and unexpected alliances." As for other characters, Coleman says viewers will be seeing more of Hiro. "He's firmly planted ... read more

You Can't Play God

Episode Recap: "Cautionary Tales"This episode lived up to everything Heroes means to its’ fans. It was the best of the season. I’m going to write this by character, instead of scene for scene. We’ll save the best for last.Claire: Now we know exactly how the power of cellular regeneration works. Angela Petrelli explained if the “cells continually regenerate, they stop growing old”. I think many of us knew that or at least had the right thought process. We don’t know how many times Adam or Claire have died. Adam has a 400 year head-start, but I’m glad to see Claire will continue to age. I think she would choose a mortal life over Adam’s. Hiro: “To eulogize him is to admit he is gone.“ Masi Oka was wonderful tonight! He had me in tears. His attempt at saving his father explained so much. We’ve all been wondering “why didn’t Hiro just go back…” for so many instances throughout the series. Tonight we g... read more

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