Ivan Dixon Celebrity Watchlist

Wed Apr 22 12:00pm
Quantum LeapSo Help Me God(Season 2, Episode 9) ESQTV

Sam leaps into a courtroom in 1957, where he's a lawyer defending a black woman on trial for the murder of her white lover. Lila: Tyra Ferrell. Capt. Cotter: Byrne Piven. Myrtle: Ketty Lester. Sadie: Kathleen Noone. Judge: William Schallert. Sam: Scott Bak (more…)

Wed Apr 22 1:00pm
Quantum LeapCatch a Falling Star(Season 2, Episode 10) ESQTV

As the understudy for a bawdy stage veteran, Sam reencounters a woman he loved when she was too old for him in his real life, but who's now the stage partner and friend of the actor he's leaped into. Michelle: Janine Turner. Sam: Scott Bakula.

Wed Apr 22 2:00pm
Quantum LeapA Portrait for Troian(Season 2, Episode 11) ESQTV

Sam appears as a ghostbuster working for a widow haunted by her husband's drowning, who soon needs Sam to save her, too. Troian: Deborah Pratt. Miss Stoltz: Carolyn Seymour. Jimmy: Robert Torti. Mrs. Little: Bett Ray. Sam: Scott Bakula.

Wed Apr 22 3:00pm
Quantum LeapAnimal Frat(Season 2, Episode 12) ESQTV

When Sam leaps to 1968 as the wildest brother on frat row, he must prevent an antiwar radical from making the fatal mistake of blowing up the chemistry building. Duck: Darren Dalton. Will: Raphael Sbarge. Guna: Brian Haley. Sam: Scott Bakula.

Wed Apr 22 4:00pm
Quantum LeapAnother Mother(Season 2, Episode 13) ESQTV

Sam leaps into a woman with three kids, one a troubled teenager who will run away, never to return, unless Sam and Al can prevent it. Kevin: Michael Stoyanov. Susan: Olivia Burnett. Teresa: Troian Bellisario. Teddy: Andrew Held. Al: Dean Stockwell.

Wed Apr 22 5:00pm
Quantum LeapAll-Americans(Season 2, Episode 14) ESQTV

Sam is a high-school quarterback who must prevent his best friend, a wide receiver, from throwing the city-championship game. Chuey: Richard Coca. Celia: Ruth Britt. Manuel: Pepe Serna. Ruben: Fausto Bara. Sam: Scott Bakula.

Mon Apr 27 8:00am
The Twilight ZoneI Am the Night---Color Me Black(Season 5, Episode 26) Syfy

On the morning of a hanging, the sun fails to rise. The cast includes Michael Constantine (“Room 222”), George “Goober” Lindsey, Ivan Dixon (“Hogan's Heroes”) and Paul Fix (“The Rifleman”). Jagger: Terry Becker. Ella: Eve McVeagh.

Wed Apr 29 12:00pm
Quantum LeapHer Charm(Season 2, Episode 15) ESQTV

Sam leaps into an FBI agent assigned to protect a feisty but fearful woman from the murderous crook she used to work for. Nick: John Snyder. Richardson: Stanley Brock. Andy: Rene Assa. Thomas: John Shepherd. Sam: Scott Bakula. Al: Dean Stockwell.

Wed Apr 29 1:00pm
Quantum LeapFreedom(Season 2, Episode 16) ESQTV

Sam is a Native American who helped his grandfather escape from a nursing home, but now has to help him die with dignity. Joseph: Frank Sotonoma Salsedo. Taggart: Leon Rippy. Suzanne Whitehorse: Gloria Hayes. Deputy: Tom Everett. Sam: Scott Bakula.

Wed Apr 29 2:00pm
Quantum LeapGood Night, Dear Heart(Season 2, Episode 17) ESQTV

Sam leaps into a mortician who becomes obsessed with preserving the memory of a young woman by proving she didn't commit suicide. Roger: William Cain. Stephanie: Marcia Cross. Aggie: Deborah Strang. Sam: Scott Bakula.

Wed Apr 29 3:00pm
Quantum LeapPool Hall Blues(Season 2, Episode 18) ESQTV

Sam picks up the cue of a 1950s Chicago pool shark, and finds himself committed to a game that will determine his granddaughter's future. Violet: Shari Headley. Eddie: J.W. Smith. Grady: Teddy Wilson. The Brush: Ken Foree. Sam: Scott Bakula.

Wed Apr 29 4:00pm
Quantum LeapLeaping in Without a Net(Season 2, Episode 19) ESQTV

Sam leaps into a trapeze artist, and he must prevent his sister from having a fatal fall in a stunt. Eva: Fabiana Udenio. Laszlo: Jan Triska. Vargas: Richard Riehle. Sybil: Roya Megnot. Sam: Scott Bakula.

Wed Apr 29 5:00pm
Quantum LeapMaybe Baby(Season 2, Episode 20) ESQTV

Sam leaps into the reluctant sidekick of a kooky stripper who has taken a man's infant daughter, saying she wants to deliver the child to its mother. Reed: Charles Frank. Sheriff Barnes: Jimmie Ray Weeks. Sam: Scott Bakula. Big Bob: Ray Young.