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Exclusive Details on Isaiah Washington's TV Return

Isaiah Washington by Jean Baptiste Lacroix/

Isaiah Washington has been booked for a guest-starring role on A&E's The Cleaner, which premieres this Tuesday at 10 pm/ET. Though details were few at first, I have since uncovered lots more on how the Grey's Anatomy alum will fit into the episode. In "The 11th Hour," Washington will play a traditional, well-schooled interventionist who crosses swords with Benjamin Bratt's title character — a recovered addict who has his own "unconventional" ways of helping others — when they both attempt to treat the same girl.Since parting ways with ABC's Grey's Anatomy, Washington's only TV appearance has come in the form of a mini-run on NBC's short-lived Bionic Woman. (Well, that and as a newspaper clipping on the Seattle Grace bulletin board. But let's not go there.) He also has done the occasional indie. Other guest-stars on The Cleaner will include Tate Donovan (Damages), Annabeth Gish (Brotherhood), Kathy Baker and Eric Roberts. — Matt Mitovich read more

Isaiah "Surprised" By His "Appearance" on Grey's

Isaiah Washington by Craig Sjodin/ABC

You know, the moment I first saw the new promo I sensed trouble. Isaiah Washington, who is currently lensing a movie in New Orleans, reportedly was taken aback to see himself featured (via a newspaper clipping that raises Cristina's barely-there eyebrows) in the spot promoting the May 8 ep of Grey's Anatomy. Noting that "Isaiah has no plans to go back" to the series, the actor's rep tells TMZ, "We were more than a little surprised that ABC used his likeness in a promo... and indeed advanced his character's storyline." (Dr. Burke is the recipient of an high honor that throws his former fiancée for a loop.) Adds the spokesman, "Mr. Washington's attorney has contacted the Screen Actors Guild and ABC as to the appropriateness of that action." And just like that, folks, it's spring 2007 again. Let's get commenting! — MWM read more

Isaiah Washington Goes from Bionic to Basketball

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Its been a year since Isaiah Washington left the halls of Seattle Grace but the actors making his big-screen comeback in the upcoming sports drama PatriotsIn the Weinstein Co-produced film Washington will play an assistant high school basketball coach for a team thats assembled in Marrero Lousiana in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina Based on a true story the teams coach pulls together players from five different schools and leads them to the state championships Washington joins Forest Whitaker Taraji P Henson Boston Legal Bow Wow and Lil Wayne among others says the ReporterSince the Greys Anatomy incident last year Washington also appeared in the short-lived Bionic Woman Could this be his shot at career and reputation redemption Or did you think hed be back before half-time was over Anna DimondRelated149 Exclusive Greys Fires Isaiah Washington149 Jeers Isaiah Washingtons Bionic Energy Crisis read more

Top 10 Shocking Scandals: From Anna Nicole to Heath - How Readers Reacted

Anna Nicole Smith, Heath Ledger

It has been a busy week. Britney Spears was released from a psychiatric hospital. We finally got some answers from Heath Ledger's toxicology report. And today, Feb. 8, as it happens, is the anniversary of Anna Nicole Smith's death. Throughout this tumultuous year, our users’ opinions have often been as provocative as the news itself, so now we’re turning the spotlight on them. Here’s our list of some of the best user comments from the most shocking scandals of the last 12 months: 1. Anna Nicole Smith dies. (Feb. 8, 2007)"Anna Nicole certainly chose some very difficult paths in her life. I respe read more

A show that I used to laud as ...

Question: A show that I used to laud as being the best on television has now become a soggy mess. It's bitterly disappointing. What show has left me so bereft? Grey's Anatomy. It's not excitingly different anymore. How can I like the direction of the show? My stomach churns dangerously whenever George and Izzie come on the screen. Cristina, who used to be hilariously and outrageously mean, is now just plain mean. In fact, whereas these characters used to be deliciously diverse and unique, every one of them now comes across as mean. And I am now weary of Meredith and Derek (this new version of their relationship tires me). I used to have faith enough in the writers to believe that they were taking these storylines somewhere rich and wonderful, but not anymore. The very core of the show, the characters, have changed. This season was going to be hard enough for me without my favorite character on the show, Dr. Burke (Isaiah Washington, who, despite anyone's opinion of his personality, is ... read more

Jeers: Isaiah Washington's Bionic Energy Crisis

Michelle Ryan and Isaiah Washington in Bionic Woman by Carol Segal/NBC Photo

Jeers to Isaiah Washington for his tragically lethargic performance on Bionic Woman. The former Grey's Anatomy lightning rod was clearly brought onto NBC's sci-fi remake to generate controversy — and ratings — but he sucks the life out of every scene. As Antonio Pope, the trainer/guru of Jaime Sommers (Michelle Ryan, who's no party herself), he's adopted a too-cool-for-school acting style, mumbling his lines and only coming to life when he's kicking somebody's ass. Washington needs to take a cue from his Bionic cast mate Katee Sackhoff and amp up his energy level several notches. He should be better, stronger... and less boring.More Cheers & Jeers: Read and react to Bruce's opinions on Damages, Heroes, Housewives and Friday Night Lights, then share your own raves and rants about other shows on the new Reader Cheers & Jeers discussion board. Your comments could wind up in TV Guide magazine! read more

The Push Worked for Daisies

Kristin Chenowith in Pushing Daisies by Scott Garfield/ABC

The early ratings are in, and it looks like the combination of aggressive promotion and laudatory media buzz paid off for the first round of ABC’s delightful Pushing Daisies, which handily won its time period Wednesday and is off to a solid start. Honestly, though, if any of the reality alternatives had prevailed (especially CBS’s snooze-inducing Kid Nation and the is-that-still-on stupid briefcase show over on NBC), I think I’d be wearing a black armband in to work for the rest of the season. I’m dying to see a second episode of Daisies, and am trying to pretend I’m not worried that ABC hasn’t supplied one yet. (A year ago, I was dazzled by the pilot of The Nine, an episode the series never again lived up to.) Still, after watching an opening hour as filled with wonder and whimsy as Daisies’ pilot (or “Pielette,” as the episode was titled), how can anyone express anything but hope?My other top Wednesday night priority was seeing how Priv... read more

"Paradise Lost"

Well, if you agreed with last week's blog question about Jaime's boyfriend being "utterly meh" then you're probably not too sad to see him dead. But his passing — and that loose floorboard — gave her some guidance toward who he really was and what he was involved with.I don't blame her for trying to walk away from it all and return to her normal life under the radar. But when she was a little too strong for "Mr. Right Now" to have a good time, and the ringing in her ear was too hard to ignore, she had no other choice. Plus, saving that suicidal woman gave her a little bit of a high, huh?And with one trip to Jonas' office, she was suddenly a player in "The Game." Enter ex-Dr. Burke. Forget about whiny interns, this is a whole other ball game in terms of saving lives. Isaiah Washington definitely has the aura of a leader — as we saw on Grey's Anatomy — so I'm intrigued by his role as Jaime's supervisor. And order No. 1 was to start training.Her session with Jae was... read more

Grey's T.R. Has "Nothing to Say" as "Anniversary" Nears

T.R. Knight by Bob D'Amico/ABC

Speaking to the Los Angeles Times, T.R. Knight sought to put to rest, once and for all, the controversy which has consumed the Grey's Anatomy set for nearly a year and led him out of the closet. Though Isaiah Washington has used multiple forums to offer his take on the October 2006 on-set scrape, Knight says, "I have nothing, absolutely nothing to say about it. With all due respect, I haven't said much at all, but I have said some, and I don't need to say more.... 'Cause it's August of '07.... And it's a beautiful sunny day. In. August. Of 2007.""Sunny" can't be used to qualify Katherine Heigl's take on the sitch. She chimes in to the Times, "I have no respect for how Isaiah has handled this. I'm disgusted. That's probably a strong thing to say and I'm probably going to get yelled at... but I felt so infuriated because [Washington's] was the only opinion getting heard. But [T.R.] was right — to say nothing at all is the most dignified thing he could do." Ooh, look — irony! read more

Like many fans, I was upset ...

James Tupper and Anne Heche, Men in Trees

Question: Like many fans, I was upset when ABC shelved Men in Trees to run other, inferior programming. In the meantime, I'd heard about the on-set romance and subsequent divorces that happened after Anne Heche and James Tupper became an item. Anne Heche's divorce seemed particularly nasty. The new season is starting soon and now I feel that this show has been poisoned for me. It's been so long since a new episode was on that I've lost interest, and while I don't want to begrudge Heche and Tupper's right to be with each other, their romance has left a bad taste in my mouth. Neither of these actors has the same likability for me that they once did, and I have become a bit ambivalent about what happens to their characters. Similarly, I have a bad reaction to the firing of Isaiah Washington on Grey's Anatomy. Whether or not it was justified, the way ABC handled the whole situation (and a disappointing third season) has ruined some of the magic that made Grey's Anatomy must-see TV at my ... read more

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