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October 12, 2006: What I Am

The very best episodes of Grey's Anatomy make you laugh and cry all at once, and this was one of those. Seconds after I was crying while watching Izzie listen to Denny's phone message to his parents, I laughed out loud at Callie propositioning McSteamy. All together now: Shut up! Mark Sloan aka McSteamy to Callie: "Can I buy you a drink?" Callie: "Only if you have it delivered to my hotel room," as she walks out of the bar, then turns around all sexy: "You comin'?" You go, girl! She breaks it off with George and then seduces... McSteamy. Can we say "upgrade" much? Only on television, but I'll allow it.Nice way to have McSteamy enter the hospital — having everyone gaze over and give off all sorts of different vibes ranging from shock to anger to excitement. Oh yes — be sure to pick up the latest copy of TV Guide magazine since new series regular Eric Dane is gracing the cover. Fall TV Hot List issue, people — run, don't walk! Speaking of hot, can we talk about the perf... read more

October 5, 2006: Sometimes a Fantasy

As the title of the episode indicates, "Sometimes a Fantasy" is an effective way to open an episode of this show. So funny to see the three of them (supposedly) naked in bed together — smiling Meredith in the middle of Finn and Derek. This dating thing was a nice way for Ellen Pompeo to finally get a chance to show off that smile of hers, after several seasons of sorrow. I liked seeing Meredith as a giddy girl declaring that "Dating is fun!" and telling Derek and then Finn: "I had a dream about you last night." Sandra Oh did a hilarious job playing the Ethel Mertz role reacting in the background to Meredith's conversations with her men and her "She's dating everyone with a pulse" reference was great.Guest star Abigail Breslin (awesome in Little Miss Sunshine) was perfectly cast as the little girl who thought she was a superhero, but actually had a chromosomal condition where she couldn't feel pain. I loved that what Bailey said to Alex during the girl's surgery — "Pain's t... read more

September 28, 2006: I Am a Tree

First of all, how exciting was the news last Friday morning that Grey's beat CSI in the ratings? Never thought it would happen since CSI has been such a juggernaut ever since it moved to Thursdays from Fridays years ago. CSI (along with Survivor) caused CBS to take away the "Must-see TV" title away from NBC as far as Thursdays were concerned. CSI for me has always stood for Can't Seem Interested or Can't Stand It (and before a bunch of you tell me you like both shows, that's fine – I'm thrilled – it's just not my cup of tea). But I digress. Grey's beat CSI, and I was shocked. Now, on with the show....Hello - Meredith couldn't choose between Derek and Finn, so she chose both! And shut up that McSteamy's back! But I'll rewind and say that I liked that Meredith kept going back and forth between the two of them. First it was Derek, then Finn. It was funny that Meredith spent the hour being obsessed about who to choose, while simultaneously, Cristina obsessed about not being a... read more

September 21, 2006: Time Has Come Today

I f---ing love this show. There -- I said it. And to use the title of the episode, "Time Has Come Today" for all us Grey's fans to rejoice -- we finally saw our season premiere! I want to say right away that I really enjoyed all the flashbacks -- and not flashbacks to scenes we've already witnessed ("previously on Grey's Anatomy"). It had a sort of Lost feel to it with the backstories -- not completely Lost-like since most of the scenes were things they've alluded to before, but it was great to finally see them:- The very first time Izzie and Alex said "Seriously" to each other.- George introducing himself to Meredith in an oh-so "I'm Dorothy -- the small and meek" way.- Meredith flashing way back to her childhood and recalling her mother arguing with Dr. Webber at an amusement park.- Cristina meeting Burke for the first time.- Derek throwing Addison out of their home ("We're not 'Derek & Addison' anymore!").- Derek's first meet-n-greet with Meredith at the bar.Those last two we... read more

Exclusive: Grey's Star Reveals Troubled Past

Isaiah Washington has kept his troubled past hidden ? until now. The Grey's Anatomy actor opens up about his own surprising brush with violence on the Sept. 21 Judge Hatchett in order to prove to one teen it's possible to go from street kid to superstar. "There was a time I didn't think I'd live to see 25," Washington reveals to TV Guide. Judge Glenda Hatchett (who frequently uses her show as a venue to save at-risk youth) and Washington staged an intervention to turn around the life of Hakeem White, a 16-year-old North Carolinian with a record of crime that already includes gun possession, selling drugs and slashing his own brother with a knife. Washington told White something he had never told anyone other than his wife: "I was young and dumb.... And one day I popped off my mouth to the wrong person and got shot." (He still has the bullet hole in his right hip.) Why did Washington risk his reputation to teach a lesson to a young man he had never met? "[Hakeem] needed to see that... read more

One of the happier surprises of...

One of the happier surprises of this TV season has been my deepening crush on Grey's Anatomy, which has taken advantage of Desperate Housewives' sophomore malaise to become the water-cooler show on Sunday night. (And a show I gave a lukewarm review when it premiered last spring.)

This week's (Oct. 30) episode may have been the best yet, a scintillating mix of soap opera and medical drama — with just the right blend of mordant comedy (Cristina's hunt for the missing leg) and wrenching tragedy (the two train passengers impaled by a metal pole, only one of whom could possibly survive).

Grey's is a fabulous show for "shippers" who groove on will-they-or-won't-they dynamics, epitomized by Meredith's mortifyingly drunken wait for Dr. McDreamy's answer — will he pick her, as she asked him to do to his face, or will he sta read more

Vet Earns M.D. on Grey's Anatomy

Isaiah Washington

For the first 23 years of his life, before he embarked on a circuitous two-decade acting career and the breakout role of Dr. Preston Burke on Grey's Anatomy, Isaiah Washington walked a very straight line.

He woke up every day knowing exactly what he was supposed to do and who he was supposed to be. Everyone in his suburban Houston neighborhood — where he did his homework, got good grades and stayed out of trouble — knew he was going to get a football scholarship to pay his way through college. But even when that didn't happen, he simply went to the backup plan and joined the Air Force, where he learned enough about aerospace engineering to land a successful private sector job in Washington, D.C.

Throughout it all, he showed up every day and worked hard, and if he had any questions, he asked someone in charge: a coach, a superior officer, a boss. He got married the day aft read more

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