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Cheetah baby boom at Smithsonian fueling conservation effort
02:07 — The number of cheetahs in captivity is beginning to swell, thanks to the Smithsonian Conservation Biology Institute in Virginia. In the wild, the popu (more…)
VP Pence warns N. Korea, but says U.S. open to negotiations
06:28 — Vice President Mike Pence cited the recent U.S. attacks in Syria and Afghanistan as he warned North Korea not to test the Trump administration's resol (more…)
The Circus, Episode 205 Clip - Marist Institute for Public Opinion
03:57 — Mark Halperin goes behind the scenes at the Marist College Institute for Public Opinion.
Hearing Is Believing - Official Trailer
02:24 — HEARING IS BELIEVING, the new non-fiction feature from award-winning filmmaker Lorenzo DeStefano, introduces the world to the astonishing young musici (more…)
Leon Panetta on Russia's next steps in Syria, N. Korea threat
07:08 — Leon Panetta was a former White House chief of staff under President Clinton, CIA director when Osama bin Laden was killed, and Defense secretary unde (more…)
The Rocky Path to the Paris Climate Talks
06:45 — Jennifer Morgan from the World Resource Institute and Lisa Friedman from ClimateWire discuss the environmental talks in Bonn, Germany where world lead (more…)
Justin Bieber Kicked Out of Mayan Archaeological Site for Dropping His Pants
01:12 — The director of The National Institute of Anthropology and History tells ET what went down... literally.
What's at Stake for Civil Rights Movement?
04:41 — Ahmad Ward from the Birmingham Civil Rights Institute discusses what's at stake in the civil rights movement now, decades after the sit-ins and marche (more…)
New Election Polls Signify Change Is Happening
05:07 — Lee Miringoff, Marist Institute for Public Opinion, comments on changes that have occurred in the presidential election polls over the last few weeks (more…)
Dem Socialism “political Puzzle” for Americans
12:42 — CEO of the Roosevelt Institute Felicia Wong believes a multi-racial coalition in support of progressive politics is possible, in time. Colleague Mike (more…)
Mega-Asteroid to Fly Past Earth Christmas Eve
03:26 — The news has sparked doomsday predictions on social media, including fears it will trigger volcanic eruptions or even earthquakes. Chief Astronomer at (more…)
Shiite Cleric Killed in Saudi Mass Execution
03:43 — Brookings Institute’s Kenneth Pollack explains how the Saudi Arabia-Iran crisis intersects with the current fight against ISIS, and why it is possible (more…)
“Fed Is More Limited Than We Think”
14:40 — Fmr. Obama Admin. Chief Economist Jared Bernstein clears the air, stating The Federal Reserve System cannot directly create jobs but only lower the co (more…)
Blueprint: Empower Workers for Shared Growth
11:39 — The Roosevelt Institute unveils a new blueprint for workers aimed at holding employers accountable for violations and promoting socially responsible b (more…)
Being Muslims in These Times
05:12 — Rev. Dr. Peter Heltzel, Director of the Micah Institute at New York Theological Seminary and Imam Khalid Latif, the Executive Director and Imam for t (more…)
Should Election Primaries Still Exist?
07:40 — Luke Russert talks with Joshua Spivak, Senior Fellow at the Carey Institute of Government, about the idea of primaries and whether they are helping or (more…)
Quitting Facebook the Key to Happiness?
00:37 — A research institute in Copenhagen, Denmark has found that quitting Facebook can lead to increased happiness and reduced stress. Natali Morris has mor (more…)
Where Is My Mummy? New Technologies Reveal Secrets
04:04 — Mummies stored at the Art Institute of Chicago are reexamined revealing that even objects they have had in their collection for over a century still h (more…)
7 Days of Genius: Political Genius of Trump
04:23 — 92Y's 7 Days of Genius hosts Norm Ornstein of American Enterprise Institute to talk about the political genius of Donald Trump in the presidential ele (more…)
Giant Deep-Sea Octopus Devours Jellyfish—And Keeps the Stingers
01:13 — Scientists from the Monterey Bay Aquarium Research Institute (MBARI) discovered a rare sight in the deep ocean - a giant octopus eating a jellyfish an (more…)
What's next for Syria after chemical attack, airstrikes?
08:02 — The U.S. launched airstrikes on Syria after Syrian President Bashar Assad used chemical weapons on his own people. Fellow at the Middle East Institute (more…)
Neil Gorsuch confirmed to the Supreme Court in 54-45 vote
07:41 — Judge Neil Gorsuch will be sworn in April 10 as the 113th Supreme Court justice, after the Senate confirmed him in a 54-45 vote Friday. The Cato Insti (more…)
U.S. ambassador calls strike 'justified'
05:28 — U.S. ambassador to the United Nations Nikki Haley called the strikes on Syria 'justified'. Chris Harmer, senior naval analyst at the Institute for the (more…)
U.S. says missile attack targeted airbase Syria used to launch chemical weapons
04:50 — The U.S. cruise missile strike targeted Syria's Shayrat airbase, which the regime is believed to have used to launch a chemical weapons attack against (more…)
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