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Young and the Restless Alum Joins Bones as New Squintern

Ignacio Serricchio

The Jeffersonian team is expanding on Bones! The Fox show has cast Young and the Restless actor Ignacio Serricchio as the newest squintern, TVLine reports.

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Exclusive: General Hospital Fave Ignacio Serricchio Joins The Young and the Restless

Ignacio Serricchio

There's a new sheriff in town. Better yet, he's a kickass cop from New York! Argentina-born heartthrob Ignacio Serricchio, best known to suds fans as psychotic mob spawn Diego Alcazar on General Hospital, is heading to The Young and the Restless where he'll be on the other side of the law. read more

Exclusive: Has Privileged Sage Met Her (Love) Match?

Ignacio Serricchio

"Sage is full of rage." That’s how I, at least, keep the twins' names straight on the CW's Privileged. (Rose, meanwhile, is the "delicate flower"; that's the writers' own mnemonic device.) My point here is that Sage, and not Rose, is the prickly one here, but maybe getting a bit of love in her life might start to smooth those rough-n-tough edges...?

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May 11, 2007: 511

First off, I want to apologize that I couldn't post this entry immediately after the season finale. I actually had planned on it, but a crippling migraine completely ruined it for me Friday night. (Great way to start a weekend after a stressful week, eh?) Comments from Last Week:OK, I hear ya on the nickname Scoobies, so we shall remain Ghosties. Er... wait, Jena H. has volunteered the nickname "Whispies." What shall we call ourselves when new episodes premiere: Ghosties or Whispies? Let me know in the comments, and I'll tally the votes.Also, regarding the sexual tension between Mel and Gabriel, I didn't mean it in an overtly creepy way, I mean it in the subtext. *Sigh* OK, I'm an actor, so I often notice when an actor is creating tension below the surface, or when they're creating their own subtext. I felt that Ignacio Serricchio was playing his role with a slight bit of flirtation with J. Love, and I actually was right. I guess I pick up on things like that because I analyze chara... read more

May 4, 207: Death of a Loved One

First, let's share a collective sigh-o-relief, shall we? *Sigh* No death of a loved one... yet. I was so tense every time Jim left the house, and the moment I saw Delia's close encounter with "death by stereo," I started to get really upset. I thought, "She finally learns Mel's secret, then gets killed a couple weeks later?! Didn't they do that last year? Why are they doing it again?!" Luckily, they didn't. Everyone we love in Mel's circle is still standing, but... for how long? Although Payne didn't seem anywhere near death's door at any point in the episode, I was getting sad about him going on that sabbatical. I'm glad he decided to stay... May sweeps needs Payne.It felt as though tonight's episode was like lining up dominoes — slow-going at times, but it's a steady build into an avalanche of apocalyptic-y goodness. I have to say, I was riveted... absolutely riveted, just as I was last week. I think my favorite scene this evening was of the underwater visions of the ferry si... read more

Ghost Whisperer Finale: A Dark Force Follows Melinda

Jennifer Love Hewitt, Ghost Whisperer

It's a cold, drizzly night on the Universal Studios backlot, where the town square is playing host to all the staples that make up CBS' Ghost Whisperer (Fridays at 8 pm/ET). A grieving but skeptical loved one? Check, in the person of actor Julian Sands (24). A ghost with an important message? Yep, that'd be Vivian Wu, as Sands' wife. A sense of foreboding and impending evil? The gloomy L.A. night and fog machines have seen to that. Cleavage? Present and accounted for in the form of star Jennifer Love Hewitt. Her character, Melinda Gordon, has proven that communing with the spirits is best done by a young woman with a pure he read more

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