Idalis De Leon



"Broken Rules"

I know this blog is coming a little late in the game, but I’ve been watching this show since the beginning. So whether you’ve been a fan from the first episode or a Johnny-come-lately, welcome to the party.The PlayersMichael Westen: a former spook who’s been burned. He's deposited in Miami without any money, credit or job references. He takes on local cases to make money while he tries to find out who burned him.Fiona: Michael’s former flame, who still carries a torch. Her accent in the first episode (and her name) might have us believe she’s Irish, but she can fake an American accent pretty well. She’s former IRA and met Michael on the job.Sam: a spy buddy of Michael’s forced to keep tabs on him. Sam’s living comfortably off his pension and can’t have his friendship with Michael interfere with that. When Michael discovers his duplicity, the agency sends in new surveillance.Jason Bly: the new guy. He works for a branch of the NSA and isn&... read more

December 12, 2006: Gala Gallardo (Season 4 Finale)

I dont know about you but unlike last years Carver-involved finale I thoroughly enjoyed tonights season finale and its ending with Christian surprisingly joining Sean in LA And I of course will tell you just why I enjoyed itBye-bye Escobar its been nice knowing ya I was overjoyed that Escobar was finally killed and not by Liz For a brief moment I really thought Liz was going to pull the trigger It wouldve been a good way to get revenge on the person responsible for her lack of a kidney But having Escobars wife Gala Idalis DeLeon convince Liz to put the gun down and then taking the gun and shooting Escobar to death made more sense Gala married Escobar to protect her children not because she was madly in love with him More on the fabulous Idalis laterNo evidence The way Christian Sean and Liz disposed of Escobars body was quite appropriate Feeding him to an alligator by wrapping him up and tying a bunch of meat to his entire body just like Christi read more

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