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Bachelor Serves Up Wine, Avoids Cheese

Andrew Firestone shares his Wine Ways

Is The Bachelor: Paris catch Travis Stork still canoodling with Sarah Stone, the kindergarten teach he picked in this week's finale? Who knows. But until the would-be couple come forth, got up to speed on another Bachelor, Season 3 star Andrew Firestone, who has his own big news to share. After all, maybe things have reheated up between him and Jen Schefft, right? No? Maybe he just has a DVD to tout? Tell me about Wine Ways, the new educational DVD you produced and star in. How did it come to be?Andrew Firestone: In a nutshell, what I do in my day job is teach wine tasting, and I really like to focus read more


Black. White, a six-part documentary series premiering on FX in March, will explore race relations by transforming white and black families into each other's race, using state-of-the-art makeup technology. "Black. White. will force people to really examine where we stand in terms of race in this country," says series cocreator Michael Jackson Ice Cube. read more

Barbershop Babe Holds Her Own

Toni Trucks

Showtime's new single-camera comedy, Barbershop (premiering Sunday at 10 pm/ET), picks up right where its film predecessors left off and enjoys a cable-friendly splash of edgier, faster-paced humor. Among the ensemble cast is newcomer Toni Trucks, who talked to about inheriting rap star Eve's role as a girl in Barbershop's man's world. Is it true that you hadn't seen the Barbershop films prior to accepting the role?Toni Trucks: I hadn't seen the films before my initial audition, then once I did that, I figured I should see the movies. But we were encouraged to reinvent the characters. [Director] John [Ridley] was very clear that we should bring ourselves to the table. Were you familiar with Eve's acting work, if not read more

I recently saw the sequel to ...

Question: I recently saw the sequel to XXX and was confused about the way they explained the death of Vin Diesel's character. I didn't care for Ice Cube's performance and unpleasant attitude; I thought Diesel was much more likable and that the first movie's stunts were more fun and imaginative. What are your thoughts about the two movies? Answer: I didn't care for XXX (2002); I wasn't interested in the story and thought the stunts were too CGI-enhanced to be at all exciting. That is, to be fair, a problem I have with almost all big-budget action movies today; my feeling is that when the action is amped up to utterly outlandish proportions, I might as well be watching a Roadrunner cartoon. But I do think Vin Diesel is a credible action hero, and I can't say the same for read more

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