Ian Somerhalder



  • The Wire "I think The Wire was the most incredible show ever."
  • Mad Men "What they're doing on Mad Men is phenomenal."
  • Breaking Bad "I think what Bryan and Aaron are doing on that show is frickin' awesome."
  • Shameless "My buddy Justin Chatwin is on Shameless, which is awesome. It's just about relationships and this show essentially started about that. I remember Kevin saying all the time, 'This show is not necessarily about vampires. It's about the town, what happens to that town.' I know we have to get away from that sometimes and new things come to town that act as inspirations and catalysts and foils for these people to feel and react, but there's also so much equity and power in stories of just intertwined lives and that's what I like about Shameless. I'm really stoked about the work that they're doing on that and I wish them nothing but the best."

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