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VIDEO: Episode #11779 Wednesday, February 15, 2012

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Episode #11779 Wednesday, February 15, 2012
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Length: 37:26
Aired: 2/15/2012

Rafe shows up at the Brady Pub with Valentine’s Day gifts for the kids. Kayla is shocked when Rafe informs her about kissing Carrie, knowing the bad blood between her and Sami. Kayla couldn’t help but notice the connection between Rafe and Carrie when she helped them with the dance for the birthday party, and encourages Rafe to confront whatever feelings he might have for Carrie. Meanwhile, Sami demands Carrie to confess if she has feelings for Rafe. Carrie denies she has feelings, but that only inflames Sami all the more because it proves to her that Carrie’s only going after Rafe to hurt her – just like she did with Austin. Carrie denies it but Sami lashes out. She warns Austin he’s a fool if he stays with Carrie. Sami goes to the pub to pick up the kids and runs into Rafe who once again pleads for them to put what happened with Carrie behind them. Sami asks Rafe the same question she asked Carrie: does he have feelings for her sister? Honest Rafe hesitates just long enough for Sami to realize he does. She’s crushed, but Rafe insists he wants a life with Sami and their family. Sami clearly still loves Rafe, but she just can’t get passed him kissing her sister because of all the history. Rafe takes a strong stand with Sami, insisting he’s not going to let her walk away from their marriage. He will do everything possible to get her back… and sweeps her into a passionate kiss. When Jack finds Abigail in tears, she almost confesses about her “relationship” with Austin. She doesn’t reveal his name, only that it’s someone from Salem U. Jack wants to help, but she insists she’s grown up enough to handle it herself. She wishes her mother would be more accepting of her decision to work as a model. Carrie and Austin arrive to find Abigail in tears. Carrie is very concerned for her. Aware her tears are about him, Austin does everything he can to avoid the encounter, but Jack thinks Carrie should talk to Abigail about this guy. Abigail watches Austin squirm as she agrees getting advice from Carrie would be so helpful. Madison goes to Brady and begs his forgiveness for not telling him she was married to Ian. Brady lets out all his rage and anger at Madison for lying to him, and letting him fall in love with her when she was already married. Madison’s efforts to explain her actions fall on deaf ears. Brady makes it clear they are through. Meanwhile, Ian shows up to see Kate, and it’s revealed they had a passionate, tempestuous relationship in the past. Having been dumped by him, Kate is reluctant to let him back into her life, but it’s also clear she’s incredibly attracted to him when they nearly kiss. watch


Episode #11779 Wednesday, February 15, 2012

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