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Sat Feb 13 11:00am
Teen Titans Go!Secret Garden; The Cruel Giggling Ghoul TOON

Cyborg rages out, so Starfire takes him to a secret garden to relax; the Titans go to watch Lebron James at the Wacka Doodles Amusement Park, but find no one is there.

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Sat Feb 13 11:30am
Teen Titans Go!Rocks and Water; Multiple Trick Pony TOON

Raven and Beast Boy's exes are dating; Robin has multiple tricks.

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Sat Feb 13 2:00pm
Teen Titans Go!Leg Day; Bbb Day! TOON

The Titans do leg workouts to get stronger; Beast Boy has a birthday, but the others don't remember.

Sat Feb 13 2:30pm
Teen Titans Go!Ghost Boy; La Larva Amor TOON

Beast Boy poses as a ghost to torment Starfire; the gang babysit Silkie, who takes off for an adventure south of the border.

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Sat Feb 13 5:00pm
Teen Titans Go!Burger vs. Burrito; Matched TOON

Cyborg and Beast Boy argue over food; Beast Boy pursues Raven after a dating site suggests they'd be a good match.

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Sat Feb 13 7:00pm
Adventure TimeAngel Face(Season 7, Episode 8) TOON

BMO goes on an adventure with his friends.

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Sat Feb 13 7:30pm
Adventure TimeMama Said; Football TOON

Jake and Finn's loyalty is tested when the King of Ooo sends them on a mission to catch flying mushrooms; Football and BMO make a deal, but struggle to keep it.

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Sun Feb 14 7:30am
Teen Titans Go!Caged Tiger; Nose Mouth TOON

Cyborg, Beast Boy and Robin become closer than ever after a vacation; Raven's magic is overused.

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Sun Feb 14 8:00am
Teen Titans Go!Little Buddies; Missing TOON

Cyborg wants a sidekick and chooses Pain Bot; a reward is offered for Silkie's return.

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Sun Feb 14 8:30am
Teen Titans Go!Meatball Party; Staff Meeting TOON

Raven sprouts tentacles after eating a bad meatball; Robin goes on a dangerous quest to replace his beloved broken staff.

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Sun Feb 14 11:00am
Teen Titans Go!The Date; Terra-ized TOON

Robin impersonates Speedy in order to sabotage a date; Beast Boy has a new girlfriend, but Raven thinks she's up to no good.

Sun Feb 14 11:30am
Teen Titans Go!Operation Tin Man; Nean TOON

Gizmo and Cyborg play pranks on each other; Raven is cursed and must be nice while Starfire is about to marry a pot of chili.

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Sun Feb 14 2:00pm
Teen Titans Go!Hey You, Don't Neglect Me in Your Memory; Squash & Stretch TOON

The Titans go back to school to help Robin become the all-American class president he wants to be; the Titans learn about cartoon violence to get revenge on a squirrel that steals their snacks.

Sun Feb 14 2:30pm
Teen Titans Go!Opposites; Be Mine TOON

Cyborg has a crush on Jinx; Tara agrees to a date with Beast Boy as part of a revenge plot.

Sun Feb 14 5:00pm
Teen Titans Go!No Power; Sidekick TOON

The gang are challenged not to use their powers, and Robin is surprised at their success; Robin house-sits for Batman.

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Sun Feb 14 5:30pm
Teen Titans Go!Pirates; Rocks and Water TOON

Aqualad and Raven fall for each other and Beast Boy is not happy; Raven and Beast Boy's exes are dating.

Mon Feb 15 6:00am
Teen Titans Go!Campfire Stories; The Hive Five TOON

The Titans go camping and Robin suggests they tell campfire stories to make it more fun; the gang take a day off from the Titans.

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Mon Feb 15 7:00am
Teen Titans Go!The Return of Slade; More of the Same TOON

Cyborg and Beast Boy hire a clown who does not live up to expectations; The gang try to break a cycle of bad years by learning New Year's traditions.

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Mon Feb 15 8:00am
Teen Titans Go!And The Award For Sound Design Goes To Rob; Some Of Their Parts TOON

Raven goes to extremes for some peace and quiet; Robin tries for perfection by splitting the Titans into the five facets of their personalities and choosing the best parts for an ideal crime-fighting team.

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Mon Feb 15 9:00am
Teen Titans Go!Leg Day; Cat's Fancy TOON

The Titans do leg workouts to get stronger; Robin becomes a cat to make Starfire love him.

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Mon Feb 15 10:00am
Teen Titans Go!The Croissant; Spice Game TOON

A cocoon mysteriously appears in the Titans' living room and Beast Boy goes missing; the gang spice up their food.

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Mon Feb 15 11:00am
Teen Titans Go!I'm the Sauce; Hey You, Don't Forget About Me In Your Memory TOON

The gang play rainy day games to make rain clouds go away; the Titans go back to school to help Robin become the all-American class president he wants to be.

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Mon Feb 15 12:00pm
Teen Titans Go!Accept the Next Proposition You Hear; The Fourth Wall TOON

Robin stops giving orders to make the Titans independent, but his plan backfires; the Titans are on a TV show created by Control Freak, who wants them to earn him an award.

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Mon Feb 15 1:00pm
Teen Titans Go!40%, 40%, 20%(Season 3, Episode 10) TOON

The source of Cyborg's strength is revealed.

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