Hung Huynh

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The Right Staff
01:26 — The remaining chefs hire their team for the Elimination Challenge.
The Final Quickfire
01:10 — We've saved the best for last.
Fridge Fight
01:22 — Things get heated as the teams fight over limited refrigerator space.
One Final Surprise
00:59 — The chefs should have known there would have been one more surprise waiting for them.
Meal of Their Lives
02:29 — The chefs must create a series of dishes based on their careers.
Rick's Risky Move
01:04 — Rick explains the dish that made him want to be a chef.
Rick Bayless' Cochinita Pibil
09:18 — Slow roasted achiote pork in banana leaves
Respect for Hung Huynh
00:35 — Everyone has so much respect for Hung Huynh as he cooks by himself.
LCK Ep 11: Louis vs. Brian
09:05 — In this episode, Tom Colicchio tastes the best dish he’s had all season.
LCK Ep 8: Louis Vs. Justin
09:15 — Can Kevin out-cook the current champ, or will he become another notch on Louis’ knife?
The Top Chef Master: Rick Bayl
03:33 — A guy who was raised in a barbecue restaurant in Oklahoma City becomes a Top Chef Master.
Final Exit Interview: Michael
02:18 — Chef Chiarello's gracious exit.
Final Exit Interview: Hubert Keller
02:32 — Chef Hubert Keller has nothing to be ashamed of as he became so close to becoming the Top Chef Master
Episode 11: Top Chef All Stars Dinner
Have dinner with some of your past Top Chef favorites. Season 5 Fan Favorite Fabio Viviani hosts an all-star get-together complete with a challenge as (more…)
Guilty Pleasures
After Joey's memorable elimination last week, the chefs needed a night out. And, they almost got one. But, on Top Chef, it's always about the food. Fi (more…)
Top Chef Master
In the climactic finale of Top Chef Masters, three accomplished chefs stand to face their final challenge and only one chef is crowned Top Chef Master (more…)
First Impressions
Season 9 Episode 1:
Respect for Hung Huynh
Season 7 Episode 14:
Season 4 Episode 15: The chefs all come back for the Watch What Happens reunion.
Top Chef Master
In the climactic finale of Top Chef Masters, three accomplished chefs stand to face their final challenge the creation of a four-course meal. Sounds (more…)
High Steaks
This week's episode was all about the meat. First, the chefs had to butcher their own Tomahawk chop to create a dish for famed Chicago chef Rick Tramo (more…)
How to Make Homemade Sushi
Learn how to make sushi at home! Chefs Candice Kumai and Hung Huynh take you inside the kitchen of The General in New York City to show you the easies (more…)
Top Chef Masters Season 1
Calling all's time to salivate! "Top Chef Masters," is a spin-off series of the Emmy and James Beard Award-winning No. 1 food show on cab (more…)
Hung Huynh Shares His Super Bowl Dish
01:23 — The former Top Chef champ gives step-by-step instructions to prepare his Lemongrass and Curry Chicken Wings
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