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Guest Books: SNL Gets a House Call

Saturday Night Live's upcoming celebrity hosts include My Name Is Earl's Jaime Pressly (Oct. 7, with musical guest Corinne Bailey Rae), John C. Reilly (Oct. 21, with My Chemical Romance) and House's Hugh Laurie (Oct. 28, with Beck).... Jerry Seinfeld will make a rare in-studio guest appearance when he stops by longtime pal Spike Feresten's Fox Talkshow on Oct. 21. read more

Fans Make House, Grey's Big Winners

Fox's House was named outstanding drama series, and Hugh Laurie was crowned best drama actor, in the first annual MediaVillage TV Fan Awards, which were based on online voting at Jack Myers Other winners include The Office (best comedy), Veronica Mars' Kristen Bell (drama actress), Grey's Anatomy's T.R. Knight and Sandra Oh (in supporting categories), and Scrubs' Zach Braff and Gilmore Girls' Lauren Graham (as comedy leads). read more

Thanks to a Fox marketing ...

Question: Thanks to a Fox marketing push, I was able to see the premiere episodes of many Fox shows. I was surprised at how much I enjoyed Justice. I was initially interested in it only because of Victor Garber, but I ended up liking the show overall. But here's my concern: Is there really room for yet another crime/law drama like this? I know people have been asking about CSI and Law & Order oversaturation for years. But can a new show that isn't part of a franchise, and that doesn't air on CBS, make it? Answer: I would be more worried about Justice's chances if shows like House and Bones hadn't caught on earlier. There is clearly an audience on Fox, no doubt primed by the breakthrough success of 24, for more grown-up shows in the legal/crime (or in House's case, medical) arenas. The fact that Hugh Laurie is a Fox superstar is also a sign that a more mature actor (say, Victor Garber) can find a happy home on this network. There's no question there are too many crime and courtroom shows ... read more

I don't want Cameron to be ...

Question: I don't want Cameron to be with House or Chase. Bring on Cameron and Wilson! Any chance of that happening?

Answer: I think a House-Wilson pairing is more likely. Speaking of House, did you see my exclusive scoop on David Morse joining the cast? He's playing a cop who's out to get Hugh Laurie's ornery alter ego. "House is going to piss off the wrong guy, and that guy just happens to be a cop," explains exec producer Katie Jacobs. "[He's] really going to hold House accountable."

read more

Any news on House? Please ...

Question: Any news on House? Please tell me Cameron and Chase will finally get together…. You know, when she's not high.

Answer: Make up your minds, kids. Do you want Cameron with Chase or with House? (Sounds like the makings of a great poll!) I know which way Jennifer Morrison (Cameron) would vote. Although she was a no-show at Fox's press-tour bash last week, an adorably tongue-tied Hugh Laurie delivered — or, rather, attempted to deliver — a message on her behalf. Here's our exchange:

Laurie: I'm going to tread here very carefully because Jennifer is actually still working. She asked me to say… can I say this? Because it's going to get her into such trouble. I'm going to have to let her say it. She will get her opportunity to say it.
Ausiello: C'mon, give me a hint.
Laurie: She is keen to see a… a…. a… development of the relationship we hinted at before. Sh read more

Eureka Star's Interest Is Twin Peak'd

Colin Ferguson, Eureka

Starting tonight at 9 pm/ET, Sci Fi Channel's Eureka ventures into the same Pacific Northwest that played home to Twin Peaks as it tells the tale of a tiny town harboring a big secret: namely, a population of geniuses, many of whom toil for a top-secret government think tank. Playing U.S. Marshal Jack Carter, through whom viewers experience this strange (and soon about to become stranger) world, is Colin Ferguson, whose alter ego has little idea that this quick pass through town, with a temperamental teenage daughter in tow, will turn into a very "extended" stay. How are you doing there, Colin?
Colin Ferguson:
I'm han read more

Your Father's Emmy
Listen up, TV Academy, we've got a plan to set things right

Hugh Laurie, House

A new and improved selection process for the 2006 Emmy Awards was supposed to pump some new blood into the nominees. Instead, we got more kudos for The West Wing, Will & Grace and Six Feet Under. There were some inexplicable snubs as well — what's House (nominated for outstanding drama series) without Hugh Laurie (the most glaring omission from the acting categories)? But if the Academy of Television Arts and Sciences is serious about getting some new faces on read more

Seriously, who does Stockard ...

Question: Seriously, who does Stockard Channing have embarrassing photos of? She gets nominated for the Emmys every year — even if she wasn't actually on television.

Answer: Amen, sister. This is probably a good time for me to point out that the majority of my beef is not with the Academy. I applaud them for revamping the voting system in an effort to try to spread the Emmy wealth. I think the changes made perfect sense, and I had every reason to believe it would fix what continually ailed the whole process. No, my problem is with this special blue-ribbon panel. The folks who sat in that screening room on June 24 and 25 and watched Hugh Laurie work his magic on House and still deemed him unworthy of a nomination. Geena Davis is a fabulous actress, but even her best episode of Commander in Chief does read more

After the Emmy nominations ...

Question: After the Emmy nominations were announced, I was angrier than I've been any other year. The new voting system and the greatness of some shows gave me hope to see some new faces on this year's list. I can overlook the mistake of no Kristen Bell. I can see why Lauren Graham and Kelly Bishop didn't make the cut. And I could have predicted that no Lost stars were going to be nominated. But what I can't stand is the fact that Marcia Cross wasn't on the comedy-actress list. In a year when Housewives was terrible, Cross' Bree was the only thing that kept me watching. She delivered the most amazing performance on the show, carrying the torch of a once-hilarious dramedy. The fact that Stockard Channing, Lisa Kudrow or even Debra Messing earned a spot over Cross is the biggest insult the Emmys made this year. And Hugh Laurie was overlooked in place of Christopher Meloni. I am sorry, but this makes no sense to me. For the first time in several years, I won't be watching this awards ... read more

I just need to vent to ...

Question: I just need to vent to someone who understands. As I watched you Thursday morning on Good Morning America, I was so glad they had an expert to analyze the noms. After they announced the names, and I stopped screaming at the TV (never more so than at Lost's omission), I was trying to read on your face all the things I was feeling. It seems like what was supposed to be an experiment for good (the new voting system) was a catastrophe. It was finally going to give the Lauren Grahams and Kristen Bells a real shot. In the end, not only did they not benefit, but Lost, James Gandolfini, Edie Falco, Hugh Laurie and a host of others that would surely have been nominated under the old system were excluded. It seems ridiculous that a show that won last year's Emmy for best drama, and was generally just as well-received by critics in its sophomore year, was totally snubbed. I was already nervous the night before when Tom O'Neill predicted that Lost would not be nominated because that ... read more

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