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The Cleveland Show Goes to the Movies With Die Hard Parody

The Cleveland Show

It's been a busy year for Cleveland Brown. He's been to the NBA All-Star Game and Comic-Con and now he's going to the movies. For The Cleveland Show's holiday episode (airing Sunday at 8:30/7:30c, on Fox), the Stoolbend gang tackles its... read more

The Young and the Restless Dreams Up the Return of Signy Coleman

Signy Coleman

How did the most angelic woman in soap history give birth to a monster? We might get an answer when Signy Coleman appears on The Young and the Restless August 13 and 16 as blind heroine Hope Wilson. The character, who died in 2008, will return in flashbacks and a dream sequence that will shed some light on her son, Adam, and why he turned into such a conniving psychopath. Since we last saw Coleman, she's been crazy-busy... read more

Cheers & Jeers: Huey Lewis Gets Hot in Cleveland

Huey Lewis

Jeers to Hot in Cleveland for proving it's not hip to be square.

TV Land's old-school sitcom went back in time to miscast '80s nice-guy pop star Huey Lewis as bad-boy rocker Johnny Revere. (He was almost as convincing as Greg Brady when he posed as rock star Johnny Bravo.) Reuniting with old flame Victoria (Wendie Malick) at a Rock and Roll Hall of Fame event... read more

Hot in Cleveland Stars: Expect Things to Get "Racy"

Hot in Cleveland

The summer's heating up — and so are the love lives of the women on Hot in Cleveland.

"It's getting pretty hot!" Wendie Malick tells "Huey Lewis played an old love of mine, who was a rock star in the '70s. We reconnect after all these years, trying to recreate what we once had, which is pretty hilarious."

Check out photos from Hot in Cleveland

Malick's out-of-work soap actress Victoria Chase isn't the only one seeing some action... read more

American Idol Fifties night was...

Michael Chiklis, The Shield

American IdolFifties night was far kinder to the wannabes than Stevie Wonder night was last week. And the evening clearly belonged to Mandisa. Wow... just wow. A note to Paula Abdul: No woman wants to be compared to a horse. Paris thrived vocally on "Fever," but she's so young that the "vamp" thing didn't work so well for her. To quote the cinema classic and '50s-themed flick Grease, "she's too pure to be pink." For a minute I was so excited to see Live on stage doing "I Alone." But then I realized it was Chris, stopping once again in the '90s for inspiration instead of heading to the '50s like everyone else. He's always great, but I'm waiting for Simon to coax Chris out read more


Las Vegas and Crossing Jordan will be staging another crossover in October… Huey Lewis will bring "the power of love" to Chicago this fall when he makes his Broadway debut in the Richard Gere role. In other stage news, Richard Chamberlain has agreed to tour with On Golden PondSaved By the Bell alum Mario Lopez has been tapped to co-anchor ESPN 2's upcoming ESPN Hollywood series, which, contrary to popular belief, is not a matchmaking service for jocks and starlets. — Additional reporting by Matt Webb Mitovich read more

One Tree Hill Scoop!

WB's One Tree Hill ended its first season with one soapy twist after another: Nathan and Haley got married, Lucas left town, Deb had an affair and Dan had a heart attack. Here, executive producer Mark Schwann gives TV Guide Online the scoop on what we can expect in Season 2. And we're not just talking about Chad Michael Murray's cute new buzz cut!TV Guide Online: Nathan and Haley getting married was quite a shock. Where do you go from there?Mark Schwann: I think the audience wants to know how Nathan and Haley's marriage is possible and what the decision-making [process] was. We'll meet her family in the first episode. Her father will be played by Huey Lewis. I think the audience loves Nathan and Haley, and wants to make sure [their marriage] is not being used as an excuse to cause friction in their relationship or break them up. TVGO: Well, is it?Schwann: I've said all along, I'm a fan of the relationship. I think they're really read more

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