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TV Is the Answer: 30 Days
WhatfpvAPOSs the best way to kill a month of your time? Vloggers Beth fpvAMP Val look to fpvQUOT30 DaysfpvQUOT for inspiration.
30 Days: Anti-Gun Activist Goes Shooting
02:31 — Emotions fly when an anti-gun activist shoots a rifle for the first time.
30 Days: Off The Grid
01:30 — Two friends with a dependence on oil must survive (off the grid) without electricity, meat, and worst of all, they must recycle everything including (more…)
30 Days: Hunter Becomes Animal Activist
03:27 — After about three weeks of working with an animal rights group, the hunter is starting to stretch his limits. On today's agenda? Painting two naked wo (more…)