Preview: Celebrate Gordon's EMMY Nomination
00:25 — The Top 15 face another mystery box challenge in the all-new episode, "Whole-y Cow," this WED on FOX!
Fancy Pants Leslie Doesn't Season
01:12 — Leslie is definitely not speaking Joe's language - but no worries, Leslie says he's working on it!
Top 3: Elizabeth Cauvel
01:00 — Elizabeth recalls back to her humble beginnings - standing in line with thousands of others to audition, hoping that she would get past the first roun (more…)
Elizabeth's Tasting
01:46 — Elizabeth's pan roasted Berkshire pork chop dish proves that it may be the one to beat in the competition.
Celebrate Gordon's EMMY Nomination
00:20 — The Top 15 face another mystery box challenge in the all-new episode, "Whole-y Cow," this WED on FOX!
Executive Chef David Codney Goes Over The Breakfast Menu from "Episode 7"
00:58 — The chefs listen intently as Executive Chef David Codney quickly goes over the breakfast menu.
Gordon Ramsay And Jeff Exchange Obscenities from "Episode 7"
00:49 — Gordon Ramsay isn't happy with the quality of the food the blue team is putting out.
Masterchef: Breakfast, Lunch & Winner Trailer
00:20 — Cooks head to Beverly Hills and take over the dining-room breakfast service for The Belvedere restaurant at the five-star Peninsula Hotel. After split (more…)
Aarón, Christina & Gordon Discuss The Potential Pitfalls When Trimming Lamb
00:35 — The chefs are all tasked with French Trimming a rack of lamb.
The Judges Discuss Their Favorite Shell Fish from "Shell-Shocked & Scrambled"
00:59 — Gordon, Christina and Aarón talk about their favorite shell fish and their excitement to see how the chefs will cook them.
Gordon Ramsay Demonstrates How to Make the Perfect Scrambled Eggs
01:54 — Gordon Ramsay turns an ordinary breakfast into something extraordinary.
Masterchef: Shell-Shocked & Scrambled Trailer
00:20 — The Top 18 cooks compete in a mystery-box challenge that includes preparing shellfish, which is followed by an elimination round that entails creating (more…)
Masterchef: Feeding The Lifeguards Trailer
00:20 — The Top 19 cooks compete in the first team challenge of the season, which involves preparing fresh fish on the beach for 101 lifeguards, who cast thei (more…)
The Judges Arrive On ATVs
00:40 — Gordon Ramsay, Christina Tosi and Aarón Sánchez arrive on ATVs.
Jason Has Issues With The Fryer And Sends Out Soggy Eggplant
01:02 — Gordon Ramsay asks why the red team is sending out soggy eggplant to their guests.
The Life Guards Arrive From The Sea And The Land
01:04 — Gordon Ramsay welcomes the lifeguards and tells them to get ready for food!
Mark Disrespects Gordon Ramsay from "Top 20 Compete"
00:32 — Mark gives Heather some advice that insults Gordon.
Yachecia And Dino Are Ready To Cook! from "Top 20 Compete"
01:14 — The top 20 chefs arrive in the MasterChef kitchen and they are ready to start cooking!
Masterchef: America's Grocery Bag Trailer
00:20 — The Top 20 chefs compete in the first mystery-box challenge of the season, which involves preparing a dish using a dozen popular ingredients found on (more…)
Christina Tosi Introduces The Cupcake Battle from "Top 22 Compete"
01:17 — Newton makes a coffee flavored chocolate cupcake with chocolate frosting and Tom makes a chocolate cupcake with vanilla cream filling.
Taylor And Cate Describe Their Salmon Dishes from "Top 22 Compete"
01:16 — Taylor and Cate are tasked with creating unique salmon dishes from scratch.
Masterchef: Battle For A White Apron, Pt. 2 Trailer
00:26 — In the conclusion of the Season 8 premiere, nine aprons remain as the remaining chefs compete for a spot in the Top 20.
MasterChef, Season 8
Throughout Season Eight, Chefs Gordon Ramsay and Christina Tosi will be joined by Chef Aarón Sánchez, in the search for America’s best home cook. MAST (more…)
Masterchef: Battle For A White Apron, Pt. 1 Trailer
01:24 — Forty home cooks travel to Los Angeles and face off against each other with the goal of earning a place in the Top 20 in Part 1 of the Season 8 premie (more…)
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