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"His Visit: Day Eight"

OK, so Shaun, John and Zippy disappeared, although Shaun's doppelgänger still found time to scare the living hell out of Barry at the hotel bar. Are his visions of Shaun simply dreams, as he tells Dr. Smith later in the episode, or is that just wishful thinking on his part? Seems to me they could be more accurately categorized as "visions." Well, I'd actually be more likely to go with psychotic episodes brought on by trauma, but in this show, with this subject matter, I think "visions" works just fine.I liked the scene when Butchie and Kai shared their thoughts on John, who they both agreed is on some kind of autopilot and simply parrots what he hears from other people because he is programmed to mimic emotions. As they discussed, it would certainly explain why he repeats such idiotic phrasings as "A+ for fume control." What do they think, though, that the guy is some kind of robot? I guess that could be interesting. I certainly wouldn't have been expecting that.The stick figur... read more

House Here's something I've been...

House Here's something I've been wondering: This whole "searching the patient's house for clues" business. Does that really happen? Do you need special health insurance for that level of treatment? Just curious. Anyway, I realize that this is kinda the point of the show, but House is such a know-it-all it's no wonder Wilson is his only friend. Speaking of which, House should tread carefully or he might just lose that one friend. After all the shoulder support Wilson provided during the Stacy episodes, you'd think House could at least pretend to care that Wilson was "going through something." Perhaps I ask too much of the man whose motto, when desperately hunting for a transplantable heart, is "a big, fat sloppy heart beats no heart at all." Somebody call Hallmark. So, read more

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