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Dean: State Dept. Allegations Are 'nothing'
06:45 — Former Governor Howard Dean, D-Vt., addresses allegations of “quid pro quo” between the State Department and FBI in regards to the investigation of De (more…)
Pence, Kaine Clash in Fiery VP Debate
06:52 — Former Governor Howard Dean, D - Vermont, and MSNBC contributor Katie Packer join Tamron Hall to fact-check Tuesday evening's Vice Presidential debate (more…)
Leak of Trump’s Partial Tax History Garner Reactions
07:28 — Former Vermont Governor Howard Dean and Republican strategist Susan Del Percio give their first reaction to the tax leak and if Trump can bounce back (more…)
Howard Dean: Media Has Given Trump a Free Ride
06:48 — Former Gov. Howard Dean says the media has created a double standard when it comes to Donald Trump because he's good for the ratings.
Dean: Not Apologizing for ‘coke’ Tweet
02:51 — The Trump campaign fired back at former Governor Howard Dean, who tweeted “coke user,” regarding Donald Trump’s constant sniffling during the presiden (more…)
'An Apology Is in Order': Dean's Cocaine Tweet
03:39 — Top Talkers: Former Gov. Howard Dean, D-Vt., is standing by a tweet he made suggesting Donald Trump may have used cocaine during Monday's debate. The (more…)
Sean Spicer Reacts to Trump's Debate Performance
09:49 — Republican National Committee communications director Sean Spicer reacts to Howard Dean's tweet about Donald Trump and cocaine use, and how both candi (more…)
Howard Dean Stands by Cocaine Tweet
06:38 — Donald Trump's sniffles during Monday's debate became a social media sensation. Vermont Gov. Howard Dean tweeted: "Notice Trump sniffing all the time. (more…)
Trump, Clinton Clash Over Terror Attacks
15:46 — Donald Trump tried taking credit for "calling" the terror attacks in New York and New Jersey, while Clinton slammed Trump for his irresponsible reacti (more…)
Howard Dean: 'Donald Trump Is a Fraud'
04:23 — Former Gov. Howard Dean comments on Donald Trump, the birther issue and the GOP presidential nominee's failure to release his tax returns. He also com (more…)
Clinton Is Back in the Groove
09:15 — Hillary Clinton gives an impassioned speech on the campaign trail and recognized Trump’s most dangerous words of the week: threatening to start war wi (more…)
Clinton Responds to Critics on Transparency
11:40 — Hillary Clinton says she didn't think her pneumonia diagnosis would be a big deal. Bad strategy? MSNBC's Brian Williams talks to NBC News' Andrea Mitc (more…)
Poll: 40% of Americans Still Afraid After 9/11
03:51 — A new poll shows 40% of voters say they still feel afraid after the September 11th attacks. Former Vermont Governor Howard Dean joins to discuss.
Trump On Intel Briefings Stuns Officials
15:34 — Donald Trump sent shockwaves through the intelligence community after he made claims about his classified briefings that officials say are inaccurate. (more…)
Donald Trump Will Meet Mexico’s President
12:54 — Ahead of a major immigration speech and a visit to Mexico, Donald Trump’s campaign is still not sure what Trump’s immigration policy is. Lawrence dis (more…)
Focus Group Studies Undecided Voters
07:35 — A Wisconsin focus group studies why undecided voters are doubtful in this year’s presidential election. Political analyst Elise Jordan and former Verm (more…)
Will Joe Biden Run for President?
02:39 — Is Vice President Joe Biden gearing up for a 2016 presidential run? Former Gov. Howard Dean and Ayman Mohyeldin discuss.
Trump Leads 3 Latest Polls Before 1st Debate
11:20 — Donald Trump has a commanding lead over his Republican rivals in new polls 3 days from the first 2016 GOP debate. What's behind Trump's surge? Which R (more…)
Huckabee Is in the GOP 'Clown Car'
08:05 — Mike Huckabee is riding around in the clown car this week after comparing the Iranian nuclear deal to the Holocaust – and then tripling down on his co (more…)
Trump Maintains Lead, Fiorina Gains Ground
09:54 — Former DNC chairman Howard Dean and former Bush-Cheney senior advisor Robert Traynham assess the viability of the GOP contenders with Alex Witt based (more…)
Poll: Voters Trust Clinton Most On Terrorism
09:25 — Democratic front-runner Hillary Clinton beats all of the GOP candidates on terrorism in a new national poll. Howard Dean, Phyllis Bennis, and EJ Dionn (more…)
Clinton: Trump Living in ‘alternative Reality’
10:53 — Donald Trump continued his attacks on the Clintons today, but both Hillary and Bill refused to counter attack on any of Trump's remarks. So which cand (more…)
Clinton On the Defense in New York Primary
03:56 — Former DNC Chairman Howard Dean speaks on the climate of the Democratic race; specifically what a loss in Wisconsin would do to Hillary Clinton's camp (more…)
ISIS Holds Key Iraqi City of Ramadi
02:19 — Former Governor of Vermont Howard Dean and MSNBC Political Analyst Michael Steele, speak with Alex Witt to discuss the significance of the loss of the (more…)
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