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Gov. Dean: White House Speaks "with Total Disregard for the Truth"
01:41 — Former Vermont Governor Howard Dean and Republican strategist Susan Del Percio comment on the political maneuvering and readouts from President Trump' (more…)
Howard Dean: GOP ‘Putting Lipstick On a Pig’ With Health Bill
04:28 — Former Gov. Howard Dean (D-VT) joins Greta Van Susteren to discuss the Senate Republicans’ plan to repeal Obamacare.
Is the Best Defense a Good Tweet?
01:54 — Howard Dean and Susan Del Percio discuss how President Trump's use of Twitter may inadvertently be undermining his lawyers' legal strategy in the expa (more…)
White House Gets Camera Shy Amid Possible Staff Shakeup
05:22 — Howard Dean and Matt Schlapp join Greta Van Susteren to discuss Sean Spicer’s audio-only press briefing and potential staff changes in the Trump admin (more…)
How to Lose the Presidency: Howard Dean Scream
Dean’s energetic yell following the 2004 Iowa Caucus comes across as bizarre and unpresidential, and the gaffe effectively ends his campaign.
Howard Dean Rips GOP ‘Frat Boys’ Celebrating Health Vote
04:05 — “I think it’s time for them to go home,” former Gov. Howard Dean (D-VT) tells Greta Van Susteren.
‘In Over His Head’: Trump Takes Heat for First 100 Days
07:58 — Rep. Joe Crowley (D-NY), 2016 presidential candidate Evan McMullin (I), and former Gov. Howard Dean (D-VT) evaluate President Trump’s time in office t (more…)
A Tenet of Liberalism Thrust Into Crisis
06:50 — Republican strategist Susan Del Percio challenges former Vermont governor Howard Dean over his tweet that Ann Coulter, rhetorical bomb-thrower, is con (more…)
Clinton: Will Look Into Releasing Speech Transcripts
07:05 — Former Vermont Governor and Hillary Clinton supporter, Howard Dean, gives his response to the debate and comments on whether Hillary Clinton should re (more…)
Sanders Surges Ahead in NH Polls
03:30 — Former Governor Howard Dean comments on the democratic front runners Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton.
Sanders Hopes for Super Tuesday Wins
02:35 — Former Gov. Howard Dean says the race is going to get much tougher for Bernie Sanders but he does expect him to take the race all the way to the conve (more…)
Howard Dean: We Need New Young Leaders
12:45 — Howard Dean joins a discussion about the way forward for both Democrats and Republicans following the 2016 election and why it's time for new, young l (more…)
Howard Dean: Trump Will ‘Pay a Price’ for Disrespect
04:29 — Former Gov. Howard Dean (D-VT) tells Greta Van Susteren that President Trump won’t get anything done in DC’s “poisonous” atmosphere.
Howard Dean: ‘Trumpcare Is a Disaster’
06:20 — “This isn’t change. This is worse than any Republican president in history," former Gov. Howard Dean (D-VT) tells Greta Van Susteren.
Dean: I've Never Thought This Was a Big Deal
13:53 — Howard Dean joins Morning Joe to discuss FBI Director James Comey's decision to investigate new emails related to Clinton's private server.
Dean Rips ‘Nonsense, Crackpot’ GOP Health Care Plan
05:13 — Former Gov. Howard Dean (D-VT) tells Greta Van Susteren that the “political games” Republicans have been playing on health care are about to catch up (more…)
Howard Dean addresses the DNC
06:26 — Former Governor of Vermont Howard Dean addressed the DNC Tuesday night. Dean spoke about Clinton's plan for healthcare and why choosing Trump would be (more…)
Howard Dean reprises his infamous scream
01:19 — Former Vermont govenor Howard Dean revisited the famous scream from his 2004 presidential campaign. CBSN's Vladimir Duthiers has more.
DNC prepares to pick its next leader
03:35 — The DNC is preparing to pick its next leader and Congressman Keith Ellison, South Carolina Democratic Party Chairman Jaime Harrison, and former Vermon (more…)
Trump’s Wiretap Claims a Distraction for Something Big?
06:33 — Republican strategist Susan Del Percio and former Vermont Governor Howard Dean talk about White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee defending Preside (more…)
The Split of the Democratic Party: Bernie vs. Obama
08:53 — Cornell Belcher and Howard Dean discuss the selection of Tom Perez for DNC Chair and share their opinions on the future of the Democratic Party.
Howard Dean: Dem Leadership Is 'Old and Creaky'
04:14 — Fmr. DNC Chair Howard Dean makes his choice for DNC chair.
Dean: Trump Is in ‘Deep Trouble’
05:12 — Former Vermont Governor Howard Dean tells Greta Van Susteren the Flynn scandal is only “the tip of the iceberg” and Donald Trump’s enemies will be lea (more…)
Arguments Around Voter Fraud and Immigration Raids
06:23 — Former Vermont Governor and former DNC Chair Howard Dean and Republican strategist Susan Del Percio discuss the argument around voter fraud and the op (more…)
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