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Democrat Howard Dean Praises Trump Negotiating as Cameras Roll
06:17 — Trump welcomed TV cameras into a bipartisan negotiation about DACA, saying any immigration solution should be a ‘bill of love’. Former Governor Howard (more…)
Howard Dean makes his predictions for Dems
08:22 — Former Vt. Gov. Howard Dean makes his predictions for the Democratic Party in 2018 and what the party's message should be.
Dean: Trump impeachment will come after Mueller investigation
05:48 — Former Governor Howard Dean joins MTP Daily to talk the Mueller investigation and what chances Democrats have in the midterm elections.
2007 May 16
2007 May 16
Trump Leads 3 Latest Polls Before 1st Debate
11:20 — Donald Trump has a commanding lead over his Republican rivals in new polls 3 days from the first 2016 GOP debate. What's behind Trump's surge? Which R (more…)
Huckabee Is in the GOP 'Clown Car'
08:05 — Mike Huckabee is riding around in the clown car this week after comparing the Iranian nuclear deal to the Holocaust – and then tripling down on his co (more…)
Trump Maintains Lead, Fiorina Gains Ground
09:54 — Former DNC chairman Howard Dean and former Bush-Cheney senior advisor Robert Traynham assess the viability of the GOP contenders with Alex Witt based (more…)
Poll: Voters Trust Clinton Most On Terrorism
09:25 — Democratic front-runner Hillary Clinton beats all of the GOP candidates on terrorism in a new national poll. Howard Dean, Phyllis Bennis, and EJ Dionn (more…)
Clinton: Trump Living in ‘alternative Reality’
10:53 — Donald Trump continued his attacks on the Clintons today, but both Hillary and Bill refused to counter attack on any of Trump's remarks. So which cand (more…)
GOP Donor May Support Clinton Over GOP Rivals
05:35 — Former Rand Paul advisor Elise Jordan and former DNC chair and Vermont Governor Howard Dean discuss conservative donor Charles Koch’s comments that Hi (more…)
Howard Dean: We Need New Young Leaders
12:45 — Howard Dean joins a discussion about the way forward for both Democrats and Republicans following the 2016 election and why it's time for new, young l (more…)
White House and US Polarized On Immigration Ban
06:46 — Former Vermont Governor Howard Dean and Republican strategist Susan Del Percio join to discuss.
ISIS Holds Key Iraqi City of Ramadi
02:19 — Former Governor of Vermont Howard Dean and MSNBC Political Analyst Michael Steele, speak with Alex Witt to discuss the significance of the loss of the (more…)
Donald Trump: The Todd Akin of 2016?
09:51 — Jeb Bush responds to Donald Trump's attacks, but will Jeb's 2014 comments on immigration hurt him on the Republican debate stage next month? Lawrence (more…)
Schmidt: Trump ‘Shrunk’ During 2nd Debate
08:22 — Republican strategist Steve Schmidt analyzes the highs and lows of Donald Trump's second debate performance with Lawrence. Rick Wilson, Howard Dean an (more…)
Daily News On Trump: "Dawn of the Brain Dead"
11:10 — Trump's hometown newspaper slammed his NH victory, calling his supporters "mindless zombies." The remaining GOP field also sharpened their attacks as (more…)
Sanders vs. Trump: Will They Really Debate?
06:38 — Trump says he'll debate if $10 million goes to charity -- and Sanders says he's all for it. Howard Dean really hopes 'Wacko Donald' follows through.
Trump On Intel Briefings Stuns Officials
15:34 — Donald Trump sent shockwaves through the intelligence community after he made claims about his classified briefings that officials say are inaccurate. (more…)
Howard Dean: I Know How to Do the DNC Chair
08:20 — Howard Dean joins Morning Joe to discuss why he's ready to resume the role of DNC chair.
Trump’s Unconventional Approach to Cabinet Commence Worry
08:32 — Donald Trump’s cabinet picks have been unconventional compared to past presidential approaches. Marathon Strategies' Susan Del Percio, Former Vermont (more…)
The Rocky Roll Out of the Executive Order
21:38 — Howard Dean and Ari Fleischer join a wide-ranging conversation about Donald Trump's immigration ban and the future of the Democratic party.
Polls Reflect 2016 Hopefuls Campaign Success
09:08 — Alex Witt is joined by former DNC chairman Howard Dean and MSNBC Contributor Susan Del Percio discuss the anticipated success of 2016 presidential hop (more…)
Draft Biden Movement Gains Real Momentum
09:01 — A former senior adviser to Beau Biden joins the Draft Biden movement and a NYT report says Beau Biden tried to get his father to promise to run for pr (more…)
Trump's Tax Plan Would Explode Debt
05:05 — Donald Trump bemoans the $19 trillion national debt, but a new study shows his tax plan would dramatically increase it. Lawrence talks with Howard De (more…)
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