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Caboodles Makes Cash Donation to TODAY Toy Drive
01:14 — For the fifth year in a row, Caboodles is making a generous donation to TODAY’s Toy Drive. Vice President and General Manager Holly Swanson announces (more…)
P.S. I Love You - Official Trailer
02:25 — Buy a new outfit. Be a disco diva. Learn to fish. Take a chance. Travel. Laugh. Love. Sometimes all you need to start really living is a little shove (more…)
Manglehorn - Trailer
02:15 — Reclusive small town locksmith A.J. Manglehorn (Academy Award® winner Al Pacino) has never quite recovered from losing the love of his life, Clara. Fi (more…)
Volunteer American doctors saving lives on the Mosul battlefield
02:48 — As Iraqi troops backed by American special forces fight ISIS in Mosul, American doctors are volunteering their lives to save victims from the conflict (more…)
Stray dogs from Turkey find new homes in U.S.
05:49 — Golden Retrievers are the third most popular dog breed in America, but in Turkey, hundreds of the pups can be found living on the streets. So an organ (more…)
ISIS cornered and desperate in Mosul
02:31 — The forces pushing out ISIS in Iraq say the militant group is trapped inside western Mosul. The U.S. envoy to the coalition fighting ISIS says they've (more…)
ISIS is trapped in western Mosul as fighting continues
02:18 — Iraqi troops, backed by U.S forces, have trapped ISIS inside western Mosul. The terror group has held Iraq's second largest city for nearly three year (more…)
Iraqi forces fight back against ISIS in Mosul
02:38 — Iraqi troops backed by the U.S. military are tightening their grip around ISIS in the city of Mosul. Some Iraqi commanders told CBS News they'll retak (more…)
Growing number of ISIS fighters regret joining terror group
02:22 — ISIS fighters are being killed and rounded up as prisoners while one of the extremists' last strongholds is crumbling. One ISIS defector told CBS News (more…)
Iraqi forces push to drive ISIS out of Mosul
02:21 — Iraqi troops, backed by U.S.-led coalition forces, are pushing deeper into Mosul in their offensive to drive out ISIS from the country's second-larges (more…)
ISIS kills "anyone who argues with them," defector says
02:16 — ISIS is being forced to retreat in certain parts of the Middle East due to advances made by Iraqi forces. CBS News Correspondent Holly Williams interv (more…)
ISIS defector reveals how terror group's propaganda draws recruits
02:01 — ISIS is close to losing its stronghold in Mosul, but despite the terror group's losses, its propaganda machine is still working to draw new recruits. (more…)
Preview: Prisoner 760
01:35 — A man who was tortured and held in the prison at Guantanamo Bay for nearly 14 years tell his remarkable story on 60 Minutes. Correspondent Holly Will (more…)
More civilians fleeing Mosul as ISIS fights to hold every inch of territory
02:27 — Iraqi forces continue their push into the heart of Western Mosul to liberate the city from ISIS. But the terror group is fighting for every inch of te (more…)
Season Finale: Raven & Nick Come Full Circle
01:16 — See how the romantic couple spends their final day together.
American drone platoon helping Iraqi forces liberate Mosul
02:09 — The $1.5 million RQ-7Bv2 drone is proving to be an effective weapon for American troops assisting Iraqi forces liberate Mosul. Holly Williams rode alo (more…)
Syrian forces cut off main road in ISIS capital city of Raqqa
02:33 — CBS News' Holly Williams reports from the front lines of the fight against ISIS, just outside of Mosul, where Iraqi forces are making progress in a ma (more…)
Study shows higher hospital death risk on weekends
04:30 — New research suggests patients are more likely to die after surgery if admitted to a hospital on a weekend. CBS News Medical Contributor Dr. Holly Phi (more…)
Electronic cigarette use on the rise among teens
02:56 — Even as use of conventional cigarettes is on the decline, teens are turning more frequently to electronic cigarettes. CBS News medical contributor Dr. (more…)
Shots fired at U.S. Consulate in Turkey
01:45 — Gunmen fired shots at the American Consulate in Istanbul, but no injuries have been reported. It was one of a series of attacks that killed at least e (more…)
Middle-class women lead surge in heroin usage
06:20 — The number of women fighting heroin addiction is on the rise. The low cost of the drug is making it hard for officials to get a handle on the problem. (more…)
Music can help calm anxiety and ease pain
06:43 — A surprising report from Britain scientists say music can help reduce pain and anxiety when having surgery. And, a new study from the National Institu (more…)
Turkey and U.S. to set up "safe zone" within Syria
02:05 — Turkey and the U.S. are working together to use airstrikes against ISIS to establish a "safe zone" just north of the Syrian city of Aleppo. Holly Will (more…)
Proposed food labels could encourage overeating
07:41 — The Food and Drug Administration says the changes to serving sizes are more realistic. But, some fear they encourage overweight Americans to eat and d (more…)
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