Hollie Cavanagh



VIDEO: Which Pop Star Wouldn't Let Idol's Hollie Sing Her Songs?

Hollie Cavanagh

Which music star wouldn't let American Idol's Hollie Cavanagh sing her songs? The star of a competing musical competition show. 

"I really wanted to sing 'Hurt' by Christina Aguilera, but she doesn't ever clear her songs, so I could never sing it," Hollie tells TVGuide.com.

Video: Idol's Skylar reveals why she hasn't cried about her exit and who she's crushing on

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American Idol's Hollie Cavanagh: "I Woke Up This Morning With a Gut Feeling"

Hollie Cavanagh

The pressure is on as American Idol named its top three contestants Thursday night and said goodbye to 18-year-old Hollie Cavanagh. read more

American Idol's Skylar Laine: "I'm Just Relieved Right Now. No More Stress."

Skylar Laine

Appearing calm and collected in front of reporters just an hour after she was eliminated, American Idol's Skylar Laine was eager to head home. read more

Can Hollie Survive American Idol's British Music Week?

Hollie Cavanaugh

It's British music week on American Idol, and each of the Top 5 will sing two songs of British origins. The Beatles? The Rolling Stones? Oasis? We've got the set list and — blimey! -- there are a few surprises in store.

Who will have "London Calling"? And who won't get no "Satisfaction"? TVGuide.com assesses the song choices:

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