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Why This Rescue Dog Got Sworn in as Mayor for a Day
00:46 — A rescue dog named Everett was crowned Mayor of Reno, Nevada on Thursday. His adopted parents, Lisa Rosen and Robert Stachow, won him the title, afte (more…)
Eye Opener: Democrats square off over President Obama
02:03 — Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders fight for the minority vote in a heated Democratic debate, as the Republican presidential candidates sharpen their (more…)
Hillary Clinton, Bernie Sanders clash on support for President Obama
06:54 — Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders clashed at the latest Democratic debate over supporting President Obama. The two candidates are also fighting for t (more…)
Sen. Cory Booker on supporting Hillary Clinton, new book
05:49 — New Jersey Sen. Cory Booker has been front and center for presidential candidate Hillary Clinton in the early primary states. While he tries to rally (more…)
Clinton and Sanders fight for minority votes in Milwaukee debate
02:56 — The Democratic presidential race is getting tighter, and the candidates are finding more to fight about. Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders battled re (more…)
Bernie Sanders, Hillary Clinton battle for minority voters
05:14 — Democrats Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton clash in the latest debate hosted by PBS. The two candidates are battling for minority voters ahead of th (more…)
Clinton hits Sanders for Obama criticism in S.C. debate
01:57 — The Democrats debated in South Carolina Thursday night and Hillary Clinton was on the attack. She called Bernie Sanders a one-dimensional candidate an (more…)
The Clinton Coalition
06:06 — Senator Barbara Boxer (D-CA), a Hillary Clinton supporter, talks with Chris Hayes about how the historical nature of Clinton's presidential run someti (more…)
Hillary Clinton Tries to Slow Bernie Sanders’ Momentum in Debate
03:06 — Thursday night's Democratic debate was marked by lengthy exchanges on foreign policy and Barack Obama's legacy as Hillary Clinton sought to slow Berni (more…)
Hodges: Sanders Can't Take SC from Clinton
03:25 — Former South Carolina Governor Jim Hodges explains why he thinks Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders cannot outshine Hillary Clinton in t (more…)
Hillary Clinton, Bernie Sanders Trade Jabs at Democratic Debate
02:36 — The Democratic presidential candidates debated over topics ranging from health care to their ties to President Obama.
Clinton Slams Sanders for Criticizing Obama
06:32 — Hillary Clinton's new strategy to take on Senator Bernie Sanders seems to be aligning herself with President Obama while pointing out the times Sander (more…)
Clinton, Sanders Clash Over Loyalty to President Obama During Debate
02:15 — Days after his emphatic victory in New Hampshire, Bernie Sanders was largely on the defensive as Hillary Clinton sought to frame Sanders as disloyal t (more…)
Analyst: Hillary Clinton ‘Held Her Own’ During Debate
03:14 — MSNBC political analyst Nicolle Wallace and MSNBC political correspondent Steve Kornacki talk with Matt Lauer and Savannah Guthrie about Thursday nig (more…)
Joe: Clinton's Week Just Went from Bad to Worse
08:24 — The Morning Joe panel discusses State Department inquiries into the activities of the Clintons during Hillary Clinton's time as secretary of state.
Clinton and Sanders Battle at Debate
02:11 — NBC’s Andrea Mitchell gives an recap of Thursday night’s debate between Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton.
Hillary Clinton’s New Strategy
06:57 — It appears the Hillary Clinton campaign is attempting to turn the Democratic race into a referendum on Bernie Sanders. Nina Turner, a Sanders supporte (more…)
Hillary Clinton Set to Discuss Race in NYC
06:56 — The Rev. Al Sharpton and the National Urban League's Marc Morial are slated to sit down with Hillary Clinton to discuss a whole host of issues. Morial (more…)
Taking On the Superdelegate Issue
02:41 — Bernie Sanders won big in New Hampshire, but that did not net him the most delegates out of the state. Hillary Clinton and Sanders split the state’s d (more…)
Clinton Ad Addresses Charleston Church Shooting
00:45 — A new Hillary Clinton ad aimed at South Carolina voters addresses the 2015 church shooting in Charleston.
Clinton Invokes Obama As Campaign Strategy
02:30 — NBC’s Kristen Welker reports on Hillary Clinton’s strategy for campaigning in South Carolina.
Are There Enough Young Sanders’ Supporters for an Upset?
09:14 — MSNBC’S Joy Reid and Jonathan Capehart speak to Andrea Mitchell about the fight for the African American vote in South Carolina. They also discuss Joh (more…)
Cruz Hilary Ad References Classic Late-90s Movie
08:24 — Ted Cruz has now turned his sights on Hillary Clinton, and in a new ad he references her email scandal while riffing on the '90s classic film 'Office (more…)
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