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Chuck Todd: a Jeb Bush Run Helps Hillary Clinton
02:49 — NBC News political director Chuck Todd speaks with TODAY’s Savannah Guthrie about new polls illustrating how the 2016 presidential election is shaping (more…)
Michelle Obama Visits St. Jude’s Patients
04:25 — The young patients of St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital received a special visit from First Lady Michelle Obama. She continues the legacy of first (more…)
NerdScreen: Jeb and Hillary
02:12 — Chuck shows new polling that indicates a third President Bush and second President Clinton is possible.
Will the 2016 Ballot Include Hillary Clinton and Jeb Bush?
01:53 — Former Governor Jeb Bush and former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton continue to fuel speculation about a 2016 presidential bid.
Overcoming a Watershed Legislative Defeat
07:59 — Republican strategist Joe Watkins, MSNBC political analyst Rick Tyler, and former progressive media director for Hillary Clinton, Zerlina Maxwell, dis (more…)
Robby Mook On the Comey Effect
06:33 — Hillary Clinton's former campaign manager joins Chris Hayes to talk about the FBI's investigation into connections between the Trump campaign and Russ (more…)
Huma Abedin Is Hanging Out With the Prez Of 'Scandal'
01:04 — Hillary Clinton's right-hand woman hit Disney with the TV prez Tony Goldwyn, her son and one of his daughters. Tony got closer to Huma and HRC during (more…)
Remember When Trump Slammed Clinton on FBI Probe?
02:35 — Jim Comey confirmed Monday an inquiry into Trump's ties to Russia, but during the campaign, Trump and other Republicans worried about the FBI review o (more…)
Hillary Clinton and Huma Abedin – Reunited!
01:49 — And it’s definitely a major clue that Hillary could run for Mayor of NYC
Hillary Clinton Says She's "Coming Out of the Woods"
02:27 — Post Game: Katty Kay and Bob Costa talk with NBC's Jordan Frasier about President Trump’s credibility and Hillary Clinton coming “out of the woods.”
Trump: Obama Has Been Nice But Not His People
04:29 — Senior White House correspondent for The Hill Amie Parnes discusses President Trump's new comments about President Obama and how Hillary Clinton is re (more…)
Hillary Clinton hints she's ready to be back in public
01:11 — While speaking to a group of supporters at a St. Patrick's Day event in Scranton, Pennsylvania, Hillary Clinton hinted that she's ready to return to p (more…)
What’s the Deal With the Budget?
08:42 — Former Senior Advisor to Hillary Clinton’s 2016 campaign, Joel Benenson, and former Florida Congressman, David Jolly speak on the alleged wiretapping (more…)
Hillary Clinton Returns to the Public Spotlight to Help Americans Find Common Ground
00:22 — Hillary Clinton, who has been rarely seen since the 2016 presidential election, is reportedly ready to return to the spotlight. She is planning more p (more…)
Search for stolen Secret Service laptop
02:32 — The NYPD is searching for a laptop owned by a member of the U.S. Secret Service that could potentially have compromising information on Trump Tower, H (more…)
The Danger in Letting Russia's Hacking Slide
04:29 — Robby Mook, former Hillary Clinton campaign manager, talks with Rachel Maddow about the unprecedented nature of the Russian hacking during the 2016 ca (more…)
Insider's View of Russia's Election Hacking
07:06 — Glen Caplin, senior national spokesman for the Hillary Clinton campaign, gives Rachel Maddow the play-by-play of how the DNC's computers were hacked, (more…)
Russian Hacks Were 'unprecedented Intrusion'
04:52 — Glen Caplin, former senior national spokesman for the Hillary Clinton campaign, joins Rachel Maddow to explain how the campaign tried to deal with Rus (more…)
Russian Hackers Targetted Down-ballot Races
09:31 — Glen Caplin, senior national spokesman for the Hillary Clinton campaign, talks with Rachel Maddow about how the Russian hack of the Democratic Party u (more…)
FBI Needs to Clarify Latest Probe Into Hillary Clinton’s Emails, Analyst Says
05:59 — MSNBC’s Ari Melber, Republican strategist Sarah Isgur Flores and Business Insider’s Josh Barro weigh in on the latest developments that FBI Director J (more…)
What Will Happen to Huma Abedin?
03:50 — Will the latest Hillary Clinton’s email scandal force her to fire her top aid, Hum Abedin? Newsweek’s Nina Burleigh joins MSNBC’s Stephanie Ruhle to t (more…)
Bombshell Announcement Rocks the Campaign
08:28 — Top Talkers: With eight days to go, Friday's bombshell announcement in the investigation of Hillary Clinton's private email server has rocked the pres (more…)
Clinton Tries to Reassure Base, Undecideds After New Email Controversy
02:09 — Hillary Clinton and her campaign, blindsided by the new review related to the long-festering emails case, has heaped criticism on the FBI director for (more…)
New Hillary Clinton Ad Attacks Donald Trump As Dangerous On Nuclear Weapons
02:40 — The Clinton campaign is out with a new ad that references one of the most famous political ads ever, an ominous one from the height of the Cold War.
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