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Ben Shapiro: Pres. Obama & Hillary Clinton Want to See “America Cut Down to Size.”
00:48 — Bestselling author Ben Shapiro tells Larry King on PoliticKING that he believes Pres. Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton would like to see America’s rol (more…)
Bill Richardson Talks About His Ongoing Rift With the Clintons & Why He's Not in the 'Suck up' Camp for Hillary
01:23 — Former Governor & ex-Clinton confidante Bill Richardson tells Larry King why he's still not 'Ready for Hillary,' and talks about his continuing rift w (more…)
Celebrity Netflix Queues: Hillary Clinton, Kim Kardashian
02:37 — Jimmy takes a look at celebrity Netflix queues and tries to match the movie titles to their famous identities.
Rep. Luis Gutiérrez (D-IL): I'll Happily Support Hillary
01:06 — Rep. Luis Gutiérrez (D-IL) tells Larry King on PoliticKING that he would back Hillary Clinton for a presidential bid in 2016, but says she shouldn't e (more…)
Rob Reiner On Hillary Clinton: 'She's Very, Very Aggressive'
01:21 — Actor/Director and 2008 Hillary supporter Rob Reiner talks to Larry King about whether Mrs. Clinton would have his support for another White House bid (more…)
Political Importance of Fashion?
01:26 — We ask MSNBC correspondent Rachel Maddow if she thinks fashion is important to politics, after Obama caught flack for his tan suit. Will people judge (more…)
Dick Morris Blames Hillary's ''Nixonian' Quality' for His Fallout With the Clintons
01:10 — Former Bill Clinton adviser Dick Morris opens up to Larry King about why he soured on Hillary Clinton, while she was First Lady, and why he's still on (more…)
“Famous in 12” Dad: Tweet Me Hilary Clinton!
00:58 — Mike Artiaga, the father in CW show “Famous in 12,” tried to get Hillary Clinton to tweet him by holding up a sign with his Twitter handle and chasing (more…)
Bill Richardson: Bill Clinton Is Still Mad at Me for Endorsing Obama in 2008
00:49 — Former Governor & ex-Clinton confidante Bill Richardson tells Larry King that Bill Clinton is still mad at him for endorsing Obama over Hillary in 200 (more…)
Gen. Wesley Clark: There's Never Been Anyone Better Prepared for Oval Office Than Hillary Clinton
00:58 — Former NATO Supreme Allied Commander Gen. Wesley Clark talks to Larry King about his history with Hillary Clinton and whether he'll support another Wh (more…)
Sen. Rand Paul Mocks Hillary Clinton On Twitter
00:33 — Using the hashtag, #HillarysLosers, the senator mocked Hillary Clinton online after a number of the candidates she campaigned for lost in the midterm (more…)
Blake Clark “Give the Bitch a Chance” On Presidency
00:45 — We asked Blake Clark, actor on a TON of Adam Sandler movies, if he thinks Hillary Clinton is a good candidate for Presidency. He answers with what he (more…)
Hillary Clinton and Iowa
02:09 — Nicolle explains the significance of Hilary Clinton’s visit to Iowa, which could mean she is planning to run for President in 2016.
Hot Topic: Hillary a Grandparent Instead of President
01:55 — Senator Tom Harkin says she cannot be both.
New Clinton Documents 'Likely Won't Have a Large Impact' On Hillary's 2016 Campaign Odds
02:34 — The national archives released roughly 10,000 pages of Clinton administrative documents, chronicling Lewinsky, Whitewater, and Hillary’s health care i (more…)
Hillary Clinton BLASTED by Protesters!
01:57 — And celebs like Eva Longoria and Joss Whedon got caught in the line of fire!
Kentucky Congressman Yarmuth Says 2016 Nomination Is Hillary's 'For the Asking'
00:38 — U.S. Rep. John Yarmuth (D-Ky.) tells Larry King on PoliticKING that his party's 2016 nomination for president is Hillary Clinton's for the asking. An (more…)
Trump sets up panel to probe election fraud, with little evidence there is any
02:00 — The origin of President Trump's election integrity commission goes back to his November, when he won the Electoral College but lost the popular vote t (more…)
Another Russian ID'd at Trump Jr Meeting
17:42 — Rachel Maddow reports on the revelation of the identity of an eighth attendee at the meeting where Donald Trump Jr was told he'd receive anti-Hillary (more…)
Clinton, Christie seen as prepping for 2016 race
02:35 — The 2016 presidential election is two years away but the buzz about Hillary Clinton and Chris Christie entering the race is undeniable. Jan Crawford r (more…)
Hillary Clinton supporters launch 2016 super PAC
03:02 — Former Sec. of State Hillary Clinton won't say if she's running for president in 2016 - but that isn't stopping her supporters from launching a super (more…)
W.H.: Obama "never considered" replacing Biden on 2012 ticket
01:58 — White House spokesman Jay Carney downplayed reports that President Obama's 2012 campaign considered swapping Joe Biden with Hillary Clinton on the tic (more…)
Latest Hillary Clinton emails raise eyebrows
02:42 — An exchange from 2011 shows the former secretary instructing a top aide to send talking points over a non-secure line. As CBS News congressional corre (more…)
Clinton Interview: I have more votes than Trump
04:49 — Hillary Clinton spoke to CBS News about her chances in the five states that vote tonight, including Ohio where challenger Bernie Sanders is looking fo (more…)
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