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Madonna Ofrece Sexo Oral a Fanáticos Que Voten por Hillary Clinton
00:21 — La cantante aprovechó su más reciente concierto en el Madison Square Garden de Nueva York, para convocar a los presentes a que voten por la candidata (more…)
Clinton, Trump Trade Jokes at NYC Fundraiser
13:57 — Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump took the stage in New York at the annual Al Smith Dinner fundraiser. They traded jokes at the Catholic Church event, (more…)
Awkwardness Challenges Humor at Smith Dinner
06:43 — Senator Al Franken evaluates the humor in Hillary Clinton's speech at the Al Smith dinner and notes that while Donald Trump got the memo to smile at j (more…)
Trump Booed at Al Smith Dinner
13:54 — Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton exchanged jabs at the Al Smith fundraiser dinner, a traditional - and traditionally congenial - stop on the campaign (more…)
Trump Uses Harsh Language at Final Debate, Brands Clinton As ‘Nasty Woman’
04:04 — Donald Trump used graphic language to fire up conservatives, attacking Hillary Clinton on abortion during a final debate where the biggest impact migh (more…)
How Clinton Got Under Trump’s Skin
04:52 — Hillary Clinton delivered a knockout punch during the final presidential debate that left Donald Trump looking like he sided with Russian President Vl (more…)
Why the 'element of Surprise' Doesn't Work for Civilians
05:23 — MSNBC's Cal Perry and Ali Velshi dissect Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton's statements on the strategy against ISIS and the economy at the presidentia (more…)
Post-debate Trump Out On Trail
06:52 — Donald Trump hit the trail the day after the final debate stating that he believes Hillary Clinton should resign for the campaign and explains that he (more…)
Clinton Campaign Bus Investigated for Street Dump
01:51 — Hillary Clinton's got your WikiLeak right here ... in Georgia, where her tour bus dumped raw sewage onto the roadway.
Rudy Giuliani: ' I Think Mr. Trump Won a Big Victory Tonight'
05:21 — Former New York City mayor Rudy Giuliani talked with Access Hollywood 's Liz Hernandez at the final presidential debate in Las Vegas and declared that (more…)
What Does Clinton Need to Do Next?
04:29 — Founder of “Correct the Record,” David Brock, discusses how he believes Hillary Clinton can “seal the deal,” and win the election.
What Are the Problems With Each Economic Plans?
05:40 — Republicans and Democrats have always differed in their economic plans, but Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton seem to have polar opposite views. MSNBC’ (more…)
Rep. Meeks: ‘Clear Difference’ Between Candidates
03:33 — Rep. Gregory Meeks, D-NY gives his reaction to the final debate and shares why he believes Hillary Clinton is “clearly” more fit to be President.
Crunching the Numbers from the Last Debate
01:31 — MSNBC’s Stephanie Ruhle counts the number of times Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton interrupted each other, the number of times Vladimir Putin came up (more…)
Syria and the Challenges for the Next President
14:29 — Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton both discussed the humanitarian crisis and civil war in Syria during Wednesday's debate. The Morning Joe panel discus (more…)
Clinton Leads Trump Nationally: Poll
00:40 — Hillary Clinton is leading Donald Trump 47 to 40 percent in the latest Quinnipiac University poll.
What Is Hillary Clinton’s Biggest Fear After Final Debate With Donald Trump?
02:25 — Political analyst Nicolle Wallace tells TODAY that if Donald Trump had not refused to commit to accepting the election results, more people would be t (more…)
Joe: I Don't Care What's Happening...Shake Hands
03:11 — For the past two debates, Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump have not shaken hands, and Joe Scarborough says this is a mistake.
Tim Kaine: Accepting Election Results ‘a Bedrock Pillar of Our Nation’s History’
04:24 — Hillary Clinton’s running mate Sen. Tim Kaine says that the Donald Trump seen in the final debate was “the real Donald Trump” and he states that a pea (more…)
Post-Debate: Dems, GOP and Rigged Talk
12:42 — Top Talkers: Debate season drew to a close Wednesday night as Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton met one last time in Las Vegas. The Morning Joe panel r (more…)
Final Debate Highlights: Name-calling, Claims of ‘Rigged’ Election, More
03:26 — Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton faced off in the final presidential candidate debate, covering topics including immigration, the Supreme Court, Russi (more…)
See Trump and Clinton’s 'Nastiest' Blows and Brush Offs in Final Presidential Debate
01:22 — Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton took off the gloves and got personal in the third and final presidential debate.
Getting Out the Undecided Black Youth Vote
07:39 — Roy Wood Jr. finds out why some African-American millennial voters are unenthusiastic about presidential candidates Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump.
From 'Puppets' to 'Bad Hombres,' Highlights from the Third Presidential Debate
02:49 — Here are the highlights from the third and final presidential debate between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump in Las Vegas.
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