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Mom, Dad and Newborn Baby All Share The Same Birthday
01:17 — Against the odds, Luke and Hillary Gardner, and their newborn, Cade, will now have a triple birthday celebration on December 18 for years to come. The (more…)
The Young and The Restless - Fill In The Blanks
01:54 — Devon has some questions for Hillary.
House Democrats Leave FBI Briefing ‘fuming’; Steps to Repeal Obamacare Gain Traction
03:21 — House representatives reportedly vented frustration at FBI director James Comey for his public airing of the Hillary Clinton email probe. Meanwhile, R (more…)
Why DOJ's investigation into FBI's Clinton email probe is unusual
04:29 — Gerald Seib, Wall Street Journal's executive Washington editor and chief commentator, joins "CBS This Morning" to discuss the Justice Department's int (more…)
DOJ to investigate how FBI handled Clinton email probe
02:38 — FBI Director James Comey will face an internal investigation by the Justice Department, focusing on the election-year probe into Hillary Clinton's use (more…)
Trump: the FBI Was ‘Very Nice to Her’
08:20 — Chris Matthews sits down with his panelists to debate Trump’s morning rampage on twitter and FBI Director James Comey’s culpability in Hillary Clinton (more…)
Access to Girl Power: 17 Fashion Must-Haves for 2017
05:40 — WhoWhatWear.com co-founder and author of "The Career Code" Hillary Kerr joins Access Hollywood Live's Natalie Morale and Kit Hoover to reveal her 17 f (more…)
Clinton Advisor: Comey 'needs to Get His House in Order'
08:54 — Congress has expressed bipartisan support for a probe of FBI's handling of the Hillary Clinton investigation and Trump’s Russian allegations, but acco (more…)
The Clintons Hit the Town in NYC
01:42 — Hillary and Bill Clinton stepped out in NYC to have dinner with Ted Danson and Mary Steenburgen and even though she's mum through all the paps questio (more…)
What’s at Stake for FBI’s James Comey in Justice Department Probe
01:29 — FBI Director James Comey’s public statements before the election about Hillary Clinton’s emails are now reportedly being examined by the Justice Depar (more…)
'It Changed Everything': Comey and '16 Outcome
09:07 — This week, the Inspector General announced a wide-ranging investigation of how FBI Director James Comey handled the probe of Hillary Clinton's email s (more…)
Inspector General to probe FBI, DOJ handling of Clinton email investigation
01:59 — An Inspector General's probe will examine allegations that "policies and procedures were not followed" by FBI Director James Comey during the investig (more…)
Latest on the DOJ probe into the FBI, battle to repeal Obamacare
06:19 — Dr. Ben Carson was grilled during his confirmation hearing by Elizabeth Warren; the Department of Justice Inspector General announced an investigation (more…)
Breakdown of investigation into FBI
01:20 — The inspector general is investigating the FBI and DOJ, specifically FBI director James Comey's pre-election actions on the Hillary Clinton email inve (more…)
Hillary Scott Explains Where It All Began
01:09 — Lady Antebellum singer Hillary Scott reminisces about her musical upbringing in Nashville and how that helped kickstart her singing career at the tend (more…)
Department of Justice, FBI under investigation over email probe
03:01 — The Department of Justice and FBI are under investigation regarding the Hillary Clinton email probe during the presidential election. CBS News justice (more…)
'The Public Should Be Deeply Concerned' About FBI's Email Investigation
05:40 — The Justice Department inspector general announced he will review how the FBI handled aspects of Hillary Clinton's email investigation ahead of the el (more…)
Clinton to Publicly Testify On Benghazi
05:47 — Politico reporter Manu Raju and CNN correspondent Erin McPike speak with Alex Witt about the news that Hillary Clinton will testify in a public hearin (more…)
Hillary Clinton Investment Newsletter Cold Open
02:03 — Hillary Clinton offers a newsletter with investment counseling that offers such great returns it's hard to believe their actually legitimate.
Officials Want DOJ to Investigate Hillary Clinton's Email Account
02:34 — HIllary Clinton has been dogged by the email controversy since announcing her candidacy but now us officials expressing concern that her private accou (more…)
Clinton Campaign Responds to DOJ Probe
09:17 — Andrea Mitchell and ‘Meet the Press’ moderator Chuck Todd discuss the inquiry to determine sensitive government information was mishandled in emails f (more…)
Tip of the Iceburg for Clinton and Emails?
09:27 — Joe Scarborough discusses reports that classified information may have been compromised due to Hillary Clinton's personal email use.
Kerry to Promote Iran Deal Before the House
08:35 — Rep. Adam Schiff, D-Calif., speaks with Alex Witt about Secy. Kerry’s push to sell the Iran deal to Congress, as well as Hillary Clinton’s email contr (more…)
Chuck Todd: Donald Trump May End up Making Hillary Clinton President
02:08 — NBC’s Meet the Press moderator Chuck Todd joins TODAY to discuss how Hillary Clinton’s campaign is working to keep the public’s focus away from her pr (more…)
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