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Donald Trump, Hillary Clinton debate cybersecurity policies
05:14 — The two nominees were asked at the first general election presidential debate who was behind the latest cyberattacks and how to prevent them
Eye Opener: Trump, Clinton trade jabs in fiery debate
02:10 — Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton clash over ISIS, taxes and who is more fit to be president. Also, a fast-moving wildfire in the West threatens homes. (more…)
Recapping Trump-Clinton Debate No. 1
03:45 — James looks at the biggest takeaways from the first debate between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton, including excessive sniffling and a feisty report (more…)
Katy Perry Completely Strips Down To Boost Voter Turnout
00:43 — Katy Perry took off all of her clothes to boost voter turnout. In a video for Funny or Die, the pop star is seen waking up and told viewers: "You can (more…)
Clinton rides debate momentum into N.C.
05:00 — Hillary Clinton on Tuesday looked to keep up the debate momentum, after Monday night's record-setting debate. Clinton slammed Trump for his comments o (more…)
Who Is Alicia Machado And Why Did Hillary Clinton Mention Her During The Debate?
02:10 — The former Miss Universe who claims Donald Trump called her "Miss Piggy" says she'll be voting for Hillary Clinton. Alicia Machado spoke to INSIDE EDI (more…)
Pence: Trump showed "restraint," "temperament" for presidency
06:37 — Republican vice presidential nominee and Indiana Gov. Mike Pence joins "CBS This Morning" to discuss Donald Trump's performance at Monday night's deba (more…)
Both campaigns claim victory after first Clinton-Trump debate
01:10 — The presidential candidates go straight back to the campaign trail after Monday night's debate. Hillary Clinton heads to North Carolina, while Donald (more…)
Watch: Hillary Clinton holds first rally since debate
37:20 — Hillary Clinton spoke to supporters in Raleigh, N.C., about Monday's debate performance, while also discussing paid family leave and other proposals g (more…)
Fact-checking the first Clinton-Trump debate
02:47 — The presidential candidates dared reporters to fact-check them for the first presidential debate, and we did. We found both Hillary Clinton and Donald (more…)
VP nominee Kaine: Clinton "absolutely dominated" in demeanor
04:33 — Democratic vice presidential candidate Sen. Tim Kaine joins "CBS This Morning" from Orlando, Florida, to discuss Hillary Clinton's performance at Mond (more…)
Clinton in North Carolina following heated presidential debate
02:42 — The Clinton-Trump face-off Monday night may turn out to be the most watched presidential debate ever. Many considered Hillary Clinton the winner, and (more…)
Trump fires back at Clinton during rally in Florida
59:04 — Donald Trump went after Hillary Clinton during a rally in Melbourne, Florida, on Tuesday, the day after his first presidential debate. During his spee (more…)
Trump claims victory, cries foul in first presidential debate
01:55 — Donald Trump called Monday's first presidential debate a smash hit, while his advisers conceded that the GOP nominee could have been sharper and shoul (more…)
After The First Debate, Trump Is Up 20 Points In Narnia
10:03 — While a flurry of post-debate polls appear to favor Hillary Clinton, her Republican opponent prefers to use his own math.
Late-night shows take on debate
01:37 — Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump did not have the final word on Monday night. That was left to the late-night talk shows which had a lot of material t (more…)
Clinton and Trump clash in first presidential debate
03:26 — Like so many other moments in the unpredictable 2016 campaign, the first presidential debate defied conventional patterns. Donald Trump declared himse (more…)
Does Donald Trump have a "winning temperament"?
10:40 — Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton got personal in their first presidential debate Monday night, and both campaigns are claiming victory. Trump started (more…)
Clinton Looked for Attention While Trump Showed Power, Body Language Expert Says
03:24 — Despite what the pundits or polls say, the presidential candidates' real temperament at Monday night's debate was on display in their body language, s (more…)
Who won the first Trump-Clinton debate?
03:25 — CBS News political director and "Face the Nation" moderator John Dickerson joins "CBS This Morning" to discuss Monday night's debate between Democrati (more…)
Clinton reacts positively to heated first debate
10:02 — Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump are offering their spin the day after the first presidential debate. Speaking to reporters on her campaign plane, Cli (more…)
Obama reacts to Clinton's performance
10:00 — Hillary Clinton is getting praise from one of her biggest supporters, President Obama. Obama congratulated Clinton, but Donald Trump is also saying he (more…)
Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump Make Debate History
04:07 — Jimmy Fallon's monologue from Tuesday, September 27.
Donald Trump's Post-Debate Spin
10:15 — After the first presidential debate, Donald Trump tries to blame a faulty microphone for his poor performance against Hillary Clinton.
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