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Hillary Clinton’s Message to Little Girls Is One of Year’s Most Retweeted
00:48 — According to Twitter, the top retweet of the year in news and politics was Hillary Clinton’s message to little girls after conceding the election. Leo (more…)
TIME Magazine Person of the Year Should Be Hillary Clinton, Viewers Say
01:51 — On Wednesday, TIME magazine’s Person of the Year for 2016 will be revealed exclusively on TODAY.
"Pizzagate" suspect charged after allegedly firing shot in D.C. restaurant
02:32 — Edgar Welch, 28, was charged Monday after police say he fired a least one round into the floor of a pizza restaurant with an AR-15 rifle. Authorities (more…)
Man Fires Gun at Pizzeria Over Fake News Story
02:40 — A man walked into a pizza restaurant and began firing his assault rifle. He claimed he was investigating an online conspiracy theory involving Hillary (more…)
Is It Safe to Blame Millennials for Clinton's Loss?
08:10 — Writer Kristen Soltis Anderson reports on how millennial voters are in part to blame for Hillary Clinton's election loss.
Vice: FBI May Have Been Investigating Trump
06:37 — Jason Leopold of Vice news joins Joy Reid on his report suggesting that the FBI may have been investigating Donald Trump before the election, while it (more…)
The Hunt for Hil
03:19 — Two investigators (Beck Bennett, Kyle Mooney) search for Hillary Clinton (Kate McKinnon) in the woods of Chappaqua.
Trump and Clinton aides clash at Harvard forum
02:13 — A confrontation between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton's campaign strategists shows the bitterness of the election has not faded. The two sides face (more…)
Watch Clinton and Trump's Campaign Spokeswomen Erupt In Shouting Match
03:01 — A forum, held every four years since 1972, is a respectable look back at the campaigns from both candidates. This year, emotions were raw as Trump cam (more…)
Tension between Trump, Clinton camps boils over
01:54 — Hillary Clinton communications director Jennifer Palmieri and Donald Trump campaign manager Kellyanne Conway sparred over Trump's campaign win at a Ha (more…)
Emotions Remain Raw Post-Election
09:20 — The Hardball panel discusses the tensions that erupted into a clash of words between top operatives of the Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton campaigns (more…)
Hillary Clinton Says Goodbye to Her Campaign Plane
00:47 — The 737 jet Hillary Clinton used during her campaign is getting a paint job and were guessing it’s to get rid of Hillary’s campaign slogans.
Insults Fly at Trump, Clinton Campaign Meeting
04:35 — President-elect Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton aides fire angry remarks to one another, showing the election wounds have not yet healed.
Trump and Clinton Aides Have Shouting Match at Harvard: ‘He’s Your President’
03:13 — President-elect Donald Trump’s campaign manager, Kellyanne Conway, and Sec. Hillary Clinton’s campaign communication director, Jennifer Palmieri, sat (more…)
Most Important Number of the Day for Dec. 1
02:45 — Steve Kornacki breaks down the importance of the number 79,829 - the number of votes separate Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton in Wisconsin, Michigan (more…)
Katy Perry Bursts Into Tears Seeing Hillary Clinton For First Time Post Election
00:52 — As Trump enjoyed a dinner with his potential administration, his former opponent, Hillary Clinton, was out in Manhattan as well. Clinton surprised eve (more…)
Hillary Clinton Makes Surprise Appearance to 'Celebrate' Katy Perry at UNICEF Snowflake Ball
03:00 — The 'Roar' singer received the Audrey Hepburn Humanitarian Award.
Katy Perry & Orlando Bloom Rule UNICEF Ball
02:13 — The "Roar" singer is honored by Hillary Clinton and gushes over her man Orlando on the red carpet. Watch their cute couple night!
Jill Stein On Recounts & 2016 Result
06:21 — Green Party candidate Jill Stein joins Lawrence to discuss her request for recounts in 3 key states, and whether she still believes that there's littl (more…)
Hillary Clinton Makes Surprise Appearance to 'Celebrate' Katy Perry at UNICEF Snowflake Ball
02:59 — The 'Roar' singer received the Audrey Hepburn Humanitarian Award.
Trump, Clinton and the Impact of Race On '16
08:22 — Author Cornell Belcher discusses why Donald Trump's win was more about Hillary Clinton and what is the way forward for Democrats.
The Hypocritical Jason Chaffetz
02:40 — Jason Chaffetz spent the past few years trying to take down President Obama -- and was poised to do the same to Hillary Clinton. But Trump? Nah.
Delta Bans Disruptive Trump Supporter for Life After Viral Rant Video
00:29 — Delta Airlines took the unusual step of banning a passenger for life after he was caught on video berating and insulting fellow passengers who voted f (more…)
Recount Drama Revives 2016 Campaign Rift
10:11 — Hillary Clinton's campaign is now joining a popular vote recount effort initiated by Jill Stein. Donald Trump weighed in on the recount and the Mornin (more…)
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