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Trump Makes Nice with GOP, hits Obama & Puerto Rico
09:31 — In a surprise, long, & wide-ranging Rose Garden press event with Sen. Mitch McConnell (R-KY), Pres. Trump discussed Obama, Puerto Rico, Hillary Clinto (more…)
Darfur Now
In this in-depth documentary, Academy Award-nominee Don Cheadle ("Hotel Rwanda," "Crash") examines genocide in Sudan's western region and takes a clos (more…)
Hillary Clinton on Her Book What Happened and Using Twitter to Get Trump's Attention
05:50 — Former Secretary Hillary Rodham Clinton explains why her book What Happened is more than just her personal account of her 2016 election loss and why i (more…)
Hillary Clinton on Kate McKinnon and Alec Baldwin's "Amazing" SNL Impressions
04:44 — Hillary Rodham Clinton lays out her plans to continue fighting for important policies like gun control and critiques Kate McKinnon's impression of her (more…)
Hillary Clinton Is Teaching Kids It Takes a Village with Her Children's Book
02:26 — Former Secretary Hillary Rodham Clinton talks about the inspiration for her children's book It Takes a Village and how her presidential loss affords h (more…)
Miley Cyrus & Tonight Show's Female Writers Read Thank You Notes to Hillary Clinton
06:05 — Miley Cyrus and The Tonight Show's female writers pen Thank You Notes to Hillary Clinton.
Salman Rushdie Thought Trump Was Too Boring for His New Book
04:05 — Salman Rushdie's new book, The Golden House, mentions Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders by name, but left President Trump's out entirely.
Roger Stone Denies Any Collusion With Russia
05:22 — Former federal prosecutor Renato Mariotti joins Joy Reid to discuss Roger Stone’s curious tweets about WikiLeaks and Hillary Clinton during the 2016 e (more…)
'She Has to Punch Back': MJ Panel Talks Debate
15:20 — Top Talkers: The Morning Joe panel discusses all-things presidential debate, from how Trump is preparing to the higher expectations for Hillary Clinto (more…)
Hillary Clinton Addresses Trump White House Email Scandal
04:23 — Jimmy Fallon's monologue from Tuesday, September 26.
New York Times slammed for double standard on Trump-Clinton email
06:39 — The Nation’s Joan Walsh and founder of Verrit Peter Daou sit down with Ari Melber to analyze why this new revelation isn’t getting quite as much atten (more…)
Clinton: Trump Attacks Black Athletes but Not Neo-Nazis
16:48 — Hillary Clinton reacts to Donald Trump’s last 72 hours – including criticizing black athletes protesting while ignoring the crisis in Puerto Rico post (more…)
Clinton: Trump Has 'No Idea' What's in Health Care Bills
09:28 — Hillary Clinton says Donald Trump has no idea about the specifics of the Republican efforts to repeal Obamacare – but he doesn’t care about the specif (more…)
Clinton: Russian Interference ‘Should Terrify Every American’
13:28 — Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton tells Joy Reid how she would be handling the Russia investigation had she been elected, and why all American (more…)
Hillary Clinton on Defending Obamacare
08:09 — Joy Reid asks Hillary Clinton about the Republicans’ latest efforts to repeal Obamacare, and what Democrats should be doing to fight back.
Trump Crowd Chants 'Lock Her up!' 319 Days After 2016 Election
04:43 — At a campaign-style rally for Sen. Luther Strange in Alabama, Trump supporters chanted 'Lock her up!' after the president brought up 'Crooked Hillary (more…)
Trump Says 'Fake News' Screamed for Clinton
05:23 — The president also tweeted again about the 'Fake News Media' and its 'screaming' for Hillary Clinton during the election. The panel weighs in on Trump (more…)
Megyn Kelly On What She'd Ask Hillary Clinton & How Oprah Helped Her Through An 'Unhappy' Time
02:27 — Megyn Kelly is hoping to show a softer side with her new NBC show "Megyn Kelly Today," premiering Sept. 25 at 9 AM ET. But, that doesn't mean she's (more…)
Lawrence, Maddow Debrief on Clinton: 'This is a Different Person'
04:27 — Rachel Maddow joins Lawrence O'Donnell to debrief after her riveting interview with Hillary Clinton. Lawrence says Clinton's tone on Trump has changed (more…)
Trump Retweets Video of Himself Hitting Clinton With Golf Ball
02:13 — Bill Kristol reacts to the President of the United States retweeting a GIF showing him hitting Hillary Clinton with a golf ball and whether Trump did (more…)
Donald Trump Tweets About North Korea & Hillary Clinton
01:35 — Jimmy addresses Donald Trump’s latest tweets about North Korea and Hillary Clinton.
'This is wrong': Trump retweets golf ball animation
09:31 — Over the weekend, the president shared a tweet from a fan that showed a doctored video of Trump swinging a golf club and a golf ball hitting Hillary C (more…)
'This is wrong': President retweets golf ball animation
04:34 — Over the weekend, the president shared a tweet from a fan that showed a doctored video of Trump swinging a golf club and a golf ball hitting Hillary C (more…)
Clinton: 'I Find Them Deeply Distressing'
03:56 — Hillary Clinton responds to Representative Kevin McCarthy's recent comments crediting the Select Committee on Benghazi for damaging Clinton’s poll num (more…)
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