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Barnicle Calls Out Trump On ISIS Remark
08:44 — Top Talkers: Donald Trump in effect blamed Hillary Clinton for the rise of ISIS, and he also warned against Syrians entering the U.S., saying thousand (more…)
Clinton up, Trump Down in Latest Poll
00:44 — Hillary Clinton is leading Donald Trump 44 percent to 38 percent in the latest Fox News general election poll, and 51 percent of Republicans prefer so (more…)
What the Fact? Donald Trump's Garbage Wall Speech
05:42 — Desi Lydic fact-checks a speech Donald Trump gave in front of a wall of garbage where he discussed high taxes, Hillary Clinton's stance on the TPP and (more…)
Hillary Clinton's New Campaign Friend and Old Benghazi Scandal
07:10 — Elizabeth Warren hits the campaign trail with Hillary Clinton, and Trey Gowdy's ninth and final Benghazi report once again clears the State Department (more…)
Lie Witness News: Hillary Clinton Email Edition
02:51 — 165 new pages of Hillary Clinton's emails were released this week. Most of them are unremarkable. So we decided to have some fun with that. We went on (more…)
Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton Weigh In On Turkey's Airport Massacre
00:50 — The White House has condemned the attacks at Ataturk Airport in Turkey, supporting a unified front against terrorism around the world. The 2016 presid (more…)
Loretta Lynch defends private Clinton meeting
03:41 — Attorney General Loretta Lynch is on the defensive after admitting meeting privately with former president Bill Clinton earlier this week, despite the (more…)
Clinton calls to "move on" after Benghazi report
02:36 — The latest investigations is finished for one of two major controversies surrounding Hillary Clinton's presidential campaign. A House Committee found (more…)
National poll shows Trump, Clinton neck-and-neck
06:59 — A new national poll shows Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton virtually tied. CBS News senior political editor Steve Chaggaris and RealClearPolitics nati (more…)
Is it surprising that Trump and Clinton are virtually tied in the latest poll?
06:29 — A new poll puts Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump in a virtual tie. Mo Elleithee, former senior spokesman for Clinton's 2008 campaign, joins CBSN to di (more…)
VP sweepstakes in high gear for both candidates
02:39 — The Republican and Democratic national conventions are mere weeks away, and one of the big questions is who will be the VP picks for Hillary Clinton a (more…)
President Obama will join Hillary Clinton on the campaign trail
04:35 — Politico's Anna Palmer breaks down the latest poll that shows Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump in a virtual tie, and discusses President Obama's plans (more…)
Sen. Brown: Trump Made Money from Trade Deals
02:38 — U.S. Senator Sherrod Brown (D-OH) weighs in on Donald Trump’s stance on trade and the vulnerabilities Hillary Clinton may face against him when it com (more…)
Can Obama Get Voters Fired up About Clinton?
06:46 — In eight years, President Obama has gone from thinking Hillary Clinton is "likable enough" to being her biggest weapon on the 2016 campaign trail.
Meteor Does Well Against Clinton, Trump: Poll
08:22 — Rachel Maddow gives an exclusive first look at new PPP national polling numbers showing relatively close race between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton (more…)
Trump Suggests Bringing Back Waterboarding
05:08 — MSNBC Political Analyst, Ben Ginsberg, discusses how the presidential candidates, Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump, have reacted to the terror attack (more…)
Obama, Clinton to Hit Trail in NC
03:47 — President Obama and Hillary Clinton are set to hit the campaign trail next Tuesday in North Carolina. The Washington Post’s Chris Cillizza and Ruth Ma (more…)
Clinton, Trump Respond to Istanbul Attack
06:02 — Top Talkers: Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump both made statements about the Istanbul terror attack, and the Morning Joe panel discusses.
Clinton, Trump Respond to Istanbul Attack
01:20 — Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton have both made statements on the Istanbul Airport attack.
Clinton, Trump Tied in New Poll
05:23 — A new Quinnipiac University poll shows Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump are tied in a general election match up.
Donald Trump Renews Call for Waterboarding After Turkey Attack
03:02 — Candidates Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton offered contrasting responses to the deadly attacks at Istanbul Ataturk Airport. Trump said “you have to f (more…)
Warren Peace: Elizabeth Warren Stands With Hillary Clinton
07:43 — Massachusetts Senator Elizabeth Warren joins Hillary Clinton on the campaign trail, electrifying audiences with her relentless and fiery takedowns of (more…)
Panel: Will Elizabeth Warren Upstage Hillary Clinton?
07:22 — Jaime Camil, Franchesca Ramsey and Jordan Carlos discuss Senator Elizabeth Warren's vocal support for Hillary Clinton and speculate about Donald Trump (more…)
Clinton, Warren team up to take down Trump
03:43 — CBS News' Nancy Cordes discusses Hillary Clinton and Elizabeth Warren's attacks on presumptive Republican nominee Donald Trump, who is expected to ret (more…)
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