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One Life to Live: What Happened in Llanview This Week?

One Life to Life

The revamped version of One Life to Live made its online debut this week, so what exactly went down in Llanview? (Short answer: A lot!) Let's recap:

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One Life to Live: Answers to 8 Burning Questions About the Online Reboot

One Life to Live

Are you ready to go back to Llanview?

The online reboot of One Life to Live premieres Monday, more than 15 months after the soap's broadcast finale aired on ABC. So, what should fans expect from the new version? Will it still feel like the same show or will longtime viewers feel like something is off? And will new viewers be completely lost if they start watching now? We have answers to all your burning questions:

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Prospect Park Confirms Cast for One Life to Live, All My Children Revivals

Erika Slezak

Soap fans, rejoice! Prospect Park has confirmed which cast members are returning for the One Life to Live and All My Children revivals coming to TheOnlineNetwork.com.

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Exclusive: More Tragedy for One Life to Live's Bo and Nora

Eddie Alderson, Hillary B. Smith and Robert S. Woods

Can things get any crappier for One Life to Live's Bo and Nora Buchanan? Oh, yes indeed. The fan-fave couple — played by Emmy winners Robert S. Woods and Hillary B. Smith — are currently in a mess o' trouble because their teen son Matthew killed Eddie Ford, the town psychopath, and they have yet to report it. Their intentions are good — they're trying to find the best way to help Matthew (Eddie Alderson) through the legal system — but it's a clear obstruction of justice made worse by the fact that Bo is the police commissioner and Nora is the D.A. Now they've got bigger problems: This coming week, their kid is punched in the head during an altercation with Eddie's son, Nate. On May 23, Matthew will collapse and, later, he's diagnosed as being very nearly brain-dead. Then comes word that Bo's brother Clint (Jerry verDorn) needs a new heart or he will die. You can see where this plot might go. TV Guide Magazine spoke with Woods and Smith about this tragic one-two punch for the Buchanans and — of course — that even bigger blow called cancellation.

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One Life to Live Spoiler Alert: Eddie Ford's Killer Revealed!

One Life To Live

It's no April Fools' joke. At the very end of today's episode of One Life to Live, viewers learned that the killer of creepy psychopath Eddie Ford (John Wesley Shipp) is none other than Matthew Buchanan, the high-school junior played by Eddie Alderson. We all know Matthew's mom ...
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As you read here first, One Life...

Hillary B. Smith, One Life To Live and Tristan Rogers, General Hospital

As you read here first, One Life to Live fully intends to rouse its comatose district attorney, Nora Hanen, now that Hillary B. Smith's contract has been renewed for another year. And no OLTL fan is more pleased than the ABC sudser's head writer, Dena Higley.

"I hate [feeling like] the child of divorced parents," Higley jokingly tells TVGuide.com. "When you've got an actor and the network in some sort of legal battle, you're just sitting there going, 'What do I do?' I have my preferences, but I don't get a vote. It's just so much better now that I can go ahead and burn on [Nora's] story. What a relief!"

So when exactly will Nora wake up? "Late March or the beginning of April," Higley predicts. "I had to wait for the green light [from ABC] and we're writing really far ahead rig read more

Glad tidings for the holidays!...

Tari Signor and Hillary B. Smith, One Life to Live

Glad tidings for the holidays! One Life to Live definitely intends to rouse Llanview D.A. Nora Hanen from her comatose slumber, TVGuide.com has confirmed.

This fall Hillary B. Smith visited SoapNet's Soap Talk, where she jokingly questioned the timing of Nora's sudden brain aneurysm and subsequent coma, considering that her contract was set to expire in December. Fortunately, Smith has just re-signed with OLTL. Although ABC wouldn't get into specifics, the webmistress of Smith's official site posted this: "Our beautiful Hillary will be sticking around as Nora for at least another year. Yippee!" Keep reading for more cheery OLTL news... read more

Veteran character actor (and former...

Veteran character actor (and former Screen Actors Guild president) Richard Masur joins All My Children on Jan. 13 as TV network exec Jesse Johnson. He'll get involved with Erica Kane's fictional talk show, New Beginnings.... Julia Barr has announced she'll remain on AMC as Brooke for "at least another year," despite rumors to the contrary.... It's still unknown whether Hillary B. Smith, whose Nora character is currently comatose, will stay at One Life to Live. As previously reported, Smith's contract expires this month.... Sources say Playboy pinup Sung Hi Lee (ex-Sophie, Days of our Lives) recently auditioned to play General Hospital's Dr. Kelly Lee. However, as you read here first, read more

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