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Surface You know, this show keeps...


SurfaceYou know, this show keeps striving to emulate Spielberg, but this week, I couldn't get the darker side of Walt Disney out of my head. For starters, the entire plotline, which finds Dr. Laura and Crazy-Eyed Rich stranded at the bottom of the ocean, had me constantly making up highly inappropriate lyrics for "Under the Sea" — you remember that calypso confection from The Little Mermaid that effectively ruined the bulk of 1990. (A brief example of my handiwork: "The oxygen's always greener in somebody else's tank; if Lake Bell dies in this episode, maybe they read more

OK, is everyone else totally digging...

OK, is everyone else totally digging that the actors playing themselves on this show are more entertaining than when they're actually acting? I mean, Mandy Moore? So cute. And Brooke Shields? Screw Tom Cruise, if those antidepressants are keeping her good moods stabilized, I say double up, honey! Besides, who wouldn't need a pick-me-up after filming that scene with Drama's woody, right? But as much as I'm devouring the fun these folks are having at their own expense, I think it's time someone spoke to Vince about the friction among his posse. Yes, Miss Moore is candy in our pockets, but these are your boys, son! Show the love and listen to them, for cripes' sake. On-set romances are hideous, they make for annoying US Weekly covers and nobody really cares unless one of the Friends or a newly purchased Cambodian baby is involved. Also — and this is a big one — get the hell away from that Terrence guy! Who cares if he's more polished than Ari and read more

A recent magazine article ...

Question: A recent magazine article about Hilary Swank listed Buffy the Vampire Slayer in her early credits. I'm an avid Buffy fan and have no memory of her in any episode. Did I miss her, or did the magazine's fact-checker screw up?

Answer: Neither. Swank appeared in the 1992 feature upon which the TV series was based.

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Hilary Swank Defends Her Baby

Actress Hilary Swank is basking in her well-deserved best actress Oscar nomination for Million Dollar Baby. However, the current controversy surrounding Baby's big plot twist sure isn't conducive to a festive mood. Spoiler alert! If you haven't seen Clint Eastwood's film, you dunno what we're talking about and you don't wanna know, stop reading now. Still reading? OK, then TV Guide Online shall proceed without fear of grumpy "You ruined the movie for me" e-mail. Some advocates for the disabled community are offended by Baby, which stars Swank as an aspiring female pugilist who, under Eastwood's gruff tutelage, rises to boxing stardom, only to be paralyzed after a freak accident in the ring. After months of suffering, Swank's despondent character asks Eastwood's to assist in her suicide. (In fact, she compares it to euthanizing her lame family dog.) He reluctantly obliges her. Consequently, read more

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