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At the Movies: Here's (a Live-action) George Jetson!

Per the Hollywood Reporter, Grindhouse's Robert Rodriguez is in talks to helm a live-action take on The Jetsons, and has also met with Will Ferrell to discuss a big-screen Land of the Lost.... Ethan Hawke investigates a year 2017 plague which turns people into vampires in Daybreakers.... Hilary Swank is hunted by vampires in a film version of the John Marks novel Fangland, says the New York Post.... Per Variety, Stanley Tucci and Jane Krakowski have come on board Abigail Breslin's American Girl feature, while Jeffrey Dean Morgan is in talks.... Disney has grabbed rights to the life story of Triple Crown winner Secretariat's owner, Penny Chenery. read more

At the Movies: Sisters' Brother Plays Poet

Per the Hollywood Reporter, Matthew Rhys (Brothers & Sisters' Kevin) will play Welsh poet Dylan Thomas in The Best Time of Our Lives, an indie biopic also starring Lindsay Lohan, Keira Knightley and Cillian Murphy.... Mark Wahlberg will star in M. Night Shyamalan's The Happening.... Rod Lurie is remaking Sam Peckinpah's Straw Dogs.... Paula Patton (Denzel's Déjà Vu love interest) is joining Kiefer Sutherland in Mirrors.... Per Variety, Hilary Swank is developing and may star in a remake of Intimate Strangers, in which a woman thinks she's visiting a new shrink but instead bares her soul to an accountant. Ha!.... Tim Burton's Sweeney Todd is on track for a Dec. 21 (limited) release. read more

Prank You Very Much: Punk'd Airs Final Season

Ashton Kutcher's MTV series will premiere its eighth and final season on April 10 — three days after the cabler "sneak peeks" all eight new episodes in a back-to-back marathon. This time around, Punk'd's prey include Hilary Swank, "Magic" Johnson, Nelly Furtado and Jewel. The series wraps up June 5 with a "Punk'd Awards" show — or so Ashton wants us to believe. Just watch, it'll be all test patterns. read more

Chad Lowe, 24: "Reed Has Somewhat of an Ulterior Motive"

Chad Lowe, 24

In a TV Guide interview, Chad Lowe reflects on his new gig as 24's resident evildoer, sobriety, his new girlfriend and playing hockey with Kiefer. TV Guide: What can you tell us about your character on 24, deputy chief of staff Reed Pollock? Lowe: I don't want to give too much away, but Reed has somewhat of an ulterior motive. He does things to further his agenda and the agenda of an organiza­tion of people he represents. What's interesting is that I don't even know who they are. TV Guide: Do you mean you, Chad Lowe? Or you, Reed Pollock? Lowe: I, Chad Lowe, don't know. When I got the role, I went in and met with the producers and writers and all they gave me was a broad stroke of where they're going with him. TV read more

Chad Lowe on Hilary Split: "It's Been a Tough Year"

As part of an interview airing on Monday's Extra, Chad Lowe admits, "It has been a tough year, and not something I expected," referring, of course, to his split from Hilary Swank, who famously "outed" her husband's substance abuse problem in a Vanity Fair profile. "I was disappointed that the details of our relationship became public," he says, "[But] they were absolutely true, absolutely true. I am so grateful to Hilary for her support of me in a very difficult time in my life, three-and-a-half years ago. What hurt me more than anything is that people would think that she wasn’t there for me, and she was. I will always love her."Also during Extra's Monday Lowe-down: a preview of his role on the new season of 24. read more

Kathy Griffin Reveals Her Guilty TV Pleasures

Kathy Griffin

Guilty pleasures are those things that make you feel guilt and shame, and yet you can't stop yourself from indulging. But here's my problem: I don't have any pleasures that aren't guilty. I'd like to say I never miss a Frontline, or that I watch NewsHour with Jim Lehrer every single night, but the truth is I never miss Being Bobby Brown. My guiltiest pleasure is probably Oprah, because she's gotten so high and mighty and has lost touch with regular people. You don't have to feel guilty on days when there's some wonderful woman on who's built a clinic in Africa and she's saving lives. But when Oprah's telling read more

The 78th Annual Academy Awards...

Jon Stewart

The 78th Annual Academy Awards 8:01: The opening scene just demonstrates why we love Jon Stewart: No one does self-deprecation so funny. Not even George Clooney. I think my dog would look great in a Steve Martin wig. 8:05: At first, the Hollywood royalty aren't laughing quite as hard as I am at Jon's jokes — especially not at the one about the suffering caused by movie piracy. But nothing brings people together like a Bjork joke. (She was trying on her gown and Cheney shot her!) And then the gay Western montage. Not even Stewart knows how to follow up that hilarity, so I'm not even gonna try. Brilliant. 8:16: Nicole Kidman's weird intro for the best-supporting-actor nominees has me thinking right away that Clooney will win. And then he does; self-deprecation keeps working wonders. "So I'm not winning director." The music starts after about 10 sec read more


Speaking of the Globes, as she indicated during a super-awkward red-carpet chat with E!'s Isaac Mizrahi, Hilary Swank is trying to salvage her marriage to Chad Lowe. "We're still trying to save it," she tells Access Hollywood. "It's not over, we're not divorced. We've been together for over 13 years, and there's a lot of love there." Aww, let's hope the two-time Oscar winner wasn't acting just then. read more


Chad Lowe and Hilary Swank

Having apparently received their copy of the memo, two-time Oscar winner Hilary Swank and Chad Lowe have officially separated after nearly eight and a half years of marriage (including a prolonged trial separation). No court papers have been filed. "Hilary and Chad are hopeful they'll be able to get through this tough time," Swank's manager tells Extra in a segment slated to air Monday night. read more


On Thanksgiving 73-year-old Pat Morita — Ralph Macchio's (and later Hilary Swank's) mentor in the Karate Kid movies died of natural causes. The actor was also well known for his brief run on Happy Days as Arnold, the drive-in restaurant owner who freaked out when garbage-can-jumping biker "Fonzie knock over chicken stand." read more

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