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Hilary Swank to Be a Legal Eagle in New Film

Hilary Swank by Kevin Mazur/WireImage.com

Shes fought in the ring and now Hilary Swank will be fighting for justice in her latest flickThe two-time Oscar winner will star in the legal drama Betty Anne Waters for director Tony Goldwyn Variety reportsBased on a true story Swank will play the titular character a single motherhigh school dropout who works and waitresses her way through law school to free her incarcerated brother Kenneth whom she believes was framed for murderThe project has been gestating since 2001 when Waters brother was released and was originally planned as a starrer for Naomi WattsSwank will executive produce the film written by Pamela Gray Production begins in January in Michigan Joyce EngRelatedbull Hilary Swank Gets Fat for the Big Screenbull Hilary Swank to Bring Hit Book to the Big Screen read more

Hilary Swank Recuperating After Minor Procedure

Hilary Swank by Dimitrios Kambouris/ WireImage.com

Hilary Swank is recovering following a minor medical procedure at the hospital. The Oscar-winning actress's manager Jason Weinberg told People that Swank was "experiencing some discomfort and went to see her doctor, who prescribed an immediate course of action that included a brief hospitalization to remove a small, benign growth." "Her condition has been resolved, and there are no continuing health issues, with the exception of some short-term rest and recuperation," he said. No other details have been made available. Swank recently announced she was packing on pounds for an upcoming role in French Women Don't Get Fat. — Adam BryantRelated:• Hilary Swank Gets Fat for the Big Screen• Use our Online Video Guide to find clips of Hilary Swank. read more

Hilary Swank Gets Fat for the Big Screen

Hilary Swank by Jason Kempin/WireImage.com

French Women Dont Get Fat but Hilary Swank does gain weight for a movie roleThe double Oscar winner will star and pack on the pounds in the big-screen adaptation of the best-seller E Online reportsThe Mireille Guiliano tome is a nonfiction how-to guide but the film will take some creative license for the silver screen Swank who will gain up to 30 pounds and also produce the flick will play a champagne company manager working with whippet-thin highly metabolized French gals who down bread wine and pastries with no obvious consequencesThis is yet another body-transformation role for Swank 34 who picked up bookend Oscars for Boys Dont Cry and Million Dollar Baby Is she going to do the hat trick here Probably not Joyce Eng read more

Which Actress Is Fattening Up for New Role?

When it comes to landing a role in movie, celebs have no problem doing whatever it takes to look the part. But one thing you don't see everyday is Hollywood's leading ladies plumping up for their roles, considering how much effort they put into looking trim and fit. So can you guess which actress is putting vanity aside for a role in the new film French Women Don't Get Fat (based on the bestselling book)? Hint: She won an Oscar for a role that had working out like a mad woman. read more

Hilary Swank to Bring Hit Book to the Big Screen

Hillary Swank by Jeffrey Mayer/WireImage.com

Hilary Swank along with producing partner Molly Smith has acquired the rights to adapt Emily Giffins New York Times Best Seller Something Borrowed to the big screenSwank who may also star in the picture and Smith will co-produce Borrowed according to Variety The deal also includes the rights to Giffins sequel Something Blue Following Swanks romantic turn in PS I Love You this chick-lit-turned-chick-flick centers on a Manhattan attorney named Rachel who has a few too many after her 30th birthday party and ends up sleeping with her best friend Darcys fianc No word on whether Swank will potentially play Rachel or Darcy and no timeline for the project has been announced Erin FoxRelated149 Use Our Online Video Guide to Watch More Hilary Swank read more

Christopher Eccleston to Fly High in Amelia

Christopher Eccleston by Dean Hendler/NBC Photo

Christopher Eccleston Heroes Doctor Who has been tapped to be Hilary Swanks copilot in Amelia Fox Searchlights Amelia Earhart biopic According to Variety Eccleston who recently nabbed the role of the villain Destro in the upcoming GI Joe will play Earharts navigator Fred Noonan the havigator who flew with her on the plane that disappeared during the 1937 attempt to circumnavigate the globe Richard Gere Ewan McGregor and Virginia Madsen are also already on board for the flick Adam Bryant read more

Getting Red-carpet-ready with the Stars

Hilary Swank by Jeffrey Mayer/WireImage.com

In Part 5 of TVGuide.com's new Body Talk series, we look at how celebrities prep for the red carpet.It's the moment most actors and actresses dream of — waking up one morning to learn that they've been nominated for an Emmy, Oscar or Golden Globe. What runs through their minds first? Is it, "I have to call my mom!" More likely, it's, "How the heck am I going to get myself ready in one month!?" Stars may look effortlessly flawless (or like fashion-police victims) on the big day, but don't kid yourself — it isn't easy. Here are the first five steps celebs take toward the red carpet.1) Accessories Erika Christensen told TVGuide.com all about her frantic prep. "It's like two days leading up to it of 'What am I going to wear? Who's doing my hair? My makeup? Do the shoes match the purse? Who made the earrings?' The amount of logistics that go into putting all that together is just insane." When the red carpet beckons, professional partygoer Lauren Conrad (The Hills) told People ... read more

Hilary Swank Still Scarred by 90210 Experience

Hilary Swank by Larry Busacca/ WireImage.com

And it's not even the making out with Ian Ziering that continues to freak her out, either. It's the fact that she was canned from the series. "They never told me why," the two-time Oscar winner recalls to Britain's Telegraph. "They just said it wasn't working. Especially when it's in its eighth season and no one's watching it, you just think, 'I'm not good enough for this show?'"Listen here, Missy, I know Gabrielle Carteris, and you are no Gabrielle Carteris. — Ben Katner read more

Pinhead Raises His Ugly Self, More Movie News

Following the recent success of Rob Zombie's Halloween reboot, Dimension Films is resurrecting Clive Barker's Hellraiser, says the Hollywood Reporter.... Burn Notice's Jeffrey Donovan, Colm Feore and John Malkovich have joined Angelina Jolie in Changeling, the Clint Eastwood-directed true-life drama about a woman whose son goes missing in 1920s Los Angeles.... Oscar winner Hilary Swank has signed on for a biopic about (Spoiler alert) ill-fated pilot Amelia Earhart, says Page Six. read more

At the Movies: The Eddie Murphys Visit Fantasy Island

Eddie Murphy is set to star in a family-oriented big-screen adaptation of TV's Fantasy Island, filling (much to SAG's consternation, I always imagine) multiple roles.... Also per the Hollywood Reporter, Tim Roth is in talks to play Emil Blonsky/The Abomination to Edward Norton's Incredible Hulk.... Matthew Perry and Hilary Swank star in the indie comedy Laws of Motion, playing a harried husband and his all-too-perfect neighbor.... Luke Wilson will star in Henry Poole Is Here, a dramedy about a man who learns he has only six weeks to live. read more

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