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A Summertime Happy Days Reunion, Plus Betty Scoop!

Henry Winkler and Ron Howard by Michael Tran/FilmMagic

A bevy of balloons and children arrived for the premiere of A Plumm Summer, held Sunday at the Mann Bruin Theatre in Westwood, Calif. In homage to one of the film's icons — a true-life marionette named Froggy Doo who appeared alongside "Happy Herb McAllister" on Montana television for 22 years starting in the '60s —the carpet rolled out for celebs was green. Beyond the real Froggy Doo, other icons hit the carpet, including Henry Winkler, who plays "Happy Herb," and Ron Howard, there to support his Happy Days pal as well as his brother Clint, who has a cameo in the film. Also making an appearance were actors from the movie including Billy Baldwin (Dirty Sexy Money) and Brenda Strong (Desperate Housewives). Delivering news about another ABC fave was Jasmine Jessica Anthony, who will soon be seen on Ugly Betty as Gio's younger sister, Antonella. "I don't like Betty," Anthony says of her character. "I'm kind of rude to her and say in one of my scenes, 'You're a little old to w... read more

Shut. Up! Arrested Development Alums Get Animated

Jason Bateman and Will Arnett by Barry King/WireImage.com

Mitch Hurwitz has enlisted three Arrested Development alums — Jason Bateman, Will Arnett and Henry Winkler — to voice roles for his new animated Fox comedy. Based on a live-action Aussie series, Sit Down, Shut Up centers on a staff of high school teachers who place their own needs and agendas ahead of the students'. Also among the voice cast are Cheri Oteri, Will Forte, Regina King and Nick Kroll. — MWM read more

Henry Winkler Testifies in John Ritter Lawsuit

Henry Winkler by Kevin Terrell/WireImage.com

Henry Winkler, longtime friend and colleague of John Ritter, testified on Wednesday at the late actor's wrongful-death trial. Winkler told the jurors that he had just spoken with Ritter shortly before he was rushed to the hospital. The AP reported Winkler's last encounter with Ritter: "'We were reminiscing,' Winkler said. 'He was sweating [and said], 'I really need to get some water.' I said, 'I really need to memorize my lines.' And he went one way and I went the other. And that was the last time I saw him."It was clear that Winkler's testimony was trying to strike an emotional chord with the jurors, as he explained Ritter's love for his work and his family. When Winkler was asked about what he thought Ritter's kids would miss most about their dad, he said, "His passion for life. His excitement for being on the Earth. Any conversation we had wrapped around his children, the pride and the love."The lawsuit for $67 million is against a radiologist who had given Ritter a body scan ear... read more

Post Mortem: The WB and UPN

Sarah Michelle Gellar by Richard Cartwright/FOX

It seems like a more innocent time, when a haircut could rock an entire network. But that's what happened when Felicity star Keri Russell's trademark curly locks were shorn during a summer hiatus in 1999. The early WB fave was never the same after that follicle debacle. Susanne Daniels, who was the creative executive behind many of the network's early successes, and Variety deputy editor Cynthia Littleton have recounted the wild ride of the short-lived six network era in Season Finale: The Unexpected Rise and Fall of the WB and UPN (Harper Books). When reading the story, it's hard to believe two over-the-air broadcast networks were launched only a dozen years before we made a habit out of watching TV on our computers. Both UPN and the WB (which merged to become the CW last year) were born out of their studio-owners' fear that once the government allowed the established networks to produce their own series, they would be shut out of prime time. That never happened. But the youth-orie... read more

Ayyyyyy! Fonzie Rates a Milwaukee Statue

And if it's constructed with the right kind of base, you can even sit on it, Malph. Visit Milwaukee, a nonprofit tourism commission, is leading an effort to raise $85,000 to get a life-size bronze statue made of Happy Days' iconic Arthur "Fonzie" Fonzarelli character, to be located in the plaza near the Chase office tower. Thus far, the group has $45K toward its goal. "It's an honor," portrayer Henry Winkler tells the Journal Sentinel. "But it is so bizarre to think there should be a statue. I wasn't sure it was something that could happen to me."Jenny Piccolo is already planning to do bad things to the statue at night. read more

George-Michael Gets Arrested Once More

Michael Cera, Arrested Development

It's been a bittersweet week for Arrested Development fans. We got to see the cast reunited at the Emmys, though everyone knew a win for Fox's dearly departed comedy was a long shot. Then Season 3 was released on DVD this week, but for many, this, too, is a reminder of the show's premature demise. To ease our pain, TVGuide.com called Michael Cera (aka painfully awkward teen George-Michael Bluth), who was back at home in Toronto and has apparently recovered nicely from AD's cancellation. TVGuide.com: Um, do you know that Warrant's "Cherry Pie" plays on your phone line before you answer?Michael Cera: Yeah, I get a lot of calls from people who hang up right away after hearing that, thinking they've called some weird wrong number. I read more

Will "Mrs. C" Put Richie in Her Will?

Marion Ross

The Hallmark Channel's Where There's a Will (premiering Saturday, May 6 at 9 pm/ET) presents Happy Days star Marion Ross as Leslie "Clyde" Onstatt, a wealthy but frail widow who signs on her long-lost grandson (Frank Whaley) as her caretaker. Little does she know, Richie is a bit of a con man, coldly eyeing Grams as his next mark. Will this tricky tale have a Happy outcome for Mrs. C? Ross spoke to TVGuide.com read more

I'm in a bind here. I seem to ...

Question: I'm in a bind here. I seem to remember a cartoon version of Happy Days that had Richie, the Fonz and the gang time traveling in a boat. But no one else can recall such a thing. Am I going crazy or did this cartoon really exist?

Answer: I'm tempted to tell you that you are indeed touched in the head and are well on your way to imagining other delusion-spawned shows, like, say, an animated Brady Bunch where Greg, Marsha and the kids run around with two pandas and a magical bird. The thing is, as whacked as those shows sound, Brady Kids and Fonz and the Happy Days Gang really did exist, the latter running on ABC's Saturday-morning schedule from November 1980 to September 1982.

The setu read more

Do you have any scoop on the ...

Question: Do you have any scoop on the Dynasty reunion? I heard John James will not be participating. Do you know if that is true?

Answer: It's true. Like Heather Locklear and Diahann Carroll, he "graciously declined," per USA Today. It's a bummer, too. Had he done it, all the main Carrington players would have been present. I hear producer Henry Winkler called him multiple times, to no avail. Not sure what his excuse is, but it wouldn't surprise me if the almighty buck was involved. Either that or he's fat and wrinkly and wants to be remembered as the smoldering piece of '80s man-meat he was.

read more


CBS has announced the premieres of four new series, bumping a current freshman hit in the process. Love Monkey, starring Ed's Tom Cavanagh and West Beverly High's Jason Priestley, will debut Tuesday, Jan. 17 at 9 pm/ET, while The Jenna Elfman Show will bow Monday, Jan. 23 at 9:30 pm/ET. Arriving in March will be Julia Louis-Dreyfus' The New Adventures of Old Christine and 24 prez Dennis Haysbert's The Unit. The Elfman show effectively displaces Out of Practice, which already earned a full-season order and will return in March. In the meantime, Henry Winkler now is free to reprise his role as Arrested Develop—... er, maybe not. read more

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