Henry Fonda



Year Title Description
2013 Carson on TCM: Henry Fonda Episode, Appearing
2013 Stars of the Silver Screen: Henry Fonda Episode, Subject (person only)
2008 Bio Classics: The Fondas Episode, Subject (person only)
2008 Bio Classics: Henry Fonda Episode, Subject (person only)
2008 Film 101: Hollywood Justice Episode, Remarks by
2004 Biography: The Fondas Episode, Remarks by
2004 Biography: The Fondas Episode, Subject (person only)
2000 From the Archives: Battles of the Pacific: Island Hopping Episode, Narrator
2000 As She Sees It: The Really Big Family Episode, Narrator
1999 Portraits of Power: Mahatma Ghandi: Soul Force Episode, Narrator
1992 Fonda on Fonda TV Show Series, Subject (person only)
1981 On Golden Pond Movie, Actor - Norman Thayer, Jr.
1979 Roots TV Show Series, Actor - Col. Warner
1979 Meteor Movie, Actor - The President of the United States
1979 City On Fire Movie, Actor - Fire Chief
1979 Wanda Nevada Movie, Actor - Old Prospector
1979 Family: Thanksgiving
Season 5, Episode 1
Episode, Actor - James Lawrence
1978 Fedora Movie, Actor - Himself
1978 The Great Smokey Roadblock Movie, Actor - Elegant John
1978 The Swarm Movie, Actor - Dr. Krim
1977 Rollercoaster Movie, Actor - Simon Davenport
1977 Tentacles Movie, Actor - Mr. Whitehead
1976 Maude: Maude's Moods
Season 4, Episode 17
Episode, Actor - Henry Fonda
1976 Maude: Maude's Moods
Season 4, Episode 18
Episode, Actor - Henry Fonda
1976 Midway Movie, Actor - Adm. Chester W. Nimitz
1974 All in the Family: Best of All in the Family Episode, Narrator
1974 All in the Family: Best of All in the Family Episode, Narrator
1974 All in the Family: Best of All in the Family Episode, Narrator
1974 Last Days Of Mussolini Movie, Actor - Cardinal Schuster
1973 The Serpent Movie, Actor - Allan Davies
1973 My Name Is Nobody Movie, Actor - Jack Beauregard
1973 Ash Wednesday Movie, Actor - Mark Sawyer
1971 Sometimes A Great Notion Movie, Actor - Henry Stamper
1971 The Smith Family TV Show Series, Actor - Det. Sgt. Chad Smith
1970 There Was A Crooked Man Movie, Actor - Woodward Lopeman
1970 Too Late The Hero Movie, Actor - Capt. Nolan
1970 The Cheyenne Social Club Movie, Actor - Harley Sullivan
1969 Once Upon A Time In The West Movie, Actor - Frank
1968 Madigan Movie, Actor - Commissioner Anthony X. Russell
1968 Yours, Mine And Ours Movie, Actor - Frank Beardsley
1968 Firecreek Movie, Actor - Larkin
1968 The Boston Strangler Movie, Actor - John S. Bottomly
1967 Welcome To Hard Times Movie, Actor - Will Blue
1966 The Dirty Game Movie, Actor - Kourlav
1966 A Big Hand For The Little Lady Movie, Actor - Meredith
1965 Battle Of The Bulge Movie, Actor - Lt. Col. Kiley
1965 In Harm's Way Movie, Actor - CINCPAC Admiral
1965 The Rounders Movie, Actor - Howdy Lewis
1964 Fail Safe Movie, Actor - The President
1964 Sex And The Single Girl Movie, Actor - Frank Broderick
1964 The Best Man Movie, Actor - William Russell
1963 How The West Was Won Movie, Actor - Jethro Stuart
1963 Spencer's Mountain Movie, Actor - Clay Spencer
1962 Advise And Consent Movie, Actor - Robert Leffingwell
1962 The Longest Day Movie, Actor - Brig. Gen. Theodore Roosevelt
1959 Deputy TV Show Series, Actor - Marshal Simon Fry
1959 Warlock Movie, Actor - Clay Blaisdell
1959 The Man Who Understood Women Movie, Actor - Willie Bauche
1958 Stage Struck Movie, Actor - Lewis Easton
1957 12 Angry Men Movie, Actor - Juror No. 8
1957 12 Angry Men Movie, Producer
1957 The Tin Star Movie, Actor - Morg Hickman
1956 War And Peace Movie, Actor - Pierre Bezukhov
1956 The Wrong Man Movie, Actor - Christopher Emmanuel "Manny" Balestrero
1955 Henry Fonda Presents TV Show Series, Host
1955 Mister Roberts Movie, Actor - Lt. Doug Roberts
1949 Jigsaw Movie, Actor - Nightclub Waiter
1948 Fort Apache Movie, Actor - Lt. Col. Owen Thursday
1948 On Our Merry Way Movie, Actor - Lank
1947 Daisy Kenyon Movie, Actor - Peter
1947 The Fugitive Movie, Actor - The Fugitive
1947 The Long Night Movie, Actor - Joe Adams
1946 My Darling Clementine Movie, Actor - Wyatt Earp
1943 The Ox-Bow Incident Movie, Actor - Gil Carter
1943 The Immortal Sergeant Movie, Actor - Colin
1942 The Male Animal Movie, Actor - Tommy Turner
1942 Rings On Her Fingers Movie, Actor - John Wheeler
1942 Tales Of Manhattan Movie, Actor - George
1942 The Big Street Movie, Actor - Little Pinks
1942 The Magnificent Dope Movie, Actor - Tad Page
1941 You Belong To Me Movie, Actor - Peter Kirk
1941 The Lady Eve Movie, Actor - Charles Pike
1941 Wild Geese Calling Movie, Actor - John Murdock
1940 Lillian Russell Movie, Actor - Alexander Moore
1940 The Grapes Of Wrath Movie, Actor - Tom Joad
1940 The Return Of Frank James Movie, Actor - Frank James/Ben Woodson
1940 Chad Hanna Movie, Actor - Chad Hanna
1939 Let Us Live Movie, Actor - "Brick" Tennant
1939 Young Mr. Lincoln Movie, Actor - Abraham Lincoln
1939 Jesse James Movie, Actor - Frank James
1939 The Story Of Alexander Graham Bell Movie, Actor - Tom Watson
1939 Drums Along The Mohawk Movie, Actor - Gil Martin
1938 Blockade Movie, Actor - Marco
1938 Jezebel Movie, Actor - Preston Dillard
1938 The Mad Miss Manton Movie, Actor - Peter Ames
1938 Spawn Of The North Movie, Actor - Jim Kimmerlee
1938 I Met My Love Again Movie, Actor - Ives
1937 Slim Movie, Actor - Slim
1937 You Only Live Once Movie, Actor - Eddie Taylor
1937 That Certain Woman Movie, Actor - Jack Merrick
1937 Wings Of The Morning Movie, Actor - Kerry
1936 The Trail Of The Lonesome Pine Movie, Actor - Dave Tolliver
1936 The Moon's Our Home Movie, Actor - John Smith/Anthony Amberton
1936 Spendthrift Movie, Actor - Townsend Middleton
1935 Way Down East Movie, Actor - David Bartlett
1935 The Farmer Takes A Wife Movie, Actor - Dan Harrow
1935 I Dream Too Much Movie, Actor - Jonathan Street
Biography: Henry Fonda: Hollywoods Quiet Hero Episode, Subject (person only)
Captains and the Kings: Episode Episode, Actor
Hollywood Babylon: Episode Episode, Actor
Captains and the Kings: Episode Episode, Actor
Decades of Decision TV Show Series, Host

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