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Why the Idol Judges' Save Won't Help Jessica Win

American Idol

Jessica Sanchez may have had the lowest number of votes on American Idol last week, but she earned the judges' save in a moment even more dramatically befuddling than last season's save of Casey Abrams.

Before Jessica could even sing a full verse of her "save me" song, the Idol judges stormed the stage. Jennifer Lopez yanked the mic from her hand and said, "This is crazy! Yes, we're using the save. You ain't going home. Go sit down; go sit down." Randy Jackson then admonished the... read more

American Idol's Heejun: I Would Never Try Out Again

Heejun Han

This season, American Idol was blessed with its kookiest contestant ever — 22-year-old Heejun Han. But while it appeared the show was just fun and games to Heejun until he was eliminated, he actually says the experience was so difficult, he would never try out again.
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American Idol's Heejun Han: "I Had a Gut Feeling I Was Going Home"

Heejun Han

As Heejun Han entered the press tent to chat with reporters hours after he was eliminated from American Idol, he buried his head in his hands, let out a cry and screamed, "No questions!" read more

American Idol: We Don't Need a Makeover!

Tommy Hilfiger

When American Idol announced that designer Tommy Hilfiger was joining the show as the in-house stylist to the contestants, it seemed like a major makeover episode was in store. But as Wednesday night's performances rolled on, the dramatic reveals were few ...
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