Cameron Crowe and Nancy Wilson Split After 24 Years

Nancy Wilson and Cameron Crowe

Heart's hit song "Alone" has a whole new meaning for its lead singer.

Nancy Wilson and director Cameron Crowe are divorcing after 24 years, People reports.

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Matt's Weekend Picks: September 10-12

True Blood

Stand Up To Cancer (Friday, 8/7c, all major networks)
In one of the more collaborative fund-raising TV events of the year, network anchors Katie Couric, Brian Williams and Diane Sawyer host an hourlong telethon to raise funds and awareness for cancer research, with appearances by notable philanthropic celebs like George Clooney and performances including Green Day's Billie Joe Armstrong, Neil Diamond, Leona Lewis, Lady Antebellum, The Edge and — fitting for an occasion that calls for an open pocketbook and heart — Heart sisters Ann and Nancy Wilson... read more

Episode Recaps: "Joy in a Bubble" and "Stole an RV"

My Name Is Earl delivered the goods again this week with a full hour comprised of two all-new episodes The first one featured Earl Jason Lee trying to cross 72 off his list by bringing Joy a hot tub to make up for one he accidentally prevented her from earning years ago I hope everyone already knew that lighters and hairspray dont mix And whats the usual high point of any Joy-centric episode Jaime Pressly of course For the first time ever youve satisfied me in a way Darnell never could Joy utters to Earl after he gives her the hot tub Understandably he leaves out the part about picking up the gift off the side of a road after finding a bum living inside of it Blissfully unaware Joy begins living it up as only she can spending day and night soaking in the questionable spa and indulging in Old British 40s while keeping pickles on her eyes Her life of luxury ends pretty abruptly though when she finds her big toe has become well a bi read more

May 24, 2007: Throw Your Horns Up High!

Tons of kids wearing black and metal horns high. It's the VH1 Rock Honors baby, yeah! Right now, my iPod is filled with nothing but '80s music and metal. So naturally, the second annual Rock Honors was highly anticipated in the Steed household. Over the past week, I've closed my eyes to not read any reviews of the show by critics who've never gotten near a ZZ Top album. So what you read below is my opinion only. Hell, yeah!!! That phrase could describe many points during the night, so let's run it down from the beginning. I hate Nickelback! I think they are the absolute bottom of the barrel, the point at which all bad music is judged. The Mendoza Line of the music world. Naturally then, you can probably understand that when they opened this broadcast my horns slithered away. But — and Lord, forgive me for saying this, but I promise this will be the only time — Nickelback actually rocked. D'oh. Making that statement almost makes me vomit, but it's true. Their performance of... read more

March 18, 2007: At a Crossroads

Goldfrapp. Awesome.Guest.Appearance. Definitely the best since Heart played an acoustic "Crazy on You" last season. Surprisingly, my favorite scene of this evening was the main Tina-Bette scene. As bitch-on-wheels as they've both been throughout the last two seasons, I enjoy any minute we get that reminds us why we've loved both these characters since Season 1. I'm also happy that they were able to be really candid with each other and for once not have the scene break into hostility and a parting of ways. I don't know that I ever want them to get back together, but I do enjoy them as... well... as family. They share a child, they share a very complicated history, they're family forever because of Angelica. So I'm glad to see that they're working past the hurt and bitterness and treating each other more like family now.Also, Tina was right about Bette and Jodi; I do believe they're the perfect match. It's good that Bette feels challenged by a partner that is so strong, but it's also ... read more

American Idol Mandisa got the...

Brenna Gethers, American Idol

American Idol Mandisa got the crowd on their feet with an incredible version of Heart's "Never." It could have been risky, but she pulled it off with strong and confident vocals. I noticed the same Burger King-inspired flame graphic on the screen behind her that Kimberly Locke had during 2003's "Heat Wave." Idol rakes in so much cash; can't they get some new backdrops? Though the judges had mixed things to say about Kellie Pickler's performance, they loved her sincerity and "aw-shucks" demeanor. That kind of humility can make up for a few bad notes, so you might want to take note, Brenna. Paula Abdul got a few boos for correctly critiquing Becky — or maybe the crowd was rebelling against Paula's read more

Invasion Holy. Rip. Off. Did you...

InvasionHoly. Rip. Off. Did you see... I can't believe... flashbacks... planes crashing... suspense... character development... I can't even think of any smart-ass remarks. I may have a new disease, and I'm calling it "Writer's Blah." In essence, it means I'm so intent on comparing this show to Lost that I can't. All I can do is give props. So what, if it's going with what works? It may be riding coattails, drafting or just copying. Either way, it's smart and has me glued to my seat. You know how there's always some jerk in your office who thinks he knows everything, and is usually right? Don't worry, he just got served. This new species of drama that ABC is serving up has me — I mean, him — totally speechless. The creepiest guy on network TV is actually k read more

Aussie Avril's All-Star Trek

For better or worse... Wait. No, actually, just for better: Samantha Lombardi doesn't have a big sister in the music biz to pave the way for her. But the 15-year-old Australian — think Avril Lavigne but with rock on the brain, not rocks in her head — clearly has friends in high places. The proof: Her radio-ready debut album, Take Your Pic (which drops in May), features raucous and catchy tunes written by no less than Nine Inch Nails and Paul Stanley of KISS.

"When I first got the songs, I was really excited — I mean, those guys are huge!" Lombardi exclaims to TV Guide Online. "But I was nervous, too, because I didn't wanna screw 'em up. I didn't want them to hear me singing their songs and think, 'Yeah, it sounds all right.' I wanted them to kick ass!"

Mission accomplished, and then some. On swinging singles-to-be like the star-crossed love song "Black Hole" and the kiss-off anthem "I'm Over You," the read more


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