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Harvey Levin Gets Personal With Donald Trump
01:11 — Harvey Levin sits down with President Elect Donald Trump for a one-hour special called ‘OBJECTified’. Donald Trump will share with viewer’s different (more…)
Thunder Down Under Feat. Harvey Levin???
00:50 — One of our staffers went to see hot Australian dudes at Thunder Down Under in Las Vegas this past weekend. Unfortunately her lady boner was killed aft (more…)
Famous in 12: The Complete First Season
There's a family that has what it takes to be famous - but can they do it in 12 weeks? Famous in 12 is a new unscripted series that films one fame-see (more…)
O.J. Simpson Bombshell Revealed!!
02:07 — Shocking new evidence in the Nicole Brown murder case involving our own Harvey Levin!
Harvey Levin Does the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge
01:21 — Harvey takes on the ALS ice bucket challenge but the best part is who he nominates!
Harvey Levin vs. Shevonne: Maria Shriver Trivia!
01:10 — Shevonne and Harvey who both are apparently Maria Shriver fans get into a friendly competition where they see who knows more about Maria Shriver!
Harvey Levin Reacts to Oscars 2016
02:08 — Harvey weighs in on the 2016 Academy Awards.
Harvey Levin Makes the Best … Lasagna?!
01:26 — We got Chin Han from ’Arrow’ and talk to him about Beyoncé promoting a new vegan diet but somehow this leads to Harvey bragging about how he makes the (more…)
Mark Cuban and Harvey Levin: Only One Survives in ‘Sharknado 3’
00:53 — Our very own Harvey Levin is in the latest ‘Sharknado’ and so is Mark Cuban but unlike Mark who had a huge role Harvey’s was only a few seconds!
Ryan Seacrest Spills Harvey Levin Secrets
01:02 — Ryan Seacrest and Harvey Levin are friends, so we took the chance in New York to ask Ryan to spill some Harvey Levin secrets!
Ray J Gives Harvey Levin Some Advice
01:01 — We ask Ray J if the girls from “Famous In 12” still contact him to help them get famous? Ray J laughs at the question but has some interesting advice (more…)
Don Lemon: I Want to Interview Harvey Levin!
01:09 — Our camera guy asked Don Lemon who he would like to interview most? Don says he wants to interview Harvey but that’s not all he wants!
Lou Ferrigno Talks Harvey Levin Gym Habits
01:08 — Lou Ferrigno spills the beans on Harvey’s gym tactics, including when he checks himself out in the mirror, and his gun show tank tops!
Fitness Model Joey Swoll Burns Harvey Levin
01:03 — Harvey Levin has got himself a gym fan, because fitness model Joey Swoll has caught him at the gym, and apparently he is not impressed. Watch out, Har (more…)
Jeff Tweedy: The Black Harvey Levin?!
00:56 — We got a photo of Jeff Tweedy walking down the street, and he looks just like TMZ boss Harvey Levin … only black!
Lavell Crawford Made the “50 Most Stylish Fat Guys” List
01:06 — A new list has been released of the 50 most stylish fat guys, and Lavell made 39! Where did Season 1 Harvey Levin make it?
Akon vs Harvey Levin
01:25 — Akon is usually happy to see us but this time he calls Harvey out after a story we posted on TMZ.com about his car being repossessed.
Lisa Vanderpump: Even the Rich Are Playing Powerball!
01:00 — The Powerball reached an all time high of $1.5 billion and had everyone getting in on the action including a few rich people like Lisa Vanderpump an (more…)
Colin Quinn: ‘The People vs. O.J. Simpson’ Is Missing an Important Person
01:23 — We ask Collin Quinn if he watched ‘The People Vs. O.J. Simpson’? He did but he had one problem with the show…it was missing Harvey Levin.
Joel McHale: I’ll Need Harvey’s Help if…
01:04 — Joel McHale says if aliens ever abduct him the only person he will call for help is Harvey Levin and tells us why.
Thunder Down Under Just Got a New Member…Harvey Levin?!
00:53 — Harvey posed for a picture with a few members of Thunder Down Under and he tells the real story behind the picture!
Arnold Schwarzenegger Trains Harvey Levin
01:08 — Harvey got a surprise visit from Arnold while working out at the gym.
Harvey Levin On Poss. LAPD Knife Discovery
04:47 — TMZ's Harvey Levin gives his take on the explosive news that a knife has purportedly been found at O.J. Simpson's former property.
Paul Anka Doing Another Duet With…Harvey?!
00:59 — Paul Anka and Harvey Levin may be heading into the studio together again but will there be another casino performance?
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