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Getting Lost: Inside Scoop on Ben's Revenge Mission, Emotional Reunions and More

Another exciting episode of ABC's Lost has come and gone, so it's time to be "Getting Lost" with the latest entry in our new video series. What's on tap this "time"?

• Michael Emerson tells us if, in fact, Ben will have to "make do" with not the entire Oceanic 6.

• Emerson also updates us on the status of Ben's vendetta against Widmore.

• Who will have the most emotional reunion when the Oceanic HowEverMany are reunited with the left-behinders? I took that question to executive producers Damon Lindelof and Carlton Cuse.

• And lastly, if Jin survived the freighter explosion, might Michael have, also? I caught up with Harold Perrineau on the set of his new ABC series, The Unusuals, to get his take.

All told, lotsa fun stuff, so make the jump and hit Play already!

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Lost Alum to See More Killing in Captivity

Lost alum Harold Perrineau is far from the perils of the island these days Yet landlocked life may not be much safer The actor will play a captive once again in the new thriller Killing JarThe movie which began shooting over the weekend centers on an armed man who takes seven people hostage at a roadside diner Through the bloodshed the group discovers that one of them might be more dangerous than their captor Perrineau whos also exec producing the film is playing a traveling salesman says the ReporterWhile the actor is perhaps best known for his turn as Michael on Lost hes also no newcomer to film with credits including 28 Weeks Later and Romeo + Juliet Anna DimondUse our Online Video Guide to see some of Lost Related149 Lost Star Finds Unusual New Gig at ABC149 Harold Perrineau Dishes on his Lost Exit Againread more

The Big Lost Surprise

What was the big surprise at the Lost panel today? Michael (Harold Perrineau Jr.) is coming back to the island, though the surprise wasn't as big as it was planned to be after the announcement was made at yesterday's TCA event (see Ausiello's blog from the event yesterday).While the "big surprise" was lessened a bit, "Team Darlton" (Damon Lindeloff and Carlton Cuse) had a few tricks up their sleeves for the packed room, many of whom started lining up 3 hours before the panel began. They were more than willing to answer questions from fans, except each was armed with a bell that they would ring if they felt the other was going a bit too far with their answer; the bells were used far too often, followed by the groans of fans. A fan followed up on the Michael announcement by asking for more information on how he'll return, and before Carlton Cuse had a chance to answer, the sound of a bell could be heard off-stage, and Harold Perrineau Jr. emerged to an eruption of applause from the au...read more


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