Harland Williams

  • Celebrity
  • Birth Name: Harland Michael Williams
  • Birth Place: Toronto, Ontario, Canada
  • Profession: Actor, Author
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Apartment 3 1/2 / Don't Walk!
When Monster won't give up believing in his imaginary friend, Fuzzy Slippers, Robot worries he has a case of arrested development, or worse, insanity (more…)
Game On / Bad News Baconeers
Things go from friendly competition to a no-holds-barred throwdown as Robot and Monster compete against J.D. and Spitfire on their favorite game show.
Anger Management / Family Business
When the guys realize Monster is suffering from “night rage,” they decide to address Monster’s repressed anger by enrolling in an anger management cla (more…)
The Bacon Tree / The Dark Knight
Robot & Monster decide to grow their own bacon trees in order to produce a never-ending supply of their favorite food – BACON!
Super Pole / Boomerang
Robot and Monster playfully root for opposing teams at the Super Pole Party until Monster takes it too far and a battle ensues.
Li'l Lugnuts / Letterology
When Robot finds out that Monster's childhood idol, Li'l Lugnuts, is really an embittered thief, he can't bear to break Monster's heart with the truth (more…)
The Package / Ogo's Cool
Robot and Monster decide to make a little extra money for a color Tube by delivering a secret package to a series of suspicious characters, but realiz (more…)
Baconmas, Pts. 1 & 2
Tensions run high when both Robot's and Monster's families are invited to celebrate Baconmas at their apartment.
Monster Hit
Robot's latest invention creates the world's catchiest song for Monster to perform and the guys quickly become a musical success, but their relationsh (more…)
The Party / First Impressions
Robot has to keep his Crazy Cousin Gizmo from learning about his family's high class party that night or risk never being invited to a family function (more…)
Whitney Houston: The Greatest Love of All
In this film we pay tribute to one of the most gripping rags to riches stories ever told. Whitney Elizabeth Houston first showed the vocal range and s (more…)
Dirty Money/What J.D. Wants
Robot and Monster are at odds after finding a hundred dollar bill on the ground./Robot and Monster compete for the affections of their female friend J (more…)
J.D. Loves Gart / Misery Date
When it seems that J.D. has fallen for Gart, Robot sets out to unmask Gart’s true character, while Monster desperately clings to his ideals of true lo (more…)
Harland Williams: The Struggle Is Real!
01:09 — We talk to Harland Williams about a crazy story about a man dressed as a yellow Teletubby who broke into his friend’s home and stole Chinese food!
Fruit Plane!
11:00 — Mr. Juicy Fun is coming to the grocery store to demonstrate his Fruit Obliterator, so Orange and the gang decide to cash in their frequent flier miles (more…)
The Day The Store Stood Still
11:00 — Obsessed with playing World of Modern Mortal Warfruit, Orange doesn't notice that the Sun is still up in the middle of the night! Earth is no longer s (more…)
Orange The Red
11:00 — Orange the Red, Pear Forkbeard, and the rest of the Viking-­‐fruit set sail to explore the arctic seas. When they crash into Greens-and, a barren head (more…)
Veggie Zombies
11:00 — Orange finds a cure for his giggle-chuckle-itis, but when zombified vegetables try to suck the life out of him and his juicy friends, they learn a mor (more…)
Sir Juice-A-Lot
11:00 — When Passion Fruit is captured by a mysterious dark knight, Orange and his crusaders have to get medieval to save her. But can they storm the castle b (more…)
Pop Star
11:00 — Orange's terrible singing becomes a pop sensation with the wicked beat from a bag of microwave popcorn! But Popcorn gets cold feet when a Hollywood mu (more…)
Little Foodie Cutie
11:00 — Who wants to be the next Little Foodie Cutie? Orange convinces Midget Apple he's adorable enough to win the title - and a lifetime supply of whatever (more…)
Marshmallow Wedding
11:00 — Volcanoes, death, mayhem - it's a wedding on Marshmalia! Marshmallow is forced into an arranged marriage to the hideous ravenous beast Grumblala, who (more…)
Everybody Loves Cabbage
11:00 — The fruits enjoy some silence for a change, as Orange is rendered mute after his wisdom teeth extraction. But he's the only one who realizes that thei (more…)
11:00 — Orange is frozen in a tub of sorbet, leaving the other fruits free to be productive. But he awakes in a distant dystopian future where they live in fe (more…)
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  • Birth Name: Harland Michael Williams
  • Birth Place: Toronto, Ontario, Canada
  • Profession: Actor, Author

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