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  • Birth Place: San Antonio, TX
  • Profession: Reality cast member; singer
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Stalker Scare Forces Leggy Idol Alum to Run

Haley "Legs" Scarnato, one of last season's top 10 finalists on American Idol, has decided to leave her home in Nashville, Tennessee, after some scary run-ins with a stalker. The singer, who continues to pursue opportunities in the music arena after being voted off Idol last year, says she's had some frightening moments at her house. Scarnato told Access Hollywood that she is heading back to Texas (she's originally from San Antonio) because, "I just had some break-ins and some notes and stuff like that." She added, "I'm completely by myself and I just am scared." Here's an idea: Next time you do an interview about a stalker, you probably shouldn't tell the public (and said stalker) where you're moving to — right, Haley? — Erin FoxWatch American Idol on our Online Video Guide.read more

On Tour with American Idol: The Haley Scarnato Q&A

As any weary traveler will tell you, living out of a suitcase eventually takes its toll. So it's no wonder that Haley Scarnato recently told TV Guide that she could barely remember what city she was visiting when we caught up with her during the 45-date American Idols Live! tour. "Where are we today?" she asked backstage at the Scottrade Center in St. Louis, Missouri. "For me, the hardest thing is knowing where you're at. Hopefully, I do the right shout-out on stage!" We invited the songstress to jog her memory and share her thoughts on after-Idol life. TV Guide: Are you enjoying the tour so far? Haley Scarnato: Oh, yeah. The tour is so much fun. TV Guide: What's the best part about being on the road? Haley: Just that the stress is gone and now we're performing for our fans. That's a nice feeling. read more

Idol's Haley: Let's Talk Singing, Not Strutting

The day after exiting American Idol, Haley Scarnato told TVGuide.com that though she shrugged it off on stage, Simon Cowell's quips about her flesh-flashing definitely twigged her. "Yeah, they hurt a little bit," she said, wishing that she had instead received constructive feedback on her pipes versus her pins. "They always say, 'This is a singing competition,' yadda-yadda-yadda, so I'm like, 'OK, this is a singing competition....'" But as all she heard about was her look, "You just brush it off and do the best you can."Later in the press-conference call, Haley rebuffed the notion that she was overtly parlaying her sexuality, saying that with regards to her spirited take on "Turn the Beat Around," "The style of the song was about in-your-face rhythm. It was funky and Latin, with a sexy vibe, and that’s what I was going for. When it's time to sing, it's time to sing. I was enjoying my moment."read more


Haley Scarnato Goes Country
American Idol Top 12: Haley Scarnato and Blake Lewis Interview
'American Idol' Stalker?
'American Idol' Stalker?

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2002 American Idol TV Show Series, Reality Cast Member

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April 11, 2007: These Legs Were Made for Walkin'

Ryan walked past the Idols and asked the magic question, “Who will be going home tonight?” He gave a very long look to Sanjaya, knowing full well the king of hula was not going anywhere. (I thought the real question was, “How many white strips do those kids put in their mouths each night?” Because the whole lot of them have the whitest teeth I have ever seen.)Next we had the money shots, Eva Longoria and Sharon Osbourne, our resident audience stars of the evening. Ryan introduced the judges, which wasn’t really interesting except that when he introduced Simon, Simon winked at Paula. It was frankly a bit creepy. Let me take a moment here to say, “Poor Randy.” Simon and Paula get all of the attention and Randy just sits there. What exactly is his function? Aside from the various glasses he shows off each night, the vibrant shirts and the “Dawg, you blasted it out da house tonight,” I’m not sure I know what he’s doing there. Well y... read more

April 10, 2007: "Rhythm Is Gonna Get You"

Welcome to the dull week. We knew it had to happen somewhere in 22 weeks. There was nary a performance worth writing home about and the good ones were slim to middling. I don’t know what that means, but I know had I fallen asleep in the beginning of the show, I would not have missed much. Evidently, the entirety of Latin music consists only of Miami Sound Machine, Santana with a little Marc Anthony, (or is it Antony? “Oh, Cleo, drop that asp.”) How about a little Gipsy Kings? Have you ever heard of Ricky Martin? Shakira? When will the producers let us, the public, select the songs for the contestants? How about a week with Rufus Wainwright mentoring and the kids can all sing songs from his Judy Garland concert at Carnegie Hall? Just an idea. It can’t be any worse than some of these current theme weeks. J.Lo recently released her first Spanish-language album, Como Ama Una Mujer. According to Babelfish that means “As It Loves a Woman.” I don’t speak ... read more

Idol Chat Looks at Gina's Exit, Phil's Unsung Skills and More

Call 'em the Great Eight. As Blake, Chris R., Haley, Jordin, LaKisha, Melinda, Phil and Sanjaya move a big step closer to the finish line, TVGuide.com has questions. Like, did rocker gal Gina Glocksen get punk'd? Is Phil perhaps better than we think? Can Haley's pins earn her another free pass? W read more

April 4, 2007: I Don't Want to Smile

If I wasn't blogging AI for TV Guide, I would stop watching this show right now. Before I even get to a brief blow-by-blow, I have to step out of my usual banter and say something about the state of this competition. I understand "drama" makes for good television. I understand that the producers can’t be happy with everything going along as it should. “Life isn’t fair,” I can hear them shout. But that any lackluster singer can remain safe while perfectly great singers get sent home is just a travesty to the competition and to singing in general. I realize that since pop music often consists of “artists” who have no voice to speak of and are merely offering manipulated tracks under heavy musical artillery (Paris Hilton, Ashlee Simpson, you get the point), it makes complete sense that AI voters are engaged in keeping Sanjaya, Phil and Haley around. Unfortunately, I am really discouraged by the outcome of this week’s show, (though losing AJ, Sabrina a... read more

Idol Boss Talks of "Quitters," Vote Tampering and Sanjaya

Did one of this season's American Idol wannabes almost call it quits? Are those seeking to rock the vote succeeding? And is Sanjaya's "success" a liability for the popular singing competition? Idol executive producer Ken Warwick addressed those topics and more in a Tuesday conference call with reporters. Late last week, upon Chris Sligh's ouster, the big story was that the big guy had allegedly inquired into dropping out of the competition a few weeks prior. TVGuide.com asked Warwick if he was in the loop on that possible departure — and his answer might surprise you. "Um, Chris Sligh sometimes talks out of turn, to be absolutely honest," Warwick told us. "I was neve read more

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