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Shady Lemonade / Prickle Turns Artist
08:21 — Shady Lemonade: Gumby, Prickle, Pokey and Goo are tricked by the nasty soda salesman. While figuring out how to get even, they stumble across a man wh (more…)
A Lovely Bunch of Coconuts / Grub Grabber Gumby
08:54 — A Lovely Bunch of Coconuts: Gumby tries to grow coconuts despite the fact the climate won’t allow it. Disappointed when nothing grows, Gumby enlists t (more…)
Sticky Pokey / Point of Honor
09:10 — Sticky Pokey: Pokey is tired of trying to keep out of the clutches of the Blockheads so he goes to Professor Kap for help. The professor and his gluep (more…)
Piano Rolling Blues / Hot Ice
09:35 — Piano Rolling Blues: The evil professor can’t concentrate due to a noisy piano player next door, so he arranges for Gumby to move the piano away. Just (more…)