Liv Seduces Jake for the Greater Good
04:01 — Olivia is the only person who can get close enough to Jake.
Mellie Breaks Down in Front of Cyrus
01:45 — "He doesn't want you anymore than he wants me. He hates us."
Cyrus Tells Abby to Be the Adult
01:58 — Cy gives Abby the secret to the Oval Office.
Mellie Is a Mom to Karen
02:22 — Like it or not, you are the famous child of the most famous man on Earth.
Jake Goes to See Papa Pope!
00:50 — What does the Louvre burning have to do with Rowan?
Fitz Takes Liv On a Date & Mellie Wants to Impeach
02:42 — 'Look away, because I am going to make out with my girlfriend now.'
Mellie & Cyrus Discuss Impeaching Fitz
02:23 — Why do the women of the senate want to impeach President Grant?
Scandal Pops: Watch the Season 5 Episode 5 Recap
02:51 — The hottest moments from the "You Got Served" episode of Scandal!
Olivia Offers Mellie a Way Out
04:45 — Mellie finds out who really killed Jerry.
Liz Threatens the White House
01:16 — D.C. runs on power, and Elizabeth North needs hers back.
Olivia Tells Fitz the Truth
03:19 — Nothing like a interrogation room to confess your sins.
Olivia Pope Isn't Acting Like Olivia Pope
02:43 — Her newest case: a cookie recipe.
Scandal Pops: Watch the Season 5 Episode 20 Recap
03:34 — Watch the top OMG moments from the "Trump Card" episode of Scandal.
Liv Asks Jake to Take Advantage of Her
03:08 — Liv and Jake comfort each other as their worlds fall apart around them. Jake asks Olivia to run away with him. Liv asks Jake to take advantage of her. (more…)
Andrew and Mellie Get It On
01:21 — Andrew thinks it's a shame that Fitz can't see Mellie the way he does.
Huck Gives Quinn Her Own Family
00:45 — Huck surprises Quinn with a present: her own family to watch.
Olivia & Fitz: Together at Last
03:14 — The White House is hiding something...
Mellie Is Ready to Be the Next President
04:21 — Desperate times call for unlikely allies.
Scandal Pops: Watch the Season 5 Episode 14 Recap
03:29 — The biggest OMG moments from the "I See You" episode of Scandal!
Do You Want to Be a Gladiator in a Suit?
01:36 — It's deja vu! Quinn recruits Marcus for OPA.
Scandal Pops: Watch the Season 5 Episode 6 Recap
03:26 — The hottest moments from the "Get Out of Jail, Free" episode of Scandal!
Fitz Won't Lose Olivia Again
02:51 — Fitz won't win without Olivia.
Actor Guillermo Diaz Says 'Scandal' Finale Will Be Like Great Sex
04:55 — Actor Guillermo Diaz is grilled by "The View" co-hosts about what is going to happen on the "Scandal" season finale including who will live or die and (more…)
Olivia and Jake Are Bed Buddies
03:04 — Jake gives his friend some much-needed comfort and advice.
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