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Open Season
In Sony Pictures Animation's first feature film, the animated action adventure comedy Open Season, the odd are about to get even. Boog (Martin Lawrenc (more…)
Lee Brice: I Want to Wrestle a Grizzly Bear!
00:54 — Our camera guy tells Lee Brice that in the future we will be able to download virtual vacations so you can visit places you have never been! So he ask (more…)
Grizzly Bear Climbs Onto Car at Yellowstone, Family Freaks
00:32 — A curious grizzly bear came right up to one family’s vehicle and put his paws up on the hood and the windows, which a child in the car called “the sca (more…)
Yellowstone On Alert After Grizzly Bear Attack
02:00 — Tourists and rangers at Yellowstone Park are on high alert Monday after a Montana man was found mauled on a trail, victim of a rare grizzly bear attac (more…)
The Grizzly Bear Population Makes Comeback at Yellowstone
02:21 — There's now a proposal to take the grizzly bear off an endangered species list, but some believe that will put them at greater risk.
Blue Valentine - Trailer
01:41 — BLUE VALENTINE is a story of love found and love lost told in past and present moments in time. Flooded with romantic memories of their courtship, De (more…)
Grizzly Bear KNIFE Music Video
06:44 — It's time you check out Grizzly Bear's video "Knife." The band has toured with TV on the Radio and Radiohead, and this week they'll be appearing on th (more…)
Guillermo Fills in as a Writer on Jewish Holiday
02:07 — Some of our writers were off for Rosh Hashanah which left us a little shorthanded. So Jimmy asked Guillermo to help him out by writing a few jokes for (more…)
Round 3 of Jimmy Kimmel’s Health Care Battle
07:29 — Jimmy has found himself in the middle of a battle over American health care, so tonight he responds to more criticism from Senator Bill Cassidy and th (more…)
Halle Berry’s Sexy Toilet Photo
03:01 — Halle talks about reaching two million followers on Instagram and Jimmy shares the surprising and candid photo that she posted to celebrate.
Al Franken Reveals Which Job is Better: Comedian or Senator
04:28 — Al talks about working to fix the Affordable Care Act, his new book, shows sketches he has done of colleagues in Washington, and reveals which job he (more…)
Halle Berry Was a Terrible Bartender
01:37 — Halle talks about her first real job as a bartender and reveals why she was so bad at it.
Frankenberry Crashes Jimmy Kimmel Live
01:35 — Jimmy’s monologue is interrupted by Frankenberry, who mistakenly thought he was on the show. Unfortunately for him, our guests were actually Senator A (more…)
Halle Berry Plays “Name That You!”
05:09 — Halle talks about her new movie Kingsman: The Golden Circle and she plays our game “Name That You!” where actors try to remember the names of characte (more…)
Happy Fall!
01:07 — To celebrate the first day of Fall, we went out onto Hollywood Blvd. with a leaf blower and a slow-motion camera and asked people to open wide.
Senator Al Franken on Health Care Debate
06:35 — Al talks about the health care debate and why the Graham-Cassidy bill is NOT in the best interest of the country.
"It Really Wasn't the Bear's Fault": Grizzly Attack Survivor Reflects
03:07 — Hear a man who survived severe injuries when he was attacked by a grizzly bear explain why he feels guilty and says "it really wasn't the bear's fault (more…)
Adorable Bear Cubs Hitch a Ride On Mom's Back
01:01 — An onlooker recorded this precious scene of two grizzly bear cubs perched on top of their mother's back as she swam across Lake Aleknagik in Wood Tikc (more…)
Blue Valentine - Exclusive Clip - Research
00:57 — The film centers on a contemporary married couple, charting their evolution over a span of years by cross-cutting between time periods.
Blue Valentine - Trailer 1
01:51 — The film centers on a contemporary married couple, charting their evolution over a span of years by cross-cutting between time periods.
Grizzly - Official Trailer
01:53 — A forest ranger’s peaceful tenure over a forest housing a busy nature lodge, is interrupted by the arrival of a very deadly and hungry, 18-foot grizzl (more…)
Mountain Men Trailer
00:31 — This season, the Mountain Men continue to carve their lives from the untamed ranges of America, while facing one of the coldest and meanest winters in (more…)
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