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Ryan And The Knickerbocker Women
Season 3: Ryan and Megan discuss who has the hotter mom.
Megan Hates Her Tattoos
Season 3 Lost Footage: Megan regrets some of her tattoos but it didn't stop her in getting a new one.
2nd Annual Blog Awards
You've voiced your opinions and see which wife won what fabulous prize!
Child Labor, pt.1
This season the kids join the work force to get to the riches their moms achieved.
How a Reverse Vasectomy Is Performed
03:55 — Urologist Dr. Aaron Spitz joins The Doctors to discuss how a reverse vasectomy is performed, such as the one he recently completed on “The Real Housew (more…)
Exclusive: Reality Stars Open Up About Vasectomy Reversal
03:23 — In a Doctors’ Exclusive, Gretchen Rossi and fiancé Slade Smiley of “The Real Housewives of Orange Country” open up about Slade’s recent vasectomy reve (more…)
A-List Celeb Fitness Secrets Revealed
04:28 — Celebrity nutritionist, fitness trainer, and author Harley Pasternak reveals secrets to an A-list body! Plus, did you watch and listen for today’s wor (more…)
Permanent Baby Bump?
03:49 — During her third pregnancy, Amy’s stomach muscles separated and never fused back together once her daughter was born. Since then, the condition known (more…)
Dark Side To Gretchen?
Season 4 Episode 8 Preview: Tamra is determined to let Gretchen's dark side shine.
Tamra's Morning Routine
Season 4 Episode 2 Lost Footage: Spend the morning with Tamra as she shows you her not-so-tough life.
Kara Wants A Mani-Pedi And A Party
Season 3 Lost Footage: Kara tries to have another party with Jeana and wishes she wasn't such a good kid.
Tamra's Frank Shopping Spree
Season 3 Lost Footage: Tamra and her family gets an incredible shopping spree at Paul Frank.
Ashley Knows Everything
Season 3: Ashley knows food, dogs, school, and cars. What doesn't she know?
Andy With The Wives, pt.5
Season 3: The wives discuss Lou's passing.
Tamra Doubles Up on Botox
Season 7 Episode 23 Exclusive: Tamra Barney visits Heather Dubrow's husband Terry for botox and anything else she can for free.
Extra Hippie Mom
Season 8 Episode 6 Exclusive: Lydia's mom marches to the beat of her own drum.
Coco's Logo Problem
Season 9 Episode 11 Exclusive: Much to the chagrin of Bravo censors, Heather's youngest daughter really loves her some Spiderman.
Having Fun in Vegas
Season 6 Episode 12 Exclusive:
Tour Heather's O.C. Crib
Season 10 Exclusive: Explore Heather Dubrow's dream home.
Episode 4 Preview - Cat Fight?
Season 2 Episode 4 Preview: Jo finally confronts Lauri about Lauri and Slade's relationship.
The Curtins Get Served
Season 5 Episode 11:
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