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Sat May 27 1:37pm
Hot Shots! Part Deux STZEN

A soldier leaves a monastery to take a mission to rescue his superior officer, who's been kidnapped somewhere in Iraq..

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Tue May 30 6:00am
Barney MillerGroup Home(Season 3, Episode 20) SUND

An Army recruiting office receives a bomb threat, and Fish dons drag to nab a mugger. Sergeant Ravelle: George Murdock. Barney: Hal Linden. Harris: Ron Glass. De Luca: Don Calfa.

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Tue May 30 6:30am
Barney MillerThe Strike(Season 3, Episode 21) SUND

Part 1. The men go on strike for more pay and better working conditions. Hal Linden, Steve Landesberg, James Gregory. Prevette: Peter Hobbs. Lane: Peggy Pope.

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Tue May 30 7:00am
Barney MillerThe Strike(Season 3, Episode 22) SUND

Conclusion. Barney copes with a strike and a flirtatious robbery victim. Prevette: Peter Hobbs. Miss Lane: Peggy Pope. Barney: Hal Linden.

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Tue May 30 7:30am
Barney MillerGood-bye, Mr. Fish(Season 4, Episode 1) SUND

Part 1. Fish fails to show up on his retirement day. Binder: Stanley Brock. Rosten: Arny Freeman. Kotterman: Jack Somack.

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Tue May 30 8:00am
Barney MillerGood-bye, Mr. Fish(Season 4, Episode 2) SUND

Conclusion. Fish finally shows up for his retirement day. Bernice: Florence Stanley. Fish: Abe Vigoda. Dietrich: Steve Landesberg. Sellers: Larry Gelman. Sanders: Timothy Jerome.

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Tue Jun 6 5:30am
Barney MillerAppendicitis(Season 4, Episode 14) SUND

Yemana has appendicitis; a pastry thief is a sugar junkie. Kleiner: Jack Bernardi. Altman: Michael Durrell. Yemana: Jack Soo. Barney: Hal Linden. Wojo: Maxwell Gail.

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Tue Jun 6 6:00am
Barney MillerRape(Season 4, Episode 15) SUND

A woman accuses her husband of raping her; a master of disguise is holding up everything in sight. Lindsay: Michael Pataki. Korchak: William Bogert. Leslie Dornan: Linda Dano.

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Tue Jun 6 6:30am
Barney MillerEviction(Season 4, Episode 16) SUND

Part 1. Barney refuses to evict the residents of a condemned hotel. Jorge: Felipe Turich. Elizondo: Rosanna Soto. Barney: Hal Linden. Woman: Donna Bacalla.

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Tue Jun 6 7:00am
Barney MillerEviction(Season 4, Episode 17) SUND

Conclusion. While a plainclothes man runs the station, police lay siege to a condemned hotel whose residents Barney has refused to evict. Vogel: John Calvin. Elizondo: Rosanna Soto. Woman: Donna Bacalla. Barney: Hal Linden. Rodriguez: Felipe Turich.

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Tue Jun 6 7:30am
Barney MillerWojo's Problem(Season 4, Episode 18) SUND

The detectives' new female colleague has a jealous husband; and Wojo brings his bedroom problems to work. Licori: Ray Girardin. Frankel: Henry Slate. Wojo: Maxwell Gail. Harris: Ron Glass.

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Tue Jun 6 8:00am
Tue Jun 6 8:30am
Barney MillerHostage(Season 4, Episode 20) SUND

The detectives are held hostage by a criminal demanding a getaway plane. Leon: Don Calfa. Vern: Oliver Clark. Oscar: Earle Towne. Licori: Mari Gorman. Miss Helman: Alix Elias.

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Tue Jun 6 9:00am
Barney MillerEvaluation(Season 4, Episode 21) SUND

A numerologist won't reveal his name; husband-and-wife porno pushers are harassed by their kids. Susan: Garn Stephens. Irene: Kay Medford. Russell: Larry Block. 1223: Richard Libertini. Eddie: Eugene Elman.

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