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Sat May 28 6:30am
Soap(Season 2, Episode 13) IFC

Danny and Burt speak with the kidnapped Elaine; Jodie prepares to marry Carol; and Det. Donohue (John Byner) professes his love for Jessica. Ted Wass, Richard Mulligan, Dinah Manoff, Billy Crystal.

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Sat May 28 7:05am
Soap(Season 2, Episode 14) IFC

Jessica tells Det. Donohue that her feelings are mutual; Elaine escapes her kidnappers. Katherine Helmond, John Byner, Dinah Manoff. Danny: Ted Wass.

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Sat May 28 7:40am
Soap(Season 2, Episode 15) IFC

Danny stalks Elaine's killers; Eunice and Dutch have a brush with the law; and Sally threatens suicide unless Burt leaves Mary. Jennifer Salt, Donnelly Rhodes, Caroline McWilliams.

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Sat May 28 8:15am
Soap(Season 2, Episode 16) IFC

The Tates and the Campbells reminisce at a party for Chester; and Sally tells Mary (Cathryn Damon) she's been seeing Burt. Caroline McWilliams, Richard Mulligan.

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Sat May 28 8:50am
Soap(Season 2, Episode 17) IFC

Jodie, Burt and Danny lament their marital woes; the law catches up with Dutch; and Tim tells Corinne he wants to live alone in a cave. Billy Crystal, Richard Mulligan, Ted Wass, Donnelly Rhodes, Sal Viscuso, Diana Canova, Jennifer Salt.

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Sat May 28 9:25am
Soap(Season 2, Episode 18) IFC

Jessica and Donohue share a romantic evening; Corinne has a baby boy; Chester regains his memory. Diana Canova, Katherine Helmond, John Byner.

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Mon May 30 1:55pm
Beneath the Planet of the Apes MAX

Astronauts land on an Earth that is now run by apes after a nuclear holocaust has destroyed mankind and befriend certain simian scientists who are sympathetic to their plight. However, a coup is shaping up among the leadership of the apes, which could lead (more…)

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Wed Jun 1 8:45am
Hot Shots! Part Deux IFC

A soldier leaves a monastery to take a mission to rescue his superior officer, who's been kidnapped somewhere in Iraq..

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Wed Jun 1 3:00pm
GunsmokeWomen for Sale(Season 19, Episode 1) TVLAND

James Whitmore plays a white-slave trader in the first of a two-part drama. Matt: James Arness. Stella: Shani Wallis. Britt: Nicholas Hammond. Cynthia: Kathleen Cody.

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Wed Jun 1 4:00pm
GunsmokeWomen for Sale(Season 19, Episode 2) TVLAND

Conclusion of a story about Matt's pursuit of white-slave traders. Fitzpatrick: James Whitmore. Matt: James Arness. Stella: Shani Wallis. Britt: Nicholas Hammond. Cynthia: Kathleen Cody. Marcy: Dawn Lyn.

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Sat Jun 4 7:30am
Soap(Season 2, Episode 19) IFC

Burt learns Sally was blackmailed into claiming they had an affair; Jessica decides to have an affair with Donohue (John Byner). Richard Mulligan, Caroline McWilliams, Katherine Helmond, Cathryn Damon.

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Sat Jun 4 8:05am
Soap(Season 2, Episode 20) IFC

Chester finds Jessica's affair with Donohue comical; Billy meets an old flame (Ruth Cox) who is now a religious cultist. Robert Mandan, Katherine Helmond, Jimmy Baio.

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Sat Jun 4 8:40am
Soap(Season 2, Episode 21) IFC

Danny and Burt go after Elaine's kidnappers; Corinne believes her baby is possessed. Ted Wass, Richard Mulligan, Robert Mandan, Robert Guillaume.

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Sat Jun 4 9:15am
Soap(Season 2, Episode 22) IFC

Burt still contends he's seen a UFO; a drunken Jessica can't decide between Chester and Detective Donohue (Robert Mandan, John Byner). Katherine Helmond, Diana Canova, Sal Viscuso.

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Sat Jun 4 9:50am
Soap(Season 2, Episode 23) IFC

Billy resists joining the Sunnies and is detained by the cult's leader; the Tate house is torn apart by the exorcism of Corinne's baby.

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Sat Jun 4 10:25am
Soap(Season 3, Episode 1) IFC

Jessica chooses between Chester and Donohue; Burt is held captive by aliens; Jodie meets his daughter. Robert Mandan, John Byner, Billy Crystal, Ted Wass, Robert Guillaume.

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