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Sat Feb 6 3:00am
Raising HopeJimmy's Fake Girlfriend WGNA

When Sabrina's relationship with Wyatt gets serious, a dejected Jimmy tries to make her jealous by convincing a student at Barney's improv class to be his make-believe girlfriend.

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Sat Feb 6 4:00am
Raising HopeBurt Rocks CMT

Jimmy gets Burt's idol, Smokey Floyd (Jason Lee), to help him realize the rock-and-roll dreams the elder Chance gave up when he became a father.

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Sat Feb 6 4:30am
Raising HopeToy Story CMT

Jimmy pleads with Burt to save a doll for Hope during his annual scheme of scalping the season's hottest toy. Meanwhile, Virginia campaigns to get the Chances in their church's living nativity scene.

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Sat Feb 6 8:00am
Raising HopeShip Happens FXX

Sabrina plans a vacation for Hope after she learns that Burt and Virginia never took Jimmy anywhere when he was a kid.

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Sat Feb 6 8:30am
Raising HopeHi-Def FXX

Virginia gets new glasses, but her improved vision allows her to see every imperfection around the house. Meanwhile, Jimmy and Sabrina compete for followers on a social-media app called "QuickVids" by recording Maw Maw's antics.

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Sat Feb 6 9:00am
Raising HopeExtreme Howdy's Makeover FXX

Howdy's gets a new owner, who tasks her employees to come up with a revolutionary business model for the store.

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Sat Feb 6 9:30am
Raising HopeAdoption FXX

Sabrina wants to officially adopt Hope, but she has to jump through hoops to do so.

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Sat Feb 6 10:00am
Raising HopeMurder She Hoped FXX

The Chances get new neighbors, but Burt begins to think there's more to them than meets the eye.

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Sat Feb 6 10:30am
Raising HopeDysfunction Function FXX

Burt and Virginia are afraid that Jimmy and Sabrina's marriage is in a rut, so they try to help them out of it by using their own experiences as a guide.

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Sun Feb 7 3:30am
Raising HopeDysfunction Function WGNA

Burt and Virginia are afraid that Jimmy and Sabrina's marriage is in a rut, so they try to help them out of it by using their own experiences as a guide.

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Mon Feb 8 2:30am
Raising HopeMurder She Hoped WGNA

The Chances get new neighbors, but Burt begins to think there's more to them than meets the eye.

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Mon Feb 8 9:30am
Raising HopeHey There, Delilah FXX

Maw Maw calls a wrong number that brings Virginia's cousin Delilah to town, but the nonstop tension between these two rivals prompts a threat from Maw Maw to give everything in her will to the most well-behaved granddaughter. Meanwhile, Jimmy and Sabrina s (more…)

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Mon Feb 8 10:00am
Raising HopeHot Dish FXX

Sabrina gets cooking lessons from Virginia, who is miffed when Jimmy prefers his wife's casserole to hers, so she enters them in a Hot Dish competition, which also features Burt's mom as a contestant.

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Mon Feb 8 10:30am
Raising HopeThrilla in Natesvilla FXX

Jimmy and Sabrina try fencing to relieve the tension in their relationship; Burt and Virginia get in their first fight when they try to help Barney's budding romance with Maxine.

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Mon Feb 8 11:00am
Raising HopeRoad to Natesville FXX

The International Grocery Games come to Natesville, but are interrupted by a performance-enhancing drug scandal involving the American delegation, so a team from Howdy's, including Burt and Virginia, step up to make their country proud.

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Mon Feb 8 11:30am
Raising HopeAnniversary Ball FXX

A trip to a dude ranch for Burt turns out to be a disappointing experience because of a secret he's keeping from Virginia, who is convinced he's getting her an expensive gift for their 25th anniversary.

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Mon Feb 8 12:00pm
Raising HopeThe One Where They Get High FXX

Maw Maw has a new boyfriend who encourages her to take risks, which inspires Virginia and Burt to engage in some reckless activity, and even Jimmy and Sabrina get into the act by spying on their babysitter.

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Mon Feb 8 12:30pm
Raising HopeBaby Phat FXX

Burt and Virginia's vacation at a resort recommended by Barney doesn't meet their expectations; Jimmy and Sabrina think about giving Hope a sibling.

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Tue Feb 9 4:00am
Raising HopeWhat Up, Cuz? CMT

Virginia has an uneasy reunion with her cousin---and nemesis---Delilah (Amy Sedaris), who pays a surprise visit to cash in on Maw Maw's estate (even though she's still alive) and reveals that she's still attracted to Burt. Meanwhile, Jimmy freaks out when (more…)

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Tue Feb 9 9:00am
Raising HopeDinner With Tropes FXX

Virginia's boss has big plans for her becoming a regional sales manager, but Virginia isn't sure she wants all the added responsibility. Meanwhile, Jimmy and Sabrina worry about Hope when her pet fish's death has no effect on her; and Burt and Virginia per (more…)

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Tue Feb 9 9:30am
Raising HopePara-Natesville Activity FXX

Virginia sees a ghost in the house after ceasing to believe in all things magical, but when Burt finds out who the specter really is, he encourages her to put her faith in the paranormal again.

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Wed Feb 10 3:30am
Raising HopeSingle White Female Role Model WGNA

Sabrina is arrested at a protest for civil disobedience, but her two-week sentence in jail is made even worse by a prison attendant (Katy Perry) who claims that they're old friends. Meanwhile, Virginia saves the Natesville mayor from a public scandal, but (more…)

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Wed Feb 10 4:30am
Raising HopeMongooses CMT

The Chances seek legal advice about their wills, but Burt is dismayed by Jimmy's decision to assign Hope's guardianship to Sabrina. Meanwhile, Maw Maw worries about a mongoose infestation.

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Wed Feb 10 9:00am
Raising HopeMan's Best Friend FXX

Virginia and Burt try adopting a dog as a remedy for empty-nest syndrome, but when they're turned down by the pound, they wind up with a houseguest who overstays his welcome. Meanwhile, Jimmy tries to convince Sabrina that he's still a ladies' man, even wh (more…)

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