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Mon May 29 7:00am
CharmedMurphy's Luck(Season 2, Episode 16) TNT

When Prue prevents a Darklighter from killing a potential Whitelighter, she becomes the target for his anger. The demon curses her with bad luck, driving Prue to the brink of insanity. Piper, meanwhile, struggles to make a choice between Leo and Dan. Leo: (more…)

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Tue May 30 1:00pm
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Wed May 31 7:00am
CharmedBe Careful What You Witch For(Season 2, Episode 22) TNT

The sisters have angered the Infernal Council so often that they want to teach the Halliwells a lesson. It involves a genie (French Stewart) who is sent to grant them each a wish. However, the sisters are unaware that there are darker intentions at work.

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Wed May 31 1:00pm
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