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VIDEO: Melrose Place: Asses to Ashes

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Melrose Place: Asses to Ashes
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Aired: 5/24/1999

At the scene of the car accident, Ryan has successfully rescued Terry and Sarah from the flaming automobile, as Megan and Kyle race up. watch

VIDEO: Melrose Place: Dead Men Don't Shut Up

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Melrose Place: Dead Men Don't Shut Up
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Aired: 5/17/1999

At Lexi's apartment, Michael has responded to her frantic call for help, and pronounces Tony Marlin is dead from an apparent heart seizure. watch

VIDEO: Melrose Place: Lexi Gets Stiffed

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Melrose Place: Lexi Gets Stiffed
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Aired: 5/10/1999

At the park basketball court, Ryan, Sarah. Megan and Terry are in a competitive game. Megan gets a jab to the face by Terry, perhaps purposely, causing Megan to lose interest in the game. watch


Die! Die! Die!
Echoes In Crimson

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Year Title Description
2006 20 Greatest Country Comedy Shows TV Show Series, Remarks by
2003 Straight From The Heart Movie, Actor - Edward Morgan
2000 Big Sound TV Show Series, Actor - Bill Sutton
1999 The Pawn Movie, Actor - Ray Harlan
1999 Family Rules TV Show Series, Actor - Nate Harrison

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May 6, 2007: Into the Woods

I just knew that Victor Lang (John Slattery) was going to turn out to be a bad guy. He seemed too perfect. But didn't you think his mean streak came out of nowhere? He acted as though Gabrielle had never done a stupid thing before with the way he yelled at her. Yes, Gaby jumped in his arms like a child when it looked as though he was going to win the mayoral race. Yes, Gaby can be a "high maintenance nightmare," as brilliantly described by Vern (Alec Mapa). And yes, Gaby got arrested for her shenanigans with the cop (Brendan Patrick Connor), ripping up the parking tickets since she thought it was acceptable behavior for the new "First Lady of Fairview." But did Victor have to yell at her like an abusive father to a daughter? You knew as soon as he saw the bruise on her wrist caused by the cop that Victor was going to have something done to the guy. Enter the two thugs, beating up the cop. But Gaby's going ahead with the wedding. Let's see if she indeed says "I do" in two weeks.Kudos... read more

It's Greg Evigan vs. a Three-Headed Dog!

Talk about terror unleashed. In Sci Fi Channel's Cerberus, premiering Oct. 29 at 9 pm/ET, Greg Evigan plays a slithery sort who, in his greedy quest for a fabled sword, sets loose the titular three-headed hellhound. In the end, will he or good-girl historian Emmanuelle Vaugier (Saw II) be the pooch's next snack? offered the My Two Dads star a fleabag-fighting tip, then dogged him with questions about his TV past. Imagine my surprise when I start watching this movie and see Greg Evigan playing the villain!Greg Evigan: You know, I've been playing the bad guy in the last seven or eight projects I've done. I like it. It's a lot more interesting! [Laughs] Being the good read more

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