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6 Texas-Sized Problems with Top Chef

Padma Lakshmi, Tom Colicchio

Top Chef wraps up Season 9 on Wednesday with its reunion episode (9/8c, Bravo), and if you ask us, it couldn't come a moment sooner.

That's not because we want to see Heather and Beverly square off, but we want to move on as quickly as possible from this underwhelming season. The series proudly boasted about its biggest season ever — 29 contestants! three cities! — in the state with the biggest motto of all, Texas, but it turns out bigger is not necessarily better. Between the new twists and the umpteenth team challenge, Season 9 was but a shadow of its former Emmy-winning self — and that's not even counting the overwrought drama between Beverly and Heather, Sarah and Lindsay. (Let's be real — there'll be drama every season.) Here are six reasons Top Chef: Texas has been a big letdown.
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Top Chef's Sarah: I Feel Like I Won Too

Sarah Grueneberg

Sarah Grueneberg came up short to Paul on the Top Chef finale, but if you ask her, she did win. "I feel like I won too," she tells "I truly believe that. I woke up [the day after the finale aired] with this great calm. There is no more nervousness and nothing to be ashamed about. I'm really excited for my career now. It was overall a positive experience. I can't be more proud of how I did. If I'm going to be second, I couldn't think of a better way and a better place to be." But what part of her final meal cost her the title and $125,000? See what she thinks below. Plus: What's up with her and Beverly?
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Who Won Top Chef?

Top Chef

[SPOILER ALERT: The following story reveals the winner of Top Chef Season 9. Read at your own risk.]

After trekking through Texas and enduring more all-nighters and meat challenges than you can imagine, Paul Qui and Sarah Grueneberg faced off for the last time for the Top Chef Season 9 title.
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Top Chef's Lindsay: I Didn't Take Enough Risks

Lindsay Autry

When does frozen mousse trump perfectly cooked halibut? When you're on Top Chef! Despite her nearly inedible, ice-hard confection, Sarah — with some major backing from Tom Colicchio — made it to the finale with Paul over her pal Lindsay Autry, whose error-free, albeit less creative, dish sent her packing. "I think they were really nitpicking at that point and it came down to doing something risky like what she did against me being great, but not risky enough," Lindsay tells "I know I didn't make any mistakes, but I guess they wanted to see more." Was she surprised that her well-made dish lost to such shoddy execution? Find out below.
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Top Chef's Ed: What's the Point of Last Chance Kitchen?

Edward Lee

Edward Lee would like to point out that he technically was in the final four of Top Chef — for a few hours. But then Beverly, having won Last Chance Kitchen, returned to the game and out-cooked him for a spot in the actual final four. "It is what it is. I don't hold a grudge. She won fair and square," Ed tells "I shouldn't have used the smoked oysters, so it was all on me." Still, the Louisville-based chef is none too pleased with the second-chance secret competition for eliminated cheftestants. Find out why.
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Top Chef's Grayson: I Wasn't Excited About Last Chance Kitchen

Grayson Schmitz

Grayson Schmitz's big Top Chef adventure came to an end when her stuffed chicken dish for guest judge Pee Wee Herman was deemed... well, we don't really know what. It was big and featured multiple seasonal flavors, but it wasn't under-seasoned or undercooked, like Sarah's or Ed's. "The whole thing is so subjective and I think it was really close, but ultimately they liked mine the least for whatever reason," she tells "And that's fine. Someone had to go home and it was me." But the New York-based chef didn't go directly home: She faced off with Beverly on Last Chance Kitchen to win a spot back on the show (the winner will be revealed and will re-enter the competition on next week's episode), which didn't exactly thrill her. Find out why below.
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Top Chef's Chris Jones: I Had a Bad Feeling About Everything

Chris Jones

It was a day of highs and lows for Chris Jones on Top Chef. After winning the quickfire with Grayson, he came up short in the head-to-head elimination challenge with his healthy, but ultimately dry and underseasoned, take on a chicken salad sandwich for a 200-person block party. "I did everything I was supposed to do in prep and was way ahead of schedule, but I didn't think about a 110-degree day in the heat and having sandwiches sit out there with no refrigeration," Jones tells Find out why he knew he would get cut, why he was disappointed in the challenge, and the story behind his half-ponytail. read more

Top Chef's Heather: I'm Not a Bully

Heather Terhune

Was it karma that sent Heather Terhune packing from Top Chef? After weeks of verbally assaulting Beverly, she was booted for her disastrous Beef Stroganoff the same day that her frenemy placed in the top three in both the Quickfire and Elimination challenges. "I think it was all me, nothing else," Heather tells "I didn't cook the meat properly and I have no one and nothing to blame but myself." But the Chicago-based chef knows the story line couldn't have been scripted any better. "[Beverly] does well and the villain leaves!" So what exactly was the deal between the two of them? Find out below.
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