Gordon Ramsay

  • Celebrity
  • Birth Name: Gordon James Ramsay
  • Birth Place: Glasgow, Scotland
  • Profession: Chef, Restaurateur
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Andy Cohen Learns The Tricks Of The Kitchen
01:27 — Can Andy Cohen replicate a dish cooking back-to-back with Gordon Ramsay using the same ingredients?
First Look
01:22 — Gordon Ramsay talks about visiting hotels across America, and the dirty secrets they hide.
Sneak Peek
00:55 — This year’s home cooks are all about the win – and the Judges have raised the bar higher than ever!
Sneak Peek
01:15 — Host, Gordon Ramsay, talks about his new summer series filled with competition, adventure, and pranks.
First Look
01:32 — Gordon Ramsay talks about the contestants, punishments, and rewards of season 16.
Gordon Ramsay Gives Max Greenfield A Taste Test from "Episode Three"
04:00 — Lilly and Max Greenfield take a taste test and talk about their cooking skills.
Gordon Ramsay Guides Katy Perry In Cooking But Only With His Voice from "Episode Three"
04:02 — A divider stands between Katy's and Gordon's kitchen so Katy has to cook by listening to Gordon's directions.
Mark Disrespects Gordon Ramsay from "Top 20 Compete"
00:32 — Mark gives Heather some advice that insults Gordon.
Gordon Ramsay Tastes The Chicken Parmesan Dishes From Both Teams from "Episode Three"
01:16 — Gordon Ramsay tastes both team's dishes and has good things to say about both.
Gordon Ramsay Sets A Culinary Record from "Episode Three"
02:50 — Gordon Ramsay sets the fastest record to filet a fish.
Gordon Ramsay Demonstrates How To Make The Perfect Chicken Parmesan from "Episode Three"
00:51 — Watch Gordon Ramsay cook mouthwatering Chicken Parmesan.
Yachecia And Dino Are Ready To Cook! from "Top 20 Compete"
01:14 — The top 20 chefs arrive in the MasterChef kitchen and they are ready to start cooking!
Kal Penn Wins At A Drinking Game With Gordon Ramsay from "Episode Three"
01:59 — Gordon Ramsay takes three shots and tosses one out only to reveal his cups were filled with green tea.
'The F Word' Star Gordon Ramsay Says His New Show Is All About 'Food, Family' and 'Fun'
01:56 — The Insider, The Insider TV, The F Word, Fox, Gordon Ramsay, chef, kitchen, cooking show, show, Katy Perry, celebrity, celebrity, chef, Debbie Matenop (more…)
Katy Perry Cooks With Gordon Ramsay from "Episode Three"
00:35 — Katy Perry struggles with learning the art of flipping noodles in a pan.
Trump Crashed A Wedding... And Made It About Himself
03:40 — Trump dropped in on a wedding reception taking place at one of his golf clubs.
Trump Didn't Do Anything Wrong Unless It Was But It's Not
03:15 — President Trump emphatically denied having ever asked James Comey to let the Flynn investigation go, yet needed to add that it would be fine if he had (more…)
What A Porn Website's Search Data Tells Us About The Election
03:12 — A porn website recently shared a slew of interesting data ranging from genres on Election Night 2016 to the most commonly misspelled searches.
Warning: This Cabinet Meeting May Contain Fawning
03:34 — The President was finally able to show what he can do with a fully-assembled Cabinet: accept compliments.
Oliver Stone Spent Two Years Interviewing Vladimir Putin
07:24 — Fresh off of 'The Putin Interviews' in which the documentarian spent an extended period of time with the Russian President, Oliver Stone sits down to (more…)
Introducing Trump Leakage Protection Underwear
01:02 — Pick up the official leak-resistant diaper of The White House today!
TJ Miller Reads A Negative Review Of His New Stand-up Special
07:39 — 'Meticulously Ridiculous' comedian TJ Miller addresses a reporter from Sioux City who had a critical and overly literal interpretation of Miller's HBO (more…)
Uzo Aduba Says Overcome Fear And 'Just Go For It'
08:19 — 'Orange is the New Black' star Uzo Aduba believes fear is an artificial impediment that we create over time in our own minds.
Victoria Beckham... You Need a Nap!
01:16 — The designer has us screaming What The Fashion after stepping out in her PJ's!
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  • Birth Name: Gordon James Ramsay
  • Birth Place: Glasgow, Scotland
  • Profession: Chef, Restaurateur

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